Alanya Cable Car and City Tour

Cable car cabins, which come every 19 seconds, will bring you to the castle, the symbol of our district, with its magnificent scenery. Here, experienced guides will allow you to travel to history.


14 one person


  • Pickup from hotels with Land-Rovers
  • Damlatas cave visit
  • Cleopatra beach excursion
  • Alanya cable car tour
  • Alanya Castle excursion with guides
  • Arrival on the Alanya panoram terrace
  • Sunset view from the summit
  • Photo break
  • Back to hotels
Tour daysEveryday
Tour hours
17:00 - 20:00
IncludesTransport, insurance, guide, cable car entry ticket
ExcludesTicket to Damlatas cave (6 liras, optional)
Don't ForgetsWe recommend you wear sports shoes
Adults 14
Children (7 - 12) 7
Infants (0 - 6)Free

Diffirence of Minister Tour

Minister Tours invites you to join the Cable Car and city tour in open-top jeeps between 17:00 and 20:00, the most convenient time for sightseeing in the city.

Make reservation, pay in the tour in 30 minutes we confirm your reservation by e-mail

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When the subject of a city and the earth passes, the first thing that comes to our mind is the subconscious symbol of that city or place. These icons take their place in the rankings over time, with promotion and contribution to the city. For example, when we say Egypt, pyramids, when we say Paris, the Eiffel Tower, when we say New York, when we say The Statue of Liberty, when we say Tuscany in Italy, when we say Pizza Tower, when we say Rome, we think of the Colosseum. We can extend this list. Have you noticed what these icons have in common? Our determination is that all of these structures see the city or the region from a high point. As the technology progressed, people's desire to see the region from high, more visibility, and to reach the summit comfortably and quickly have emerged. For this reason, people built windows and scenic elevators in the city, cable cars to reach the high mountains. We can proudly say that there is the Alanya Cable Car, which suits our county like a necklace.

Minister Tours invites you to take a tour of alanya city and cable car. Although the itinerary is shorter than other activities, its content is very rich, promotional and fun. The tour program starts with you being picked from your hotels around 5 p.m. The time of receipt by region may vary. There is also a appeal to this trip with open-top vehicles. Our first stop is Damlatas Cave, which is good for asthma. We spend about 20 minutes in the cave. Our second stop is Cleopatra Beach, with its magnificent sand, not far from Damlatas. After receiving information from our guides about the beach, we head for alanya cable car.

The cable car entrance ticket is included in the travel price. We are moving towards Alanya Castle in cabins for 6 people. Our first aerial view is the famous Cleopatra Beach. Immediately notice the visual water cleaning and underwater rocks will be. Fishing and tour boats swimming in the sea add a special beauty to this view. When you turn your face towards the city, Alanya's shape, which emerges from the small and charming district, evokes the construction of a big city. Although the cabin is covered with glass, the ventilation is very well done. The alanya cable car tour continues through the roof of the houses around the castle. The small forests around the walls will make you feel like you're from millennia ago and this history will make you visualize before your eyes. This view will increase your curiosity and give you the desire to get to the castle as soon as possible on the Alanya cable car tour.

When you arrive at the castle, our guides will give you information by showing you tales, legends, history, subject and witness edging the magnificent Alanya Castle. Approximately 1 hour later, the Alanya sightseeing tour will continue towards the Alanya panorama terrace, with you returning with your cabins. When we choose for the trip, it is very convenient for you to watch the sunset of the sun falling from the Terrace of Alanya, which is almost asleep in the blue waters of the Mediterranean. Alanya city tour with cable car ends after your moment of immortalization break. You will be dropped off at your hotels around 8 p.m.

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