Swim with Dolphins in Alanya

While swimming with dolphins in Alanya, you will have a wonderful opportunity to get to know these amazing animals and swim with them. An experienced instructor will teach you the rules of behavior in the pool. After that you can take some amazing photos as a keepsake.


115 one person


  • Transfer our tourists from hotels
  • Departure for an excursion
  • Arrival at the Dolphinarium and detailed instructions
  • Swimming with dolphins
  • Transfer to hotels
Tour daysEveryday
Tour hours
09:00 — 12:00 — 14:00 — 17:00
Includestransfer, insurance, English-speaking guides,swimming with dolphins
Don't ForgetsThe date and time of swimming with dolphins is booked in advance, please discuss this with the manager of the company before going on a tour. Bring swimsuits and towels.
Adults 115
Passenger 15

Diffirence of Minister Tour

A limited number of tourists in the group. We will find you the most convenient time for a trip. Swimming with dolphins in Alanya. Quick booking WITHOUT PAYMENT

Make reservation, pay in the tour in 30 minutes we confirm your reservation by e-mail

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Tourists have long chosen a hot Alanya in Turkey. The warm Mediterranean sea and the constant sun attracts more and more guests and travelers. In the hot town you can look at the caves and fortresses, relax on Cleopatra's beach or allow swim with dolphins in Alanya for the whole family.

The unique language of dolphins

Communicating with amazing mammals has a positive effect on the human body. Contact with dolphins improves the psyche and the development of speech in children. The fact is that these mammals are distinguished by high intelligence, goodwill and activity. Spending time with dolphins improves immunity and heals some levels of autism.

Swim with Dolphins in Alanya is very useful. They give a lot of emotions and energy recharge. Mammals love to play: fountains, bubbles and air rings are released under water. You can not only swim with dolphins, but also communicate. Representatives of this kind distinguish sign language, which is similar to ours. Dolphins can be given commands or asked to perform some tricks.

Dolphins can raise their spirits for themselves and others with their “twitter”. Their songs are very melodic. The sounds of dolphins also have a positive effect on the psyche and emotional state of a person during therapy. Swimming in the pool takes place in a group.

Swim with Dolphins in Alanya

The price for swim with dolphins is profitable. You can order individual dolphin therapy. Good sea creatures can swim very quickly. On the water, dolphins support children, not letting them go under the water. They develop swimming speed as they interact with them. Scary will not be anyone. The process of swimming is closely watched by the instructor.

The company “Minister-Tours” provides the following services: relocation, insurance, instructor-translator. The cost of swimming with dolphins in Alanya is formed according to the preferences of each customer. Give yourself and your loved ones an ocean of wonderful feelings! Reviews about swimming with dolphins in Alanya can be read on our website.

You can also check out and book Alanya Dolphin park in alanya to Focus on dolphins behaviour.

You also have the opportunity to get into the largest dolphinarium of the Alanya region and take the best seats in the auditorium at an affordable price.  
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