Turkish Disneyland

Turkish Disneyland

Just over two years ago, the so-called “Turkish Disneyland”, grandiose in scale and design, was born. A visit to an excursion to The Land of Legends Waterpark will open up the opportunity to plunge into the magic of the world of fantasy and get to know the fabulous heroes, feel like pioneers in the labyrinth of legends and become the hero of a wonderful theatrical performance. The territory of the park is zoned based on famous fairy tales.

Disneyland Turkey

Disneyland Turkey well the amusement park “Land of Legends” will open before you the gates of your aqua-world with numerous slides (over 70) and water attractions (over 40) for every taste. Here, fans of entertainment on the water will take the soul, feeling the real extreme, and get rid of adrenaline accumulations after unexpected encounters with characters from favorite fairy tales.

Your one wish, and acquaintance with the richest and most colorful underwater world of marine fish and animals has already taken place! This will help a unique walk in a sea aquarium under the water dressed in an underwater spacesuit. It is even possible that your long-cherished dream of swimming with dolphins is finally realized.

Believe me, the unforgettable impressions of such a tour will remain in your heart forever!

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