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Excursion to Cappadocia from Kemer

Excursion to Cappadocia from Kemer 2 days is a great opportunity to get to know Turkey better and see this multifaceted country from the other side. The road from Kemer to Cappadocia is 621 km; it takes 8 to 10 hours (one way).

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Excursion to Cappadocia from Kemer Explanations

Excursion to Cappadocia from Kemer is a fascinating journey into the valley of beautiful horses, magic, and giant balloons. This tour is one of the most popular and spectacular, and all thanks to the beauty of the local landscape. Cappadocia is not a city, it is the name of a natural park in the center of Turkey. From Kemer to Cappadocia to go quite far — 600 km, by bus about 8 hours, and by car a little less, but such a long way is worth it.

Cappadocia is known for the "moon landscape" that was formed after earthquakes, and then because of the winds here formed pillars of various forms in the form of bizarre animals, birds, and even people. Faithful Christians, hiding from the robbers have hollowed out entire underground cities, which you can visit because they have survived to this day.

Due to the considerable distance — the tour is held for at least 2 days, on comfortable buses that will pick you up directly from the hotel. Of course, going into the distance, for 600 km, our agency recommends you to see those neighborhoods to the maximum, and it is possible to choose Tour of Cappadocia from Kemer for 3 days.

Departures are usually made at night, around 3-4 o'clock in the morning, and will go directly to Cappadocia. Upon arrival, you will be moved to a cave-shaped hotel and served breakfast. Next, you will go to the sights: to the fortress Uchhisar — it is on a hill and is the highest point of the region. Climbing there, you will see all the beauty of the area as in the palm of your hand. Inside the rock are dug various rooms, corridors, tunnels.

First Day:

Departures are usually made at night, around 3-4 o'clock in the morning, and will go directly to Cappadocia. Upon arrival, you will be moved to a cave-shaped hotel and served breakfast. Next, you will go to the sights: to the fortress Uchhisar — it is on a hill and is the highest point of the region. Climbing there, you will see all the beauty of the area as in the palm of your hand. Inside the rock are dug various rooms, corridors, tunnels.

The next stop is an open-air museum called Goreme. It is a complex of churches and chapels in the rocks, created by the first Christians. On a convenient transfer, you will head to the city of Avanos - the city is known not only for pottery workshops, which you will definitely visit, but also weaving masters in the creation of carpets. At will, everyone can test their strength and take part in the process of making various clay products.

After a lunch break, you will be waiting for unique valleys: Pashabaag (one of the most beautiful in Cappadocia) and Derwent (where huge cliffs in the form of mushrooms, people, birds) will surprise each of you, and photos and videos will help to remember this area for a long time. Then, you will feel like real tasters, because you have to taste the wines, nuts, and sweets of local production.

Second Day:

The next excursion day will begin in the early morning when the sun will still sleep. If you have long dreamed of flying in a giant balloon over the fabulous Cappadocia, then it's time to implement the plan. Those who want to just watch from the outside as rush to the sky at once more than 200 balls, then can go to the festival of balls.

Next, you'll find an all-inclusive breakfast. You will have free time to take photos and videos in the vicinity of Goreme. Later, a visit to the oldest and most famous underground city of Derenkia. Which means a deep well. Despite the translation of the name, in reality, having been there, you can believe in the existence of dwarves. The corridors are narrow and the ceilings are low.

Later, the group expects a walk through the natural sights of Ihlar - a picturesque gorge, which is located among the lush green vegetation. After, a short break for lunch from different dishes and national Turkish cuisine. After a little time off, you will visit the highest monastery in the rock of Selim. A very important man, Ali Pasha, was buried there.

On the route, you will also find the Valley of the Pigeons, which is a rock with many tunnels, windows — used for nests, and pigeons there more than a thousand. The highlight of the tour will be a visit to the valley of Love — it is very unusual. Reviews of it, you can find online.

After such a useful and interesting route, you will head to Kemer, arriving at hotels around 24:00. Cappadocia's tour from Kemer for 2 days is a journey, a real treasure trove of discoveries. You will learn a lot of useful historical facts and see some surviving ancient sights firsthand, which will help you broaden your horizons and learn more about Turkey.

The benefits of booking Excursion to Cappadocia from Kemer in our travel agency:

Our Agency operates online 24 hours 7 days a week! We are happy to help in the selection of excursions, tell you about all the nuances and advise you a little after hearing your preferences! You can also ask us a question not on the topic of excursions, but also consult about any others. You can book a tour at any time without a prepayment and it is also easy to cancel! We have only experienced drivers, English-speaking guides-historians, and the entire fleet is in good technical condition!

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58 person

Excursion to Cappadocia from Kemer Programm

Day one:

  • transfer of guests from hotels on comfortable buses with air conditioning

  • first stop at a special breakfast area — lunch box from hotels

  • the beginning of the tour with the study of the underground city of Saratli (has 7 levels, three of which are allowed to visit) — opened relatively recently in 1991 and is not yet fully explored

  • The next stop chavushin — also called a rock similar to cheese — is a very visited place among tourists

  • visit to the valley “Three Beauties” namely Hera, Aphrodite and Athena — a symbol not only of Cappadocia, but perhaps the whole of Turkey

  • Arrival in the Gerem region — there is a magnificent open-air museum

  • Gereme National Park — an open-air museum, occupying about 300 km2

  • halted for lunch of national dishes in the restaurant

  • arrival at the onyx factory, introduction to production, the opportunity to purchase souvenirs and factory products

  • visit to the Valley of Ihlar, a stone canyon that divided the plain into two banks like a river

  • visit to the Rose Valley, whose cliffs have a delicate pink hue

  • Monk Valley is the place where a couple of dozen mushroom-like statues are located

  • kyzylyrmak river valley — the longest river in Asia Minor

  • Arrival in the city of Awanos — a center of pottery and carpet weaving, familiarization with the production and trial yourself in the role of craftsmen

  • Checks in at the hotel and dinner of national dishes, wishing for an additional fee go to the show Turkish night in Cappadocia

Day two:

  • Leaving for the Festival of Balls early in the morning at dawn — at will, costing $15 — the opportunity to see the rise in the sky simultaneously more than a hundred balls

  • flight on a ball for those wishing — those who want to see Cappadocia from a bird's-eye view

  • return to the hotel, buffet-type breakfast, eviction from the hotel

  • Arrival at the Pottery Workshop and Gift Shop

  • The next location — the Valley of the Pigeons — used to be specially cut down in the rocks whole pigeons, and their droppings were then used in the cultivation of grapes

  • stop in Caravan Sarai — an outpost of travelers at all times, where you could protect yourself from robbers, raids, as well as relax during long walks

  • lunch in a restaurant of national dishes

  • return transfer to hotels on comfortable buses with air conditioning

Tour daysMonday, Thursday, Saturday

Tour hours 04:00 — 23:00

Includes both-way transfers, hotel accommodation, entrance tickets according to the program, insurance, English-speaking tour guide, dinner and breakfast

Excludes drinks, lunches, Gerem Museum ($10), balloon parade ($15), balloon flight ($250), Turkish night ($35) - all these locations at will

Don't Forgets lunch box from the hotel for the first breakfast (order for the day at the reception in the hotel), water on the road, comfortable clothes and shoes, hats, light jackets

Excursion to Cappadocia from Kemer price for excursion 2022

Adult 58
Children (4-8 ) 29
Infants (0 -3) Free

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