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   Excursions in Alanya (Turkey) – Minister Tours – Although tourism seems so easy, it is actually a very difficult and responsible business. It is not so easy to deal with the tens of thousands of people from different countries who come from different countries, who speak different languages, speak different languages, think differently and enjoy it. But we do our job lovingly.


Our site, which has been on the market since 1999 (Mınıster tours.com), has developed into a giant brand of this field by developing itself. Our guides and employees who have almost 20 years of experience show the best service to the guests who apply to us.


So you do not have to enter where you go and what you do when you land from the far end. Do not be deceived by fraud. Our vacation tour arranged from every region of Turkey is designed for you. Fun, knowledgeable, historical, natural beauties, adrenalin, culture we will help you in every matter you are looking for. Everything that is included in a particular bid is written and can be contacted by looking for any questions. In other words, we do not have the place for the tour, we do not pay for it.


20 years of our business is enough for us. Please transfer your precious vacation to us after 1 tired and heavy year. We will provide you with no regrets. In addition, we think of the families with children, we have created them in terms of prices. Having an age limit on our tours makes your job even easier.