Demre Myra Kekova from Alanya

In the program Demre Myra Kekova from Alanya, you will have an excursion around the ancient city of Demre and Peace with a visit to the Christian church of St.. Nicholas. After the walk, you will sail to the boat and explore the ancient city of Kekova and the sea. Inexpensive tour with a nice bonu


45 one person


  • Transfer our guests from the hotel
  • Stop for breakfast (lunch box from the hotel)
  • Walk through the ancient city of the Myra
  • Inspection of the Lycian rock tombs - the largest in Turkey,
  • Walk through the territory of the ancient Roman theater.
  • Moving to the ancient Christian city of Demre
  • Excursion in the footsteps of St.Nicholas the Wonderworker: his house, library, first church, where the great saint preached
  • Inspection of the sacred sarcophagus, where Nicholas the Successor was buried,
  • Stop for lunch at the restaurant
  • Transfer to the port and landing on the yacht and the start of the sea journey
  • Walk on the sunken island Dolkhiste (Kekova) - 2 hours
  • Return to the port and boarding the buses
  • Transfer back to the hotel
Tour daysWednesday, Friday, Sunday
Tour hours
03:30 - 21:00
Includes transfer, insurance, English-speaking historical guides, lunch, yacht tour of the sunken city of Kekova, entrance tickets to attractions
Excludesdrinks (optional)
Don't ForgetsDo not forget to ask for breakfast at the reception of the hotel before one day iof your trip. Bring suncreams, hats, wear comfortable shoes and comfortable clothes. If you plan to swim in the sea while in the yacht on a sunken island, bring swimsuits and towels. Get plenty of water while exploring the sights.
Adults 45
Children (7 - 12) 23
Infants (0 - 6)Free

Diffirence of Minister Tour

Save with us: ALL entrance tickets are already included in the price! Unlike competitors, our program does not provide any hidden surcharges! A minimum of shops on the way: you will visit only a souvenir and icon shop in the church of St. Nicholas. Thanks to comfortable buses and guides that will start the tour of Demre Mira Kekova from Alanya on the way, the road will not be tiresome even for small children. Quick booking WITHOUT PAYMENT

Make reservation, pay in the tour in 30 minutes we confirm your reservation by e-mail

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Turkey is a unique country, no other locality around the world, perhaps, has such a huge cultural and historical heritage. Excellent natural and recreational resources, the presence of four seas make it possible to develop beach tourism at a high level, with good infrastructure and a good hotel base. The presence of Muslim and Christian shrines give impetus to the development of religious and pilgrim tourism. The country has national natural parks and reserves. The segment of educational or historical tourism fills the abundance of architectural and historical monuments. Excursions Demre-Myra-Kekova from Alanya, combine all types of tourist recreation and are in demand

What sights of Demre-Mira-Kekova will you see?

A guided tour involves visiting several places and inspecting them. Demre Myra Kekova on the map of the Turkish state occupy very little space, but the abundance of significant memorials on their territory put them on par with the world famous tourist centers.

We do not recommend visiting Demre Mira Kekova on your own; it is much more convenient to book a trip on our company's website. We develop and conduct excursions from Alanya. The price of 2019 is low and available to tourists, even with a small budget.

The city of Demre (Myra) and the city of Kekova are very popular among travelers of all ages. The sights of these settlements, which are considered to be a holy place for Christians, will be interesting to children, as they are associated with the name of St. Nicholas, the prototype of Santa Claus. Memories of Saint Nicholas, who served as a bishop in the area and was subsequently canonized, are strongly associated with this title. A tour of Demre-Kekova World from Alanya involves visiting the church, so our guides will tell you how to get dressed in Demre Myra Kekova.

You can also check out and book Kursunlu Aspendos from alanya to See more histories.

You can see and take a photo in: the Church of St. Nicholas, which is within walking distance of Mira; nearby are unique rock paintings; The amphitheater of the World has survived to our days as well as the famous amphitheater Aspendos, whose remains are close by, accommodates more than a thousand people at a time. Being a cultural and historical reserve, some cities from the “Demre-Mira-Kekova” tour are under the protection of the Turkish government.

Excursion to Demre Myra Kekova from Alanya, the price of which is quite low, you will surely enjoy.
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