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General Information : Turkler is a young, actively growing, but at the same time inexpensive resort for families with children and for young couples looking for romantic seclusion. The beaches here are sandy, the entrance to the sea is shallow, the water is clean and clear. In the western part of the city flows a small mountain river.
Top Hotels : Long Beach Resort Hotel & Spa 5*, Lonicera Resort & Spa Hotel 5*, Alan Xafira Deluxe Resort 5*, Eftalia Marin 5*, Vikingen Infinity 5*, Senza The Inn Resort & Spa Алания 5*, Eftalia Splash 5*
Distance to center of Antalya : 118 KM
Distance to center of Alanya : 20 KM
Distance to Antalya Airport : 86 KM
Distance to Gazipasa Airport : 61 KM
Population : 4000 people
Famous Beaches : Turkler City Beach
Nearby Entertainment Centers : Red Tower Kyzyl-Kule, Alanya fortress, Damlatash cave, cable car, Dimcay
Shopping Centers : Mega mall
Public Bazaar Days : Sunday
Turkler Excursions 

The small resort village of turkler is called a real paradise for all tourists. The sloping coastline and golden sandy beaches that stretch along the sea for several kilometers deservedly give this town the title of the most comfortable place to relax on the coast. In the off-season, only 4 thousand people live here, but in the summer, the hotels of turkler open their doors to thousands of guests from all over the world. Those who appreciate the mild tropical climate and fresh sea air will not remain indifferent to the natural beauty of this cozy place, located just 15 km from the resort of Alanya. In ancient times, turkler was a small fishing village, and later became one of the favorite bays of the Mediterranean pirates, who were attracted to numerous hidden caves, where it was convenient to hide the stolen gold.
With choosing a hotel in this region, you are waiting for not only surprisingly beautiful and comfortable beaches with soft sand, but also numerous of turkler excursions, among which everyone can choose it.

City buses are available between the center of Alanya and the village, so getting to the largest shopping centers and entertainment of the Alanya coast is easy. In the western part of the city there is a picturesque mountain river, where you can get a picnic, and in the village there are numerous shops, restaurants and cafes, as well as a weekly market where you can always buy the freshest vegetables and fruits from local gardens.

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