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General Information : Alanya is one of the most popular resorts in Turkey, which is located on the southern Mediterranean coast of the country. The modern city is located at the foot of the high rocky Taurus Mountains, protecting it from strong winds and cold.
Top Hotels : Sunprime C-Lounge 5* Asia Beach Resort & Spa Hotel 5* Katya Hotel 5* Xperia Saray Beach Hotel 4* Kahya Hotel 4* Antique Roman Palace 4* Riviera Hotel & Spa 4* Blue Wave Suite Hotel 4*
Distance to center of Antalya : 136 KM
Distance to center of Alanya : 0 KM
Distance to Antalya Airport : 124 KM
Distance to Gazipasa Airport : 40 KM
Population : 100 000 people.
Famous Beaches : Cleopatra beach
Nearby Entertainment Centers : Alanya Fortress, Alanya Embankment, Kyzyl-Kule Red Tower, Cable machine, Alanya Central Park, Damlatas Cave, Alanya Lighthouse
Shopping Centers : Megamall , Alanyum , LC Waikiki , METRO cash&carry
Public Bazaar Days : Monday (OBA), Friday (Center), Sunday (Hacet)

How to make a plan of excursions in Alanya?

If you are going on holiday in Alanya and want to have fun, then you can not do without excursions. To make your vacation active and you have time to see all the most interesting sights of the region, we offer you some trips on how to plan your excursions correctly:

HamamRest must begin with a visit to the Turkish bath in Alanya. Procedures will allow to prepare the skin for tanning, therefore we recommend going on this excursion immediately on the first day of vacation.

Sightseeing tour in AlanyaThis tour must be visited at the very beginning of the holiday to get acquainted with the city and its main attractions.

Alanya Boat tripsThe sea wind reduces the sensation of temperature and on a yacht in Alanya you can easily get burnt. Therefore, sea travel is better to leave on the last days of rest, so that your skin is already tanned. And if you are relaxing by a large company, then renting a yacht in Alanya would be a better option.

Popular toursThere is a list of the most popular and fascinating excursions that will best acquaint you with the traditions of rest in Alanya. It includes Pamukkale and Cappadocia from Alanya, jeep safari. Other excursions. If you have a desire to visit and other excursions, such as rafting, diving, etc., then our managers will select convenient dates and advise you on all issues. The choice depends only on your desire and how many days you will rest in Alanya.

alanya harbour

Alanya is not just another resort town in Turkey, but an amazing place with many unique sights. Located on the Mediterranean coast, at the very foot of the Taurus Mountains, it attracts tourists from all over the world with its wonderful orange and lemon orchards, clean beaches and emerald waters.

Affordable prices in hotels and the opportunity to rest here from mid-spring to late fall, as well as a huge selection of sightseeing and entertainment destinations attract tourists from all over the world. A pleasant subtropical climate allows you to fully enjoy the beautiful nature and extraordinary historical sites.

What is famous for Alanya?

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If you choose excursions in Alanya, then you must visit the Byzantine fortress. It is considered to be the main attraction of the resort. Preserved over the centuries, it proudly towers over the city from the top of the hill. Here, an open-air museum is open for tourists, a working mosque is located, and other historical sights of the ancient world are presented. The Red Tower (Kizil Kule) is a symbol of a city with a long history. It is remarkable for its extraordinary strength and reliability, thanks to which it has been able to protect the port from the attacks of its enemies for centuries. Here, tourists can visit the fascinating ethnographic museum.

When ordering a tour in Alanya from the organizer, it is necessary to clarify a visit to the cave Damlatas. Such a trip will be not only interesting, but also useful, especially for tourists with respiratory problems, because the air here has healing properties due to the presence of millennial stalagmites and stalactites. There are a huge number of them in the cave.

Excursions on a yacht in Alanya is a great opportunity to enjoy the picturesque views of the coast of the resort, as well as to visit the most interesting caves, including Mud, Phosphorus, Lovers and Pirates. Pleasant sea air combined with an exciting excursion will make your holiday unforgettable.

Where to book a tour in Alanya (Turkey)?

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