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Private Trips in Kemer

Private Trips in Kemer are the best solution for exploring Turkey and its cities. The tour program is selected specifically for your company based on the personal wishes of the client. We will help you make your stay unforgettable.

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Private Trips in Kemer Explanations

Private Trips in Kemer are the choice of those for whom the offered standard package tours are not enough, who do not want to waste precious time on trips to unnecessary locations, and who believe that the French writer Emile Zola was right when he said the phrase: “Nothing develops the mind like that, like traveling. " Indeed, these words make sense if you go beyond the all-inclusive comfort zone and look around you. How much new and interesting do we learn and see? What secrets and mysteries will this amazing country reveal to us? If you approach the solution of such questions closely, then the answers will not only surprise but also impress.

The peculiarity of Private Trips in Kemer is that almost the entire route is determined by the tourist himself, of course, not without the help of professional specialists in the field of tourism, because the organization of such an event requires a lot of effort, time, certain knowledge, and sometimes the execution of some documents.

The cost of a VIP trip is much higher, but it has undeniable advantages in the form of a comfortable vehicle - a car or a yacht in the case of a sea cruise, an English-speaking guide with specialized education in the field of history, the absence of strangers and the maximum amount of free time to explore the place of interest. In terms of duration, the trip can last from one to several days and, if necessary, including hotel accommodation and an air flight.

Private Excursions in Kemer

The Republic of Turkey has in its arsenal a centuries-old history, shrouded in mystical legends and many beautiful places that do not always fit the description of "resort" in the conventional sense, but this does not make them less attractive.

Istanbul, aka Constantinople, aka Byzantium, was once the capital of the Ottoman Empire, today it is famous for its preserved architectural monuments and museums. It is worth staying in a city at the junction of Europe and Asia so that you can leisurely drink a cup of strong coffee, admiring the Bosphorus Strait, along which ships scurry back and forth, and devote the next day, for example, to the Princes' Islands, which once served as a prison for aristocrats. As a reminder of that terrible history, many museums remain, but mostly now it is quiet and comfortable here, time seems to have stood still, there are no cars, only carts drawn by horses or donkeys, cyclists and buildings made in various styles and crowned with bright weaving flowers.

Many have heard about the Lycian path, but not everyone knows that its length is 540 km, originates in Antalya, and ends in Fethiye, capturing on its way the majestic mountain Tahtali, and the ruins of ancient cities, and ancient tombs carved into the rocks, and fire-breathing Chimera.

Well, adventure seekers who are not afraid of long-distance roads can go on a Private excursion from Kemer to the world's largest soda-salt lake Van. The locals, of course, have already come up with a legend dedicated to the mysterious Van monster, but it really attracts not by this, but by the panorama of the sacred Ararat.

The advantages of ordering Private Trips in Kemer with our agency:

When ordering Private Trips in Kemer on our website, you will never be disappointed. Our employees are the best in their field, who will answer all your questions, help you draw up a clear plan for visiting planned events and attractions, as well as anticipate the occurrence of force majeure situations in advance, and will do everything possible to prevent them. You and your family will remember such a walk for a long time and will leave the most pleasant memories and impressions of our hospitable country.

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Private Trips in Kemer Programm

  • Transfer Tourist from their Hotel

  • Coordination of the program at the request of the client

  • Selection of the optimal route

  • Departure from the hotel on the appointed day

  • The main route according to a pre-agreed program

  • Transfer back to hotel

Tour daysEvery Day

Tour hours 08:00 — 19:00

Includes Free Transfer, Tour Process, English speaking guide, upon agreement, entrance tickets, hotel accommodation, meals, insurance

Excludes Personal Expenses

Don't Forgets The tour operates daily, regardless of the season, must be booked in advance, a prepayment may be required

Private Trips in Kemer price for excursion 2022

Adult 43
Children (6-12 ) 43
Infants (0 -5) Free

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