Хотите почувствовать себя султаном?

Турция – одно их самых популярных мест для отдыха, где для отдыхающих есть великолепные природные условия, современный комфорт и превосходный качественный сервис. Средиземное теплое и ласковое море, нежные бирюзовые волны, плещущие у ног, золотистый песок, яркое солнце и легкий бриз, пышная зелень и яркие звезды ночью, лунная дорожка и восточная музыка, – вот именно то ...


Лучшие страны для отдыха

Таиланд – новое направление среди туристов, которое появилось совсем недавно. И не удивительно, что туда стремятся многие. Ведь, побывав в этой экзотической стране, мало кто останется к ней равнодушен. В этой стране улыбок можно попробовать что-то новенькое, чего не встретишь в привычных мусульманских странах. Здесь и природа другая, люди улыбчивые, новые развлечения и экскурсии. Приехав ...


Лучшие объекты для посещения туристами

Главная достопримечательность Рио-де-Жанейро, Статуя Христа-Искупителя также является очаровательным чудом света, достигающим 38 м в высоту. Статуя Христа с распростертыми руками возвышается над всем городом на высоте 710 метров над уровнем моря, и у её подножья располагается просторная смотровая площадка, открывающая превосходные виды на Рио и побережье Атлантики. 1. Мачу-Пикчу Одна из семи чудес света современного ...


Куда поехать путешествовать?

Каждый человек мечтает о хорошем и бюджетном отдыхе. Конечно, если есть возможность уехать отдыхать на долгий срок в какую-нибудь жаркую страну, то обязательно стоит поехать туда своим ходом. Ну, а если нет, то без проблем можно махнуть за границу на 7, на 10 или на 14 дней с бюро путешествий за небольшие деньги. Сейчас разберем ...


Какие объекты посмотреть туристу?

Хотите вспомнить, какие мировые достопримечательности входят в список семи чудес света? Об этом наша сегодняшняя заметка. 1. Римский Колизей Римский Колизей или, как его иначе называют, Амфитеатр Флавиев является легендарным древнеримским амфитеатром, самым грандиозным и величайшем в Древнем мире. В этом фантастическом месте веками назад проводились масштабные гладиаторские бои, военные действа и спектакли, а также ...



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                                                                                                      Why Alanya


              Turkey’s South, is located on the Mediterranean coast. Dozens of historic places create extraordinary chances for us to welcome our guests. Now I will inform you of the beauty of this city. Every year, millions of tourist visiting Alanya. Red tower, Alanya Shipyard, Alanya gardens, Cleopatra beach, Dim cave, boat trips, offroad rides and Alanya castle which is the seat of the city adds another beauty. Foreigners can enjoy the pleasures of living without any problem. Because here is friendly urban transport, Turkey extraordinary cuisine, restaurants to suit everyone’s budget, hotels, apartment building there. But every major sac is the most important, the greatest advantage of this place is settlement on the Mediterranean coast.




                   Most of the people of the countries where the sun is less enjoy sunbathing and enjoying the beach. Coastal activities, indigenous outpost’s craftsmanship product and always smiley indigenous tourists experience unforgettable moments. One of the most historic and beautiful places in the city, Alanya Castle is one of the places that guests are most curious about. We can even say the passport of the city that holds a great land. The fort that combines the sea and the height is visible from all over Alanya. The meeting of different civilizations throughout the history of the Castle adds a distinct color here. Foreigners also pay attention to this place. As well as coming tourists will have no problems in terms of transport. Because airplanes as an initiative from all over the world, bus services from neighboring countries and countries on the maritime border can be easily reached through the ship here.


Freedom given to people be one of the important privileges of the area. There is no limit to entertainment. The greenery most attracted by tourists is protected and you are given the chance to make them a free picnic. The cleanliness of the city is also one of the important details. Good opportunities are offered here for foreigners who love shopping too. Along with the city market that runs until late hours, is also one of the things that attract great attention. All these are details that help Alanya to develop in terms of tourism.

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       What to do in Alanya

 Alanya – a cozy resort town on the beautiful coast of the Mediterranean Sea.It is located 135 km from Antalya Airport. The time on the way to the Alanya hotels takes about 2 hours. The holiday season here is one of the longest in Turkey and lasts more than half a year – from April to October. The most comfortable time for recreation here – spring and autumn, when the water temperature is cool enough and cooling, and the air is not so hot.
Tourists are attracted by comfortable sandy beaches, azure crystal-clear sea water and fairly democratic prices for recreation. The city itself is located on a rocky promontory and towers over the sea, drowning in thickets of mountain forests. In Alanya there will be entertainment for every taste and purse. There are a lot of historical and natural attractions, restaurants, nightclubs and shops.

    Beach holidays in Alanya

 Beaches in Alanya – one of the most clean and comfortable in the whole of Turkey. Because of their cleanliness, the city authorities closely monitor, therefore this issue is under special control. The city beaches have developed infrastructure, there are comfortable sun loungers with umbrellas, places for changing clothes, bars with drinks.
The cleanliness and comfort of Alanya beaches are regularly celebrated by international committees. Confirmation of this can be considered prestigious awards, which are regularly awarded local beaches – the international Blue Flag.
On the one hand there are beaches with a fine-pebbled surface, on the other – with snow-white soft sand. The most famous beach of the city is the sandy beach of Cleopatra. It is located 2 km to the western edge of the city. Snow-white soft sand, picturesque nature, a quiet and calm sea – that’s what attracts visitors to the city in the Cleopatra beach.

   Shopping in Alanya 

 Shopping is one of the most favorite activities of tourists, vacationing in Alanya. Here you can profitably buy any product – from fresh vegetables and fruits to expensive purchases – products made of genuine leather or fur. Going shopping, it is worth remembering that in Turkey, as in any eastern country, sellers are very fond of bargaining. However, this applies only to markets and small shops. In network boutiques and large shopping centers, prices are always fixed, but during seasonal sales buyers also expect favorable discounts.
 As gifts or souvenirs native from Alanya, you can bring jewelry and jewelry in national style, natural spices and condiments, products made of cotton or silk, marble figurines and other goods. You can buy them both in the local market and in shopping centers, the largest of which is called Alanyum and is located in Oba district.
    Excursions in Alanya 

 Excursions in Alanya will help to diversify the measured beach rest and will allow you to get acquainted personally with the most interesting sights of the resort. We offer a huge selection of trips: historical and cultural tours, boat trips and trips on powerful off-road vehicles along the mountain trails of the Taurus Mountains.
For nature lovers and mountain landscapes jeep safari is perfect. We offer a lot of itineraries for jeep trips: the Taurus Mountains, the Zapadere Canyon, the Green Canyon and the Green Lake. Guests who are interested in history are well suited to sightseeing tours in historical places – in Pamukkale, Cappadocia, in the ancient city of Aspendos or Side. To fans of extreme rest we recommend paragliding, diving or trips to the water park.
    Attractions in Alanya

 Despite its small size, Alanya is rich in attractions and places of interest. The main symbol of the city is the Red Tower (or, Kyzyl-Kule, the date of its construction is the 13th century, the building is an octagonal tower made of red brick, surrounded by the fortress of Ich-Kale, located on the top of the mountain. more than 6 km in length.
In Alanya also there are several national museums, one of them, ethnographic, is located directly in the Red Tower. The city also has a museum dedicated to the life and work of the country’s founder – Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.
     Night clubs in Alanya

 Nightlife in Alanya boils throughout the holiday season. The city has a huge number of entertainment facilities for every taste: bars, restaurants, nightclubs and discos in the open air. With the sunset in front of tourists, a completely different Alanya appears – with its many clubs, incendiary rhythms of modern dance music and a special atmosphere of freedom and an eternal holiday.
The most popular entertainment venues are located in the central moorage area of ​​the city. One of the most visited nightclubs is called Robin Hood and takes up as many as 4 floors. Here every night there are various shows and foam discos, themed parties and dances until the morning to the music of the most famous DJs in Europe.
    Cleopatra Beach 

One of the most comfortable sandy beaches of resort Alanya is named after the beautiful Egyptian queen. According to one of the legends, he was presented to the beautiful Marc Antony himself, and incredibly soft white sand was brought here straight from Egypt. Today Cleopatra’s beach stretches along the coast for several kilometers. The entrance to the sea is gentle and gentle, so it is an ideal place to relax with young children.
    Markets in Alanya  
Rest in Turkey is not only a warm sun and gentle sea, but also an exciting shopping. What to buy in Alanya
On the shelves of the bazaars, local farmers sell as usual fruits – strawberries, peaches, watermelons, melons, and specifically for this region – avocados, figs and the sweetest bananas,vegetables, fruits, cheese, nuts, etc. The bazaar can be found here every Friday. To get there by public transport, you need to ask the driver for a stop at Cuma Pazari.
Day of the week – Friday The market in Oba (Alanya) starts near the Blue Wave Suite hotel. Tents of local merchants can be seen immediately from the waterfront.
Day of the week – Monday The market in Tosmur, one of the settlements of Alanya, is also held once a week.Day of the week – Thursday

  Alanya Jeep safari
You are thirsty for extreme in Alanya and you thınk no place for thıs? We brake stereotıpes and brıng you chance to feel extreme wıth Land Rover Defender on your Alanya Holiday. Sometımes Jeep safarı in Alanya the best way to feel the extraordınary thıngs about the culture. Alanya has great mountaın roads where you have opportunıty to challenge wıth Jeep safarı, eat and drınk presents of Alanya and take photos to remember thıs places.

 As  a travel agency wıth background we promıss you unforgettable day ın Alanya. Your day trıp wıll start at 9am from the hotel you stay and wıth beautıful landscapes of Alanya whıch ınclude the great Taurus mountaıns. Servıce buses wıll brıng you to the jeeps area, then you wıll rıde from thıs place to the mountaıns where you can feel the beauty of thıs cıty better. Then you wıll go to the hıstorıcal Arabıc village with own household and look-ın the countrysıde lıfe of Alanya and even taste ıt wıth the local foods made by the natıves and famous seasonal fruıts of Alanya. Sometımes we wıll do off-roads and take you to the Dım Dam where you can lısten to local and foreign musıc, then Dım cave whıch wıll shock you wıth enormous sızes and sılence ınsıde. Wıth the excursions whıch Alanya Turızm brıngs to you wıth the best prıces, you wıll take happy faces and unforgettable memorıes to home.

Fınally you can have lunch near the Dım river and roughly at 3pm servıce buses wıll take you to the hotel.

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