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Zipline, Rafting and Trekking in Side

Zipline, Rafting and Trekking in Side is the best option for those who like outdoor activities. You will find a descent along the mountain river, a walking tour in a natural park and a flight on a steep bungee.

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Zipline, Rafting and Trekking in Side Explanations

Zipline, Rafting and Trekking in Side is For all holidaymakers who are bored with passive lying on the beach, swimming in the sea, and the same type of hotel life, a great way out of the situation will be a Zipline Rafting and trekking in Side (3 in 1). This eventful, combined eleven-hour journey will take place in the famous Koprulu canyon, which has become Turkey's national park.

This Fascinating program includes three types of activities at the same time: rafting (what it is, know almost everything, for those who have questions — it's rafting on a mountain river on boats), walking on the most attractive paths, length of two kilometers (canyoning) and flying on a special metal, very strong cable. Each of these activities is unique in its own way. A surge of adrenaline and a lot of positive impressions and emotions you will get guaranteed.

Details and information about Zipline, Rafting and Trekking in Side:

An amazing adventure will allow you to descend the Koprucay River, which in the ancient era was called (Eurymedon). It flows from the tops of the Eastern Taurus and has a length of 183 kilometers. Despite the rather stormy, strong streams, in some areas its current is calm. Therefore, beginners do not need to worry, especially as there will always be a professional instructor nearby. If you belong to those who have participated in such events more than once, you will be offered Mega rafting, which is also part of the program and will definitely have to taste.

Rafting is a three-stage adventure for extremes, as well as an opportunity to test their strength, see new terrain, meet other people, communicate. A hearty, delicious meal is also obligatory.

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Zipline, Rafting and Trekking in Side Program Includes:

  • Trekking about 2 km along the majestic Taurus mountains, after which you can enjoy a trip through Koprulu Canyon. Its width reaches one hundred meters, the length — 14 kilometers, and the largest depth — 400 meters.
  • If you are not afraid of heights, the Zip line and rafting in Side will delight you. The descent on the rope will cause a storm of emotions, a powerful adrenaline rush, and bright, incomparable sensations.
  • And of course, it is worth talking more about rafting. These are rubber inflatable boats designed for eight to ten people. After a detailed pre-briefing, the participants manage them on their own. But even in the situation, if something goes wrong, there are experienced instructors nearby who will help to get out of any situation. Basically, the movement takes place on multi-seater boats, but if desired, you can take a double. You don't have to pay rent for equipment. According to the plan, there are several stops, when tourists can swim in the river or walk along the shore, just sit and admire the surroundings, replenish their strength for the next stage.

Why it's better to use our company's services:

By opting for the Side Zipline, Rafting and Trekking Tour, which we organize for all guests, you don't have to worry that the price of it will be different from the stated program. You can safely make a ticket reservation in advance online or over the phone. The English-speaking manager of the company will explain everything if necessary and will answer the questions. Do not worry about prepayment. In our case, it is required.

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35 person

Zipline, Rafting and Trekking in Side Programm

Only with us, when booking 2-seater boats (canoes), you can choose from the manager at no extra charge"

  • Gathering of wishers from hotels and transfer to Keprelu Canyon, to the base

  • Instruction and equipment needed for rafting — helmets, life jackets, paddles

  • The first part of rafting

  • Rest, swimming, photo shoot on the river — free time on the shore and jumping from the bridge into the water

  • The second part of the alloy

  • Stop and walk (canyoning) on the beautiful mountain trails of Keprulu Canyon (national natural park)

  • Hike to the ruins of an ancient city

  • The ruins of a bridge built long before the present day

  • Third stage of the alloy

  • Tarzanka — flight over the river, the length of which is more than 100 m

  • Return to base and the road to hotels

Tour daysEvery day

Tour hours 09:00 — 17:00

Includes Insurance, two-way, instructors, proficient in English, detailed instruction, training, rental of necessary equipment, kayaks double (if there is a desire), lunch break, zip line (flight over water on a bungee)

Excludes refreshing drinks, videos and photography (optional)

Don't Forgets Swimming trunks, swimsuits, towels, sunscreen, comfortable shoes, clothes for change. Mobile equipment and cameras can be left in a safe place and picked up after the tour is over.

Zipline, Rafting and Trekking in Side price for excursion 2022

Adult 35
Children (7-12 ) 18
Infants (0 -6) Free

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