Alanya Disco Boat Party

Night disco on a boat in Alanya - The program of the excursion includes a trip on the sea on a yacht, an incendiary party on the deck, a fiery and laser show. Throughout the evening, there are several bars with drinks and snacks on an "all inclusive" system.


30 one person


  • Collection our guests from hotels
  • Arrival in the port of Alanya
  • Getting in to huge yacht for a night disco(starcraft)
  • Modern European musics with best dj in alanya
  • Foam party
  • showing laser show and fire show
  • Open bar for unlimited soft drinks and alcohols.
  • Visiting the famous caves of alanya(phosphorus,lovers,pirates,mud)
  • Night swimming in the open sea
  • Transfer back to the hotel
Tour daysMonday, Thursday
Tour hours
21:00 — 01:00
Includestransfer, insurance, English-speaking guides, soft drinks and alcohols (unlimited), snacks
Excludesice cream (optional), imported alcohol
Don't ForgetsBe sure to visit this tour to get acquainted with the night city and the picturesque evening views of Alanya from the sea. Bring comfortable shoes, swimsuits and towels, lightweight sweaters. There will be a lot of foam, so stock up with changeable clothes and a positive mood for the whole evening!
Adults 30
Passenger 15

Diffirence of Minister Tour

No check in shops and tiring shopping. Held in a convenient evening. An exciting show program from the very beginning to the end of the walk. Several bars, working on the system "All inclusive" (including alcoholic beverages) Favorable price, affordable to everyone. Quick booking WITHOUT PAYMENT

Make reservation, pay in the tour in 30 minutes we confirm your reservation by e-mail

Call Center

+90 551 02 02 702


If at some point on vacation you realized that you need to cheer up, then a Alanya Disco Boat Party could be an excellent option! This type of holiday is suitable for both young people and older people who have decided to remember the old days of their youth, coming off to the fullest! This tour takes place from 9 pm to 1 am, on one of the best yachts in the whole of Alanya - Starcraft. In itself, this vessel is an attraction, and during the daytime there are guided tours. And you have the opportunity to also have fun on it.

Before ordering Alanya Disco Boat Party , you can familiarize yourself with the program that awaits you on that evening. The party itself is held on a three-deck Starcraft yacht, which is famous throughout Alanya for its size and beauty. This program will be an excellent completion of any evening, because the youth spirit and drive will help you to fully immerse yourself in an atmosphere of fun and relaxation. The tour also includes drinks: you can take Turkish wines and beer prepared according to special recipes without restrictions at the bar. Our Disco Boat Party is one of the attractions of this resort and you have a chance to experience these emotions for yourself!

Alanya Disco Boat Party programs:

Sea voyage with incendiary music will be filled with fun and enthusiasm, alcoholic drinks and a full break. The tour itself begins with the fact that the bus takes you from the hotel at the time that was specified when ordering the tour. After that, you will be taken to the port by 9 pm, so that you can board the ship before sailing, without waiting for the other guests. At a specified time, the ship sails away from the shores of the Mediterranean Sea and begins a night disco on the yacht. The best DJs of all Turkey will provide you with the most modern and modern music, under which you will dance for the first few hours. Further, the highlight of the program is a foamy disco on the yacht, which undoubtedly will be to the taste of each of our guests.

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Alanya Disco Boat Party every year enjoys great success among residents of Turkey, and among tourists. You can book or book a tour at an affordable price “Alanya Disco Boat Party” by calling the contact numbers or on our official website. You can also read the reviews on this tour and learn more details. Other low-cost tours in Turkey can be found in the relevant section.  
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