the program runs along with the scenic sites, you will see the nature of Turkey,

Horse riding in Alanya

Horse riding in Alanya - you will learn to stay in the saddle and control them, everything is under the control of instructors. From the saddle, you will get acquainted with beautiful landscapes, go to the village, where you will get acquainted with local traditions, taste traditional dishes.

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Horse riding in Alanya Explanations

Horse riding in Alanya - We offer to diversify your vacation with an amazing adventure - These animals have long been considered as friends and human helpers, and during the walk, you can enjoy their pleasant company. To book this tour, we recommend that you contact our managers. The center itself, where these animals live, is located in the Demirtas area. This city, which is located 35 minutes from the center.

What will you do during the excursion:

The tour begins with the fact that in the morning we pick up all the participants from their hotels and take them to the center of the point, from where they will go for a ride. To begin with, a specially trained center employee will instruct and tell about the rules of conduct and prohibitions. For those who have never engaged in this type of activity before, the coach will explain all the nuances and tell in detail and show how the skating process takes place. During Horse riding in Alanya, you will be accompanied by an experienced instructor who will monitor your safety.

The first point of the excursion is a visit to the ancient city, which is located on a hill on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. In addition to the fact that it offers an amazing view of the calm sea or stormy waves, depending on the weather, you can also enjoy the beautiful ancient ruins of the city. The main attractions of this place, which have been partially preserved to this day, are the city walls, decorated with various mosaics, the magnificent triumphal arch, and several artificially created reservoirs. This place is carefully guarded by the Turkish authorities. At the same time, it is equipped with amenities for visiting tourists.

While Horse riding in Alanya you will visit the local villages, where you can live to get acquainted with their traditions and customs. Here you will have the chance to try traditional Turkish cuisine and enjoy fragrant apple tea. The route of horse riding passes through the green Taurus Mountains, from which height there is an amazing view of the plains and the sea coast.

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We are one of the most popular excursion agencies, so you can be sure that there will be no incidents. You can get more information about Horse riding in Alanya by contacting our managers.

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40 person

Horse riding in Alanya Programm

  • Transfer from the hotel

  • Arrival at the starting point.

  • Division of participants in the tour into groups.

  • Detailed instruction and run test

  • Issuance of protective equipment (helmets)

  • Excursion with professional instructors

  • Return to the starting point and boarding the bus

  • Transfer back to the hotel

Tour daysEvery day

Tour hours 09:00 - 14:00

Includes transfer, insurance, English speaking guides, instructors, rental equipment.

Excludes drinks (optional)

Don't Forgets Remember to wear comfortable shoes and clothes. that do not mind soiling. Bring sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses.

Horse riding in Alanya price for excursion 2022

Adult 40

Horse Riding Benefits

Horseback riding can boost your good mood and self-confidence. It is also definitely useful in improving the health of the body muscles. From the point of view of many people, equestrianism seems to be a sport in which the rider has little role. Everything seems simple, all the horse rider has to do is sit on the horse and command him, but this is not true, and everyone who has ridden the horse knows that it is wrong.

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