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Alanya Paragliding

Alanya Paragliding - The charming Mediterranean town where you can make a safe jump by cutting the winds that blow upside down in the Taurus Mountains is waiting for you to watch it from the sky

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Alanya Paragliding Explanations

Alanya Paragliding - we guess that when everyone was a kid, watching birds, their thoughts, not us, were why they could fly. What they see in the sky, what we look like in their eyes, and how they can fly to anywhere they want without permission from anyone. In fact, there's only one meaning underneath all of this, and that's the desire to be as free as they are. Freedom is what mankind can give up everything for. That's something we believe we can have that feeling of flying like a bird. Many people have been killed and seriously injured for the desire to fly through history. The dusty pages of the history book are full of these events. In fairy tales and legends, mankind has demonstrated this elusive impulse in the lines. Winged horses, flying people are present in the mythology of almost every person. Some people have tried to fly with various tools. The most obvious example of these is Hezarfen Ahmet Çelebi, who lived in our geography. It is said that in 1632, in a loose air, Istanbul flew its own wings from the Galata Tower and realized the dream of mankind. We invite anyone who has the desire to be as free as birds in their hearts and who dreams of feeling the Mediterranean wind on your face as they fly.

Paragliding, what materials does it consist of?

Alanya Paragliding (Parachute) Tour is a high-altitude jumping activity by running and allowing the custom-made to fill with hot air. It consists of 100 interconnected sequential wings. Besides, controlling the program has become possible and very simple by manually steering the tips of the ropes attached to the seat. The Orville and Wilbur Wright brothers first tried this activity in 1900. The Wright brothers, who made a short cut in their first attempts, were the inventors of the paragliding used today in 1902.

The city has all conditions for this program. High mountains, a warm air current, and a fairytale landscape. The location of the district between the two mountains prevents the currents that cause the reverse winds and is one of the safest places in the world to jump. This activity offered to you by Minister Tours is available every day and every hour when the weather is right.

Alanya Paragliding jump place

Alanya Paragliding begins with your receipt from the addresses you have specified to us. We are bringing you to the jump point at an altitude of 800 m Yassi tepe overlooking the Cleopatra beach of our district. Your sports shoes and clothing should be available for skipping. Our experienced guides bring you together with pilots for training once you are sure that your clothing is suitable for skiing. Our licensed pilots from the Turkish Air Authority are putting you through short training. Once you have signed the insurance policy included in the price, you are ready to jump. After being checked with our pilot by the officers you are firmly attached to the ropes, guides come to help you run on your right and left. After running towards the hillside with the help of guides about 30-40 meters, you suddenly take off with the pilot.

Alanya Paragliding How long is the flight?

Alanya Paragliding (Parachute) Tour- Here you go, you're making your dream come true. You're as free as birds. The first 2-3 minutes fill stake in emotion you don't know the recipe for. A little fear, a little excitement, a little happiness. Then this feeling is replaced by the feeling of enjoying the activity. You can watch our beautiful district in the air. The magnificent Castle of Alanya, the people who fill the beaches like ants, and many beauties that will amaze you. It takes 20-30 minutes depending on the weather. You're spinning over the Mediterranean and landing safely on Cleopatra Beach. Our vehicles waiting for your landing will leave you to your addresses.

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40 person

Alanya Paragliding Programm

  • Transfer our guests from the Hotel

  • Arriving at the top of the Taurus mountains.

  • Detailed instructions and acquaintance with the rules of parachute flight.

  • Issuance of protective equipment

  • Flying over the coast with 800m high

  • Landing on the picturesque Cleopatra beach

  • Transfer back to the hotel

Tour daysEveryday

Tour hours 09:00 - 17:00 (every hour)

Includes Transfer, insurance, English guides, rental protective equipment

Excludes photo and video (optional)

Don't Forgets Wear comfortable clothing (shorts or pants) so that the parachute lines will not interfere with your comfortable flight. Put on or take off your shoes, which fit tightly on the foot (sneakers). Do not worry, if you do not have suitable shoes, our on-site instructors will help to solve this problem.

Alanya Paragliding price for excursion 2022

Adult 40

Paragliding Turkey

Paragliding or Parachute Jump is an exciting pastime that you fly with a trained instructor from the heights and visit the city from a bird's eye view, you are completely safe while jumping, and if you wish you can ask the instructor for excitement before landing.

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