Swim with Dolphins in Alanya

Touching this special sea creature, we turn your dream of swimming with them into reality on a swim with dolphins in Alanya. Minister Tours operators expect you to call


115 one person


  • Reception of guests from hotels and specified address
  • Movement towards Dolphin Park
  • Free time until the end of the show for guests who do not want to watch the show
  • Listening to detailed instructions from instructors
  • Swimming with dolphins
  • Return to hotels
Tour daysEveryday
Tour hours
08:30 — 12:00 or 13:30 — 17:00
IncludesTransfer, insurance, English-speaking guides,entrance ticket to the pool
Don't ForgetsThe date and time for this trip is booked in advance, please discuss this with the manager of the company before going on a tour. Bring swimsuits and towels.
Adults 115
Passenger 15

Diffirence of Minister Tour

If you order this trip from Minister tours, we will bring you comfortable, air-conditioned vehicles to Sealanya dolphin park on time and guarantee that you will join activity without losing time

Make reservation, pay in the tour in 30 minutes we confirm your reservation by e-mail

Call Center

+90 551 02 02 702


Swim with Dolphins in Alanya - Almost all of the creatures on our planet live in water or on land. Very rare and special creatures can live both on land and in water. Human beings contribute positively or negatively to changes in the earth as the dominant Living on land. From very old times to the present, human beings have included other creatures that can adapt to themselves in the habitat and, together with mutual assistance, have tried to facilitate daily problems and the struggle for life.People have chosen dogs for this mission on land. The fact that they are loyal, compliant and able to understand commands has put dogs one step ahead of other animals. When we read the history books, Man's urge to explore and wonder is largely about the seas. He built ships for this impulse, and made the seas his own route for new discoveries.

They coveted the creatures living in the sea and wondered about them. Among the aquatic creatures, mankind has sometimes guided a fish that feels close to itself, waited for help from them, and looked after them with love. We're talking about live Dolphins. Yes, not only do we mention Dolphins, but all the holy books, even the Prophet, the savior of the prophets and the name of the Dolphin, appear. People's desire to see them closely, to touch them, and sometimes even to swim with dolphins is irresistible. For this purpose, Minister Tours invites guests to swim with dolphins in Alanya.

Did you know that the Largest Dolphin Park in Europe is located in Alanya? It operates under the name SeAlanya Dolphinpark in the Türkler, which is 20 km from the center. Swim with dolphins in Alanya are held 2 times during the day. Only Tuesday morning sessions are possible. This trip starts at 08:30 in the morning when you are taken by comfortable bus from your addresses. The time in the van is only 20-25 minutes. Swim with dolphins in Alanya can be done after the show. For this purpose, we invite you first to watch the show and then to swim with the Dolphins. Watching the Dolphin show in Alanya is optional, so you can spend time in cafes or entertainment venues in the park until swimming time arrives.

You go through a short training session in Alanya, wearing your swimsuits and life jackets to swim with dolphins. After training you can touch these magnificent creatures for 20-30 minutes in the pool, swim with them, or even kiss the Dolphins by hugging them. The indescribable energy you get from Dolphins will change your life in a positive way. This fact is based on the findings and information we have obtained from the guests who participated about this trip for many years. At the end of the trip we leave you to your hotels. Our afternoon swimming session starts at 13: 30 and continues at the minval described above.

You are kindly requested to call us in advance and make reservations due to the excessive demand intensity for you to participate in swimming activities with dolphins in Alanya.