Fire of Anatolia in Alanya

The show is famous for its unusual dance numbers. Its participants are repeated nominees for the Guinness World Records book. You will find a fascinating show with elements of national Turkish art and history.


45 one person


  • Transfer our tourists from the hotel
  • Dinner at a restaurant
  • Arrive at Aspendos Arena
  • View the fire of anatoilia show
  • Free time for a photo and inspection of the amphitheater
  • Transfer back to hotels
Tour daysTuesday, Friday (specify)
Tour hours
16:30— 23:00
Includestransfer, insurance, English-speaking guides, entrance tickets dinner.
Excludesthe drinks
Don't ForgetsBring Drinking Water
Adults 45
Children (7 - 12) 23
Infants (0 - 6)Free

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One of the most popular tourist countries is Turkey. It attracts with its oriental flavor, beautiful landscapes and interesting sights. For example, one of them is the Fire of Anatolia in dance group in Alanya. He traveled with concert programs in more than 85 countries of the world and was talked about him everywhere as an interesting and memorable show. Anadolu Atesi even entered the Guinness Book of Records. The dancers set two records: for the fastest dance - more than 240 movements in just 60 seconds, and for the largest number of spectators - 400 thousand.

Fire of Anatolia in Alanya

The main body of the troupe includes more than 100 strong performers. The group in Turkey was founded in 1999 and after 2 years began to give their concerts in various countries. The dancers spoke to the heads of many states and at important events. While on holiday in Alanya, one can look at the work of the performers of the Fires of Anatolia personally. From spring to autumn (April-November), the performances of the legendary band take place not far from Aspendos, the ancient city.

It is very difficult, if not impossible, to describe the Fire of Anatolia show. Dancers combine classical ballet, folk and modern choreography. All this is presented vividly, thanks to the director’s productions. Artists show solo numbers, which are almost immediately replaced by magical bright mass productions. For two hours you can watch the change of styles and the complexity of the movements.

Many guests of Turkey are interested in the beginning of the ensemble performance. You can admire the colorful presentation at around 5:00 pm on Tuesday and Friday. You can buy tickets for the show on the official website of the ensemble.

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Where to book Fire of Anatolia tour in Alanya?

  We offer fans to learn all the new trips to the concerts of the famous dance ensemble. On the Fire of Anatolia Show, the tour starts at 4:30 pm and lasts until midnight. The price of entry for children aged 6-12 years is half the cost. For little tourists under 6 years old, a ticket is not needed - they have free entry. To visit performances from Anatolia, where their scene is located, it’s not necessary to search Contact our managers in any convenient way, order a visit to the event, and we will organize it. The price includes a trip from the hotel and back after visiting the concert, as well as dinner.

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