Mental and physical relaxation

Mental and physical relaxation

Alanya is composed of several parts, which extends from the ocurcalar to Demirts regions, and in each of these sections there is a Turkish bath.

Turkish Bath is one of the ancient bathing practices. Most people traveling to Alanya will definitely experience a Turkish bath once they are ready to burn their skin . Because it stimulates all of your skin's openings, your skin is ready to get sunlight.

To have a Turkish bath it is enough to book it on our website for free and give us the rest of the work . First you will be transferred for free and will go to a clean Turkish bath where you will go to the sauna and then to the steam room and then to the Turkish bath and you will have peel massage and then the foam Massage and then massage with oil, and at the end you will have a face mask and a special turkish tea and beverages will be served to you, and after completing all these steps you will be transferred to your hotel. Our Turkish bath program is for two and a half hours and its price is perfectly appropriate.

So now we have booked our Turkish bath (hamam) for free so our experts will do the best for you.

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