Private trips in Alanya

Private trips in Alanya - Away from the crowds, if you want to visit the sights of our city and give your family and friends an unforgettable day, Minister Tours Alanya will not spare you the appropriate price and quality service in the private excursions program.

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Private trips in Alanya Explanations

Private trips in Alanya - As everyone knows, Our city is now a tourism brand in the world. The fact that the name of our county is so well known on the planet is naturally intriguing to humans. In fact, they're not wrong. Our city, where nature has spared no beauty, deserves its reputation. So much so that the beaches embraced by the Mediterranean are clean, with good opportunities to swim, but intertwined with green and mountains. Beaches in this location are rare in the world. In addition to this beauty, the history of the district, the fact that it has a hot sea season of 7 months and is close to the world's major tourist market countries makes Alanya unique. These pros have the disadvantages that come with a very good contribution to the county. Alanya's overcrowding during the summer months may disturb some of our guests. So much so that people who want to get away from the crowds and stresses of the big city are not disappointed when they come on holiday when they see that hotels, beaches, and restaurants are packed. In fact, they're not wrong. This overcrowding is reflected in tour and excursion programs. Minister Tours organizes Private trips in Alanya to remove some of the guests from this crowd and to ensure that the city is visited by enjoying the sights that should be visited.

How are private excursions organized in our region? Who do I have to call for? I wonder if it's too expensive. These questions will be the first thing that comes to your mind. Just call the number on the site to get a response.

To help you, we would like to inform you about the content and examples of personalized trips in our city. In general, Private trips in Alanya are preferred by families, co-workers, couples, guests who have health problems and can not keep up with the normal itinerary tempo. Our experience shows that the requests of the guests are limited due to the lack of knowledge of the area. Our operators will give you the necessary information about enriching the program and choosing their watches correctly. These suggestions will not affect the price of a special tour. Minister Tours aims to make the content of your trip as rich as possible to spend your day full.

Recently Our Town has become a popular destination for weddings, engagements, birthday celebrations, business meetings. Usually, our guests carry out these special days using the choice of Private boat in Alanya. Besides, Cappadocia, Pamukkale, Sapadere Canyon, Antalya trip and similar country to visit the places to visit away from the crowds of the address of those who want to visit Minister Tours

Imagine participating in Private trips in Alanya, depending on the hours of your choice and the route you choose, accompanied by special guides for comfortable vehicles.

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50 person

Private trips in Alanya Programm

  • Please contact our operators by calling the number on our site to forward your requests to us and get more detailed information

  • Vip bus to take you from the hotel or your addresses

  • Carrying out the trip by adhering to the tour program arranged with you before, accompanied by Special guides

  • During the activity, it is possible to change the optional schedule and extend the trip.

  • Return to the address you notified us at the end of the tour

Tour daysEveryday

Tour hours Hour interval of your choice

Includes Transportation, insurance, support of guides throughout the trip, services according to the selected tour schedule

Excludes Personal expenses

Don't Forgets That those eligible for the selected round will be notified

Private trips in Alanya price for excursion 2022

Adult 50
Children (7-12 ) 50
Infants (0 -6) 1

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Most holidaymakers Go on a private trip to visit famous places and sights Private with their families to have a special day, the programs are done in a way that benefits from VIP and luxury services, and They can record the best moments During their Holiday.

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