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Alanya dolphin show from Side

Alanya dolphin show from Side is a great fun for the whole family. Fascinating representation of marine life, the opportunity to swim with them, pleasant emotions and good mood.

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Alanya dolphin show from Side Explanations

Alanya dolphin show from Side, located 20 km from the famous resort town of Alanya to Turkler (a small village). It doesn't take long on the road — an average of 1 hour to two. But the journey passes almost unnoticed by comfortable transport. The final destination is Sealanya (reviews of this interactive unique park can be read in advance, as well as its description). Its area is 5000 hectares. It houses a total of fifteen swimming pools.

The program is a combined performance, which is attended by other, no less charming and intelligent inhabitants of the seas. You will be able to see sea lions and seals, bottlenose, which frolic and play in a large pool. They know how to jump through the hoop, dance, and sing, perform other commands and even speak their special language.

At the Alanya dolphin show from Side, which you can visit on your own (how to get there and schedule find out on the site), you will find other, no less pleasant activities. One of the most popular places. This is an amazing opportunity to personally communicate with these amazing, peace-loving, and friendly mammals, who are also different in their minds. You can swim with them in the pool, play. Today it is a fairly common practice, which is used in different parts of the world. It is believed that such a session can help to get rid of many health problems. we recommended purchasing tickets in advance and be sure to arrange a session with the administrator early. Usually, a lot of tourists want to personally communicate with these amazing creatures. Therefore, a huge queue of visitors is lining up. If you have a desire, you can take photos or make videos. But if you do not take the camera with you, you will have the opportunity to buy pictures that are made in the local photo studio in a few minutes.

Our company offers you another amazing trip, which you will enjoy feeling with the Mammals only by booking Swim with dolphins in Side.

Detailed information about the Journey:

Alanya dolphin show from Side Turkey starts from the moment you are placed in comfortable buses. We made sure that the trip for you was as comfortable and completely tireless as possible. Since the start of the day show at 15:00, we pre-recommend to call and clarify the departure time from the hotel with the manager of our company.

The show lasts just under an hour to 50 minutes. These are two intermission parts.

Despite the fact that you will sit under the awning and direct sunlight will not fall on you, we recommend taking care of sunscreen, in particular the presence of a headdress. Just in case, bring your change of clothes. It is possible that the seated in the front row may get water during the performance. For the same reason, it's a good idea to treat technical devices as carefully as possible, such as a video or camera.

Why you need to book this trip with us:

We offer you an amazing opportunity to spend time in the company of smart and kind sea dwellers who will show you an amazing show, talk in person, swim with you in the pool. The price of the Alanya dolphin show from Side is cheap— to clarify how much the tour costs you will be able to visit the company employees by phone. Reservations are available by phone or online. You won't have to make a prepayment. payment will be when you join.

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35 person

Alanya dolphin show from Side Programm

  • Gathering near the hotel and going to the dolphinarium

  • Arrival

  • First act of submission

  • Intermission

  • Continuation of the show

  • Performance of fur seals

  • The Walrus Show

  • Allowing time to take photos with “artists”

  • Gathering of visitors

  • Return to the hotel

Tour daysClarify

Tour hours 13:30 - 17:30

Includes moving both ways, insurance, entrance to the dolphinarium

Excludes video and photography with dolphins

Don't Forgets photo and video equipment, hat, money

Alanya dolphin show from Side price for excursion 2022

Adult 35
Children (4-9 ) 30
Infants (0 -3) Free

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