Tour to Istanbul from Alanya

Tour to Istanbul from Alanya -Visiting this tour with air travel, you will have a chance to get acquainted with the most famous historical places of Istanbul in one day - the Hagia Sophia mosques, Topkapi Palace, etc. In the end, you will have a yacht cruise along the waters of the phosphorus Strait


1 one person


  • Collection of guests from hotels
  • Arrival at Antalya Airport and check-in
  • Arrival at Ataturk Airport in Istanbul
  • Walk through the famous district of the city of Sultanahmet
  • Visit to the Blue Mosque (Sultanahmet)
  • Tour of the ancient hippodrome of the Roman period (including the Egyptian obelisk, Serpentine column, the obelisk of Constantine and other places)
  • Stop for lunch
  • A visit to the huge museum complex “Topkapi Palace” - an armory, a treasury, a harem, etc.
  • Boat trip on the waters of the phosphorus
  • Stop for a dinner
  • Arrival at Ataturk airport and return flight to Antalya
  • Transfer back to the hotel
Tour days(Specify)
Tour hours
03:00 — 24:00
Includestransfer, flight tickets, insurance,English-speaking guides with historical education, entrance tickets to attractions, lunch and dinner in a restaurant, yacht tickets.
Excludesentrance to Topkapi harem ( 10 $, optional), drinks.
Don't ForgetsVisit this excursion to Istanbul in order to explore all the historical places of the city in one day and not spend extra time of rest. Take along your passport, comfortable clothing and shoes, lightweight sweaters. Do not worry about clothes to enter the mosque, skirts and scarves for women are issued at the entrance.
Adults 1
Children ( - ) 1
Infants (0 - )Free

Diffirence of Minister Tour

Istanbul from Alanya convenient morning departures, thanks to which you have more time to walk around Istanbul. Small groups of tourists, which reduces the time for fees from hotels, flight registration, etc. A rich tour program accompanied by licensed English-speaking guides with historical education. Practical ALL INPUT tickets are already included in the price. Quick booking WITHOUT PAYMENT

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Turkey is an amazing country, which is quite difficult to study in one vacation, to see all its small cities and back streets. But you have an attractive opportunity to go on an excursion to the very heart of this amazing area - the capital of Turkey, Istanbul. For one day, you can get into the city, where every corner and street is saturated with history and traditions. This place has long been the capital of a huge number of empires that existed at different periods of history. Therefore, a Tour to Istanbul from Alanya is a great option for a wonderful pastime.

The tour will begin with the fact that you are picked up from the hotel to deliver to the airport (how much you can fly from Alanya to Istanbul, you can learn from your guide). Immediately after arrival you will be met by our English -speaking guide who will accompany you throughout the day.

Istanbul Tour from Alanya - The first point of the excursion is Topkapi Palace, which was one of the main during the existence of the Ottoman Empire. You will have time to visit the palace itself, and stroll through the gardens that surround it. By the way, they were landed on the orders of the great rulers of the Ottoman Empire, and they carry a reminder of the absolute power of the monarchs. On our website you can get information on current prices in Alanya for 2019 and read reviews on excursions in Alanya and reviews on excursions to Istanbul.

Tour to Istanbul from Alanya - The second point of the excursion is a visit to the Hagia Sophia. Initially, it was a temple where Orthodox residents of the capital of the empire could come, but after a certain time it became a mosque. Today it is a museum, which is also a monument of architecture and history. After visiting the Cathedral, you should have lunch where you can enjoy traditional Turkish dishes.

The second part of The Istanbul Tour from Alanya:

After the break, the second part of the Tour to Istanbul from Alanya begins. Scheduled to visit the hippodrome, which is located on Sultanahmet Square. This historical monument was erected as far back as 203 AD by order of Emperor Septimius Severus. In those days, it was used for chariot races - a popular entertainment of the emperor himself and the crowd. To date, there are only columns and obelisks, which carry us to those times.

The last points of the tour are visits to the Blue Mosque and the Egyptian bazaar.

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Where to go on a trip from Alanya, you can learn from our guides, who are happy to tell you about all the routes. In addition, they will instruct you on each trip so that you know.  
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