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Hamam in Alanya

Hamam in Alanya is best to visit on the first day of your holiday because your skin will be ready for burning and getting color. You will get the following services: dry and wet sauna, aromatherapy, peel massage, foam, and relaxing massage. After that, you will have a face mask and tea.

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Hamam in Alanya Explanations

Hamam in Alanya - Turkish bath culture Turkish is an inseparable ethnic tradition of Turkish culture. A bath break is a great opportunity to relax your mind and body. It cleanses and lightens the skin, relieves fatigue, regulates the respiratory system, is useful for pain, and, most importantly, soothes the human being. Bath culture in Alanya dates back to 3000 years before the Roman Basilica tradition.

When did the hamam culture start in Alanya?

Hamam in Alanya former Roman soldiers traveled to the Basilica before the war and after the war to rest and cleanse themselves. They believed that this would bring them luck and power. The basilica is a little different from the current bath. The first room of the basilica was used as a restaurant. The Romans preferred to take a bath after eating. They did this to eliminate the possibility of heart disease.

Hamam (Basilica) culture in ancient Romans

The Romans believed that this was because the gods had killed the dead, and they did not think that this was due to overeating before the bath. With the development of medicine, it became clear that eating before bathing was wrong. During the Seljuk period, the Turkish bath culture developed further. The tradition of eating before the bath has disappeared and instead, bag and foam massage is included in the bath culture.

Benefits of visiting a hammam on vacation

If you come to Alanya on a vacation visit the best Hamam in Alanya in the first days of your holiday with us. One of the most important reasons for this is to cleanse your skin before tanning. In this way, you will have healthier skin for tanning, so you do not need to look for a Turkish bath in Alanya, because we claim that the price of a bath is more appropriate than other cities in our country, and spas and massage centers in Alanya are still quality. It is not comparable to its other counterparts.

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Where is the Hamam in Alanya? Leave the search for the best hamam to us and then feel like a special guest. Go to the most special bath in this city with the tourist company Minister Tours. We have a three-hour program and our program includes professional massagers.

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16 person

Hamam in Alanya Programm

  • Picking up our special clients from their Hotels by air-conditioned and comfortable buses to the Turkish Hamam in Alanya.

  • Upon arrival at the site, visitors enter the changing rooms and will be provided with slippers and towels by the team responsible for receiving visitors in the Turkish bath.

  • We start by entering the steam sauna room (this room will help remove toxins from the human body).

  • Peeling massage (this massage helps to exfoliate dead skin).

  • Foam massage (which will give the body softness after the dead skin has been peeled off).

  • Relaxing full body oil massage (20 minutes).

  • Applying the mask on the face to clean and moisturize the skin

  • Guests gather at the exit of the Hamam and getting on the buses.

  • Re-transfer our dear visitors to their Hotels.

Tour daysEvery day

Tour hours 09:00 _ 18:00

Includes Round-trip transfer, insurance, guide services, towel and slipper for individual use.

Excludes Alcoholic drinks , personal expenses.

Don't Forgets Money for personal expenses.

Hamam in Alanya price for excursion 2022

Adult 16
Children (7-12 ) 8
Infants (0 -6) Free

What Happens in a Turkish Bath

The Turkish bath or Hammam is a traditional way to cleanse, in this place you will experience the ultimate relaxation and exfoliation of your body, relaxing in the sauna and receiving massage therapy will make the holidays more enjoyable. And at the end, you will be served Turkish tea.

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