The Trip includes Cozy cave style hotels!

Alanya to Cappadocia tour for 2 days

Alanya to Cappadocia tour for 2 days Journey is a fascinating Travel into the fairy tale, where fantastic "moon" landscapes, underground cities and flights on huge balloons await. Here you will find walks through ancient cave towns, rock churches, valleys strewn with stone pillars and "mushrooms"

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Alanya to Cappadocia tour for 2 days Explanations

Alanya to Cappadocia tour for 2 days is the best chance to discover the history of turkey, If you want to spend a vacation, but still looking for interesting solutions, then you should choose this amazing Program. This short journey will open for you a new world of wonders. Visiting a Fabulously beautiful place, surrounded by nature rocks, will not leave indifferent even for the most demanding visitor. You will Plunge into the world of the unknown!

This is the best option for lovers of history, there is an opportunity to book this Trip. The region is freely located in the east of the country. In an instant, you can plunge into the fabulous atmosphere of endless nature and history. Unusual terrain rocks, which were formed as a result of volcanic eruptions, fascinate the eye of the first second. You will not wish to return even after two days! Houses, churches, located directly in the rocks, create an unusual atmosphere in this region. You will have the opportunity to book a room carved right in the stone.

Alanya to Cappadocia tour for 2 days its a trip to another world, where you are waiting for fantastic alien landscapes, underground cities, hidden among the powerful rocks, with an incredible beauty spectacle - The Festival of Balloons!

Such cities were located at a distance of 15 km more. You can get also by yourself, but it will be much more interesting to go on a trip with a guide who will help you to plunge into the mysterious atmosphere of the underworld. Also, during the trip, you can visit the ancient churches of ancient times and feel the cleanliness, tranquility of these places. And then go to the hidden gardens, to wander through their expanses and escape by the stone surroundings.

You can also check out or book Tour to Pamukkale from Alanya To treat yourself to natural waters.

The Program Includes the following point's:

  • Transfer our guest's from their Hotel by Modern cars. The distance is about 480 km, the time takes approximately 7.5 hours. Our transport is equipped with comfortable seats with folding backs with air conditioning, so the road will be easy and intangible for you;
  • The underground city of Saratly. According to some reports, the city was built during the Roman Empire. The remains of pottery and other utensils will attract attention. Now there are three underground floors of seven existing ones, the total area of which is more than 2 square kilometers.
  • Chavushin is the oldest settlement in the region. Here you will visit the Church of St. John the Baptist. Reviews of the visit are only positive because it is not for nothing that this area is called the aul of artisans.
  • Scenic panoramas on the natural exhibition Three Beauties will allow you to make beautiful photos and enjoy the majestic cliffs;
  • Visiting the Goreme village is also part of the Excursion To Cappadocia from Alanya Two Days. It is located 10 km from Nevsehir. The main attraction of the city is an open-air museum. Visiting Goreme National Museum is the place for which tourists will go. The world's largest Byzantine-style monastery complex with a popular Christian center once numbered 400 churches. The convent, Byzantine murals will pleasantly surprise you;
  • Visiting the factory, souvenir shop by Onyx - an opportunity to buy beautiful souvenirs for your loved ones. Eye-glass amulets, chic jewelry, and more can be brought home;
  • The Ihlara Valley is a very beautiful also unusual place where Byzantine monks once lived. They were so hard-working that they made their homes and churches in the rocks. The wall frescoes that have survived here will attract everyone's attention;
  • At dawn you will find an unforgettable journey to the famous Parade of Balloons, where you can order a flight by admiring the scenery by a bird's-eye view or just watch thousands of balloons soar into the sky, taking stunning photos as a keepsake. If you do not plan to fly, then you can transfer to the festival, where one of the panoramic platforms offers an amazing view of this event.
  • Walking through the valleys of Pink, Pashabag is an opportunity to take bright photos against the backdrop of picturesque nature. The volcanic landscape contributed to the fact that everything here is painted in pink tones. Along the way you can capture frescoes, caves, churches, take photos between majestic stone pillars, visit the wine cellar;
  • The Kyzyrmak River valley is a great opportunity to take bright photos, take a walk, and enjoy the beauties;
  • The program includes a visiting Avanos city- it is the center of pottery culture carpet weaving, the place will tell more about these directions.

Why Traveling to Cappadocia from Alanya by bus is better than a Plane?

  • Alanya to Cappadocia tour for 2 days by plane involves long journeys and loss of precious time. Extra time will take transfers to the airport of Antalya then transfer to Nevsehir, etc.
  • If you choose a bus, your trip will be much more exciting and eventful. The program will begin already at boarding the transport provides a lot of stops and stories of the guide about the sights along the way.
  • Air travel lasts one day, which means you will not have the opportunity to get to the Parade of Balls - the most popular, exciting event for which most tourists visit.

  How is the Weather in Cappadocia every month:

The region, famous for its landscapes, is located in the mid-latitudes, so most of the time it is dominated by a great and comfortable holiday season. The average annual air temperature is 17 degrees during the day, and the probability of snowy days is quite low.

Hottest months in Cappadocia: JULY, AUGUST

Most comfortable weather in the region: MAY, JUNE, SEPTEMBER, OCTOBER

  • January: the temperature during the day is up to 7 degrees Celsius, at night it falls below zero, at the beginning of the year a cool winter reigns over the region. There is a high probability of snowfall.
  • February: average daily air temperature is 5-6 degrees Celsius, frosts, snow, and strong winds are possible at night
  • March: the air warms up to 10 degrees Celsius during the day, the chance of frost is high at night. The end of March is considered the start of the tourist season.
  • April: The average daily temperature of the air is 15 degrees Celsius, despite the beginning of spring, this month is considered to be very unstable, following the sunny weather, the temperature may drop sharply in the negative direction. 
  • May: the temperature in the daytime reaches 21 degrees Celsius, there is a comfortable warm season, when you can take a leisurely walk through the sights or admire the spring flowering of trees.
  • June: average daily air temperature is 25 degrees Celsius, precipitation is unlikely, smooth and warm sunny weather is set throughout the area.
  • July: the air warms up to 28-32 degrees Celsius in the daytime, it can be quite hot in the open areas, but the valleys have a comfortable air temperature. 
  • August: the temperature in the daytime reaches 33 degrees Celsius, the heat and dry weather during the day are not excluded, precipitation and wind are practically excluded.
  • September: the average daily air temperature is 25 degrees Celsius, but at night it does not fall below 15 degrees Celsius. This is one of the most comfortable months to visit the sights, apart from the comfortable temperature here begins the fertile fruit season. 
  • October: the air warms up to 18 degrees Celsius during the day, at night there is a possibility of sharp swings. A great time to visit open parks and fly on balloons.
  • November: the temperature in the daytime reaches 10 degrees Celsius, the probability of rainy and snowy weather increases, the risk of precipitation is high.
  • December: average daily air temperature is 5 degrees Celsius, windy snowy, rainy weather can create some discomfort for walking even during the day. 

Regardless of the month of visitation, we recommend taking light jackets or jackets on the road, as the region is famous for its cool nights, and even in the hottest month in the early morning can be cold.

One of the most impressive parts of the Journey is a balloon ride. If you are a fan of extreme sports and thrills, then you should buy a certificate that allows you to fly and look at the whole of this dreamland. On the journey (including flight), the price is not expensive. Everyone will be able to meet the sunrise, admiring the fascinating landscapes of the surrounding area. Do not be afraid of this part of the trip there are only positive reviews. For lovers of romance — this is a great opportunity to make an offer.

If you are attracted by the opportunity to bring something unusual into your life, then our managers will happily devote you to all the details of Excursion To Cappadocia from Alanya Two Days and how to get to the place of the city and where it is better to book a hotel. You will only enjoy an unforgettable vacation under the guidance of experienced guides and a wonderful company.

It is worth mentioning that during our trip because of COVID-19 we will give you a face mask and disinfectant alcohols and the capacity of the bus is half. We have done this only because your dear guests can have a safe and pleasant trip.

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50 person

Alanya to Cappadocia tour for 2 days Programm

  • Note: Breakfast on both days, dinner on the first day and a visit to the underground city of Saratli are included in the price!

Day 1:

  • The excursion to Cappadocia from Alanya for 2 days begins with picking up our valued clients from their Hotels and moving to the city of Cappadocia.

  • Stopping for breakfast at a place overlooking the Taurus Mountains.

  • Visiting the panorama of Khasan volcano.

  • Visiting the underground city.

  • Lunch break.

  • Visiting the Derwent Valley (Valley of Fantasy).

  • Visiting the Valley of the Monks.

  • Visiting the rock city Chavushin, Church of St. John the Baptist.

  • Panoramic stop in the Valley of Love.

  • Panoramic stop in Ortahisar fortress.

  • Panoramic stop in Uchguzel (Three Beauties).

  • Heading up to the Hotel where we will be staying.

  • Have a tasty dinner at the hotel (buffet)/ (drinks - extra fees).

  • Going to the restaurant, the night of the Turkish show - Anatolian folklore "In Cappadocia" (optional).

Day 2:

  • Hot air balloon flight or hot air balloon panorama (optional).

  • Have a breakfast in the hotel.

  • Departure from the hotel.

  • Visiting the stone center of Anatolia.

  • Visiting the Goreme National Park.

  • Panoramic stop in the Valley of Pigeons.

  • Visiting Uchisar.

  • Visiting the studio of silk leather / Turkish sweets.

  • Visiting Caravanserai Oresin Khan;

  • Lunch break in Konya (national cuisine menu);

  • Concluding our tour and re-transfer our valued clients to their Hotels.

The guide reserves the right to change the order and time of visiting these places, depending on the circumstances!

Tour daysMonday,Thursday,Saturday

Tour hours 05:00 — 20:00

Includes Transfer in both direction, insurance, guide services, ticket to the underground city of Saratly, breakfast on the first day, dinner on the first day, breakfast (with tea) on the second day.

Excludes Drinks, Goreme museum, lunches on the first and second days, the Turkish show night, balloon festival trip, balloon flight.

Don't Forgets Comfortable clothes and shoes, lunch box with breakfast from the hotel (ordered for a day), money for personal expenses.

Alanya to Cappadocia tour for 2 days price for excursion 2022

Adult 50
Children (7-12 ) 30
Infants (0 -6) Free

Cappadocia Booking

You do not need to worry about booking a Cappadocia tour, as we have made it easy for you. All you have to do is book Cappadocia for free on the website and pay for it when you join the tour, the capacity for balloon will be filled quickly. So it is better to check and book this attractive tour before traveling.

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