During the Journey on the Boat, you can dive 2 times for 25 minutes.

Diving in Alanya

Diving in Alanya will definitely make you enjoy it. The cost includes the rental of suits, the instructor conducts training, and monitors the dive. During the trip on the board, you can dive 2 times for 25 minutes. You will see the world under water.

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Diving in Alanya Explanations

Are you tired of basking on the beach or do you miss outdoor activities? Then we are waiting for you for choosing Diving in Alanya, an amazing form of recreation, which will allow you to see the fabulous underwater world and its unique inhabitants with your own eyes. The underwater sport will help you to relax, to be in peace, to feel yourself with a grain of sand or a small part of the marine world with its slowness and tranquility. We offer tourists, while on holiday, to plunge into the mysterious world of the Mediterranean Sea and get unforgettable impressions.

The Program Scuba Diving in Alanya Includes:>

Our company for quite a long time has been organizing recreation on the territory of the Anatolian coast of Turkey. The agency’s catalog contains many entertaining and informative excursions. this is somewhat different from the usual tour because it contains an additional, preparatory part. Diving in Alanya requires minimal training, that is, instruction is required. During a trial lesson with an instructor you will be introduced to the rules of being underwater; basic rules for the use of a set of clothing; the instructor will show you the necessary gestures for underwater communication; You will also need to sign a text stating that you have been trained with an instructor.

Your program will be completely safe with our instructors, thanks to the fact that we use modern and high-quality equipment. Instructors working with our tourists have sufficient qualifications and experience. Diving in Alanya, is offered on the website of our company and you can get acquainted with them using the online resource of the enterprise. Alanya Diving centers attract tourists from all over the world and favorable reviews about them.

Avsallar is becoming popular and in-demand today. the trip begins with the collection of tourists near the hotel, at about nine in the morning, and delivered to the port of the city. Then we will sail to the program point and after the instruction, you will be able to dive twice, before lunch and after, in different places. In Diving in Alanya You do not have to buy a suit and other equipment, everyone will rent you and the cost is included in the tour price.

You can also check out and book a Private yacht in Alanya to spend everything private.

The price depends on the duration of the trip and the additional services stated in the program. Dives last for 25 minutes and are controlled by two instructors. The list of excursions and the reviews of tourists about them are also posted on our website. Book and buy at a cheap price, no need to pay just fill the form on the website and pay when you join.

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35 person

Diving in Alanya Programm

  • Transfer our guests from the hotel

  • Departure for program from the starting point - the city port

  • Detailed instruction on the rules of conduct under water

  • Delivery of equipment and wetsuits (optional)

  • The first dive to a depth of 6 meters (25 minutes)

  • Rest on the yacht: swimming, sunbathing on board

  • Second dive to a depth of 12 meters (25 minutes)

  • Tasty lunch from the captain

  • Return to the port.

  • Transfer back to the hotel

Tour daysMonday - Wednesday - Friday

Tour hours 09:00 - 16:00

Includes transfer, insurance, English-speaking guides, detailed instructions, equipment rental and dive suits, two dives, lunch

Excludes drinks (optional)

Don't Forgets swimsuits, towels, sunglasses, suncream, hats. If you are an experienced diver, we recommend taking with you an international certificate and lock-book that allow you to dive to great depths.

Diving in Alanya price for excursion 2022

Passenger 25
Adult 35

Diving Meaning

Diving is a glorious program that has been welcomed by many tourists around the world today so that they travel underwater with all the protective and respiratory equipment with a skilled instructor and visit the world of underwater with colorful fishes. Diving is safe for everyone and there is no need to worry.

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