Alanya Beaches

Alanya beaches are diverse and beautiful. If you read our article carefully, you can know all the details.

Alanya Beaches

Alanya Beaches

Beaches in Alanya - As many of us know, the Mediterranean is one of the cleanest seas in the world. Blue and turquoise waters can attract millions of tourists in all seasons. Sea water is clean so the cause of the coastal city of being together with rigorous in this regard, Turkey's Mediterranean coast is located on the extension of the Taurus mountains. Since the Taurus Mountains are made up of rocks, there is almost no sand and soil at the bottom of the sea. This factor is the main reason why waters are clear. This has both advantages and disadvantages. One of the most frequent questions asked by the guests coming to Alanya is "Where can I swim in the sea comfortably in Alanya?" Where are sand and where are rocks? "They wonder about the depths of the beaches to swim. In this article we will try to help you in this regard.

Gazipasa Beach

Gazipasa Beach - Places where you can swim in this town with an airport: Gazipaşa Öğretmenevi Tesisler Beach, Grand Akça Hotel beach, opposite The Babylon Beach restaurant (the depth of the sea is between 2-3 meters on the shore).

Kargicak Beach

Kargicak Beach - Club hotel Titan Beach. Its beach is sandy. There is a camping area for caravan cars and guests who want to camp. Opposite Doris Aytur Hotel - The rocky area has been cleaned and the beach has been made suitable for swimming

Mahmutlar Beach

Mahmutlar Beach - For guests coming from Gazipaşa direction, the beach opposite Galaxy Beach Hotel is suitable for swimming. The rocky area opposite Klas Dom Hotel is cleaned and consists of a sandy beach that is not too deep. Mahmutlar Municipality Public Beach - the coast is covered with sand, there is a rocky strip not exceeding 1-2 meters along the beach at the entrance to the sea. Suitable for post-lane swimming.

Kestel Beach

Kestel Beach - The last version of the Sun Star Hotel beach is the main reason for the crowded beach in the summer season. The beach, which is made of sand, is very comfortable. Opposite of the Kestel Wedding Hall - the beach is larger than other beaches of the region in terms of width. Although it is rocky in places, we think you will like it.

Alanya city center beaches

Alanya city center beaches - We can recommend Banana Beach Hotel beach, Highway Facilities beach and Parador Hotel Beach for those coming from the direction of Mersin. There are rocky strips in places. This lane is more common in front of the Highways facilities. Towards the center, there is the famous Alanya Portakal beach when 100 meters from the Highway 133th branch chief. Another popular beach in this area is Eftalia Aytur Hotel beach. It is wide, sandy and very comfortable to swim. Right next to it there is a park and a lawn where you can relax. You can also see people surfing from time to time Panorama Hotel - the beach is sandy and cool with the help of a small stream and running water. Alanya Municipality Public Beach - It is next to the municipality building and the pier. It is one of the best Alanya beaches. Its sandy and shallow beach is generally ideal for swimming thanks to the breakwaters built into the harbor. Cleopatra Beach - It is located at the entrance of Alanya for those coming from Antalya direction. Cleopatra beach, also known as Damlataş beach, is one of the places to swim in Alanya. The golden red sands and the absence of any rocky areas have made this beach a world famous place. Its entrance to the sea is comfortable and its shallow water is suitable for swimming. We recommend everyone to stop by here at once. The beach starts near Damlataş Cave and ends in front of Alaaddin Keykubat Park. You can watch paragliders and Alanya Castle while sunbathing on the beach. One of the most famous beaches of Alanya is Ulaş Beach. The beach is located at the city exit on the way from Alanya to Antalya. Those who go by car can reach the beach by making a U-turn after passing the tunnels. There are barbecues and fairy tales built by the municipality above Ulaş beach. You can barbecue with your family and friends here. There are toilets, prayer rooms and changing cabins.

Tosmur Beach

Tosmur Beach - The Alantur region, where Dim river joins the sea, consists of only sandy areas. Although it is comfortable to enter the sea, you can also feel the cool waters brought by the Dim river from the Taurus. Grand Kaptan Hotel - the beach consists of sand and sometimes rocky areas. Having a pier on the beach will help you enter the sea comfortably.

Obagol Beach

Oba Beach -Antique Roman Palace Hotel- the beach opposite is one of the popular beaches of the region due to its sandy and high altitude. This feature makes the beach from places to swim in Alanya. Taksim International Hotel Obaköy - sandy beach and pier. There are thin rocky areas at the entrance to the sea. There is rock underwater where you can stand 50 meters offshore.

Konakli Beach

Konakli Beach - Although there is a thin rocky strip at the entrance opposite White City Beach and Doğanay Hotel, it is sandy and comfortable due to the cleaning of the rocks in places. There are piers on the beach. Kemal Bay Hotel- the beach is covered with sand because it used to be organized. It is one of the beaches we can recommend in Konaklı region. Sometimes security may not allow at the entrance. Konak Beach Restaurant is known for its picnic area above the beach. Konaklı Municipality Public Beach - It is the largest beach in Konaklı. It is covered with sand. There is only a car parking problem. Bera hotel beach is located in Konaklı, one of the conservative beaches of Alanya, which is not much in the district.

Payallar Beach

Payallar Beach - Opposite Petrol Ofisi- The beach is very suitable for car parking. There is a small wooded area. The beach is covered with natural sand and little rock. We can recommend it for families.

Turkler Beach

Turkler Beach - Since the hotels are located on the beach in this region, it may be a bit difficult for you to swim here, except for hotel customers. The public beach of the Turkish municipality is not wide and comfortable, but you can swim. The choice is yours.

Avsallar Beach

Avsallar Beach - Opposite the Antik Hotel - The beach consists of a narrow strip. But because the water is not too deep, it can be among the options.

Alanya Incekum Beach (tenuous sand)

Alanya Incekum Beach - As is evident from its name, the best beach in Alanya is İncekum Municipality Public Beach. The famous Fuğlu beach is also located in this region. It is known as the beach without waves. Grained beach sand and very shallow waters with the possibility of walking towards the sea for at least 500 meters. It is a perfect beach for those who cannot swim. There are parking spaces where you can park your car. Are you looking for places to swim in Alanya? This place is for you.

Okurcalar Beach

Okurcalar Beach - The coastline in this town is generally narrow and thin. The comfortable place to swim is the beach between Club Aqua Plaza Hotel and Justiniano Club Park Conti. Although the sand color is a bit gray, the entrance to the sea is comfortable and lacks a rocky area.

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