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Unusual Excursions in Alanya

Unusual excursions in Alanya are a great opportunity to get to know the city and its surroundings, history and culture, modern life and sights. This is the most popular region among tourists in Turkey, as it contains many interesting places that will bring many discoveries for foreigners.

Unusual tours are created for people who want to see not only local beaches, but also get the most positive impressions from the trip. After all, sometimes it's not enough just to stroll along the local streets, soak up the beach, go to a cafe and explore the surroundings. To have a lot of pleasant memories and gorgeous vacation photos, it is worth having an active and fun time. And here you can not do without interesting excursions.

Unusual Excursions in Alanya


Alanya is located on the Mediterranean coast, with the purest sand and azure-blue sea. But if you are tired of just sunbathing in the sun, lying on the beach, and swimming on the waves, there is a great opportunity to get to know the sea. For this, an unusual and very interesting excursion has been created - diving. It will allow you to see the fabulous underwater world and its amazing inhabitants with your own eyes. Real underwater sports will help extreme lovers relax, feel like a part of the endless sea world with its tranquility and tranquility. This tour includes a briefing in which tourists are introduced to the rules of staying underwater, the use of special clothing and equipment for diving, as well as gestures for underwater communication. It is in this preparatory part that the tour differs from the usual excursions. Professional instructors help make this holiday safe and interesting, teach travelers to dive and see the Mediterranean from the inside. Everyone who wants to dive into the underwater world is given wetsuits and oxygen cylinders.

Pamukkale and Salda Lake

Unusual excursions in Alanya include visiting the territory of Pamukkale and the beautiful Salda Lake. This place retains the spirit of history, and antique cotton castles attract with their uniqueness. Combined with a turquoise lake, the snow-white slopes create unique, extraordinary landscapes. The shape is incredibly interesting thanks to the source that gushes out of the ground, and there is so much calcium in the water that beautiful travertines and cascades appear when it spills onto the surface and solidifies. Lake Salda itself is called the `` Turkish Maldives '', because the special composition of the water forms a very unusual color.

Yacht charter

You don't have to walk the streets or take the bus to see all the sights of Alanya. After all, you can admire the coast from the sea, see sea animals and visit the famous Turkish caves by renting a comfortable yacht. This tour has many advantages - there will not be a crowd of other tourists, the course is determined individually, and you can stop at any desired place. In addition, unlimited soft drinks and lunch from the ship's captain are included. A trip on a rented yacht will allow you to enjoy your vacation on your own, to see the amazing nature along the coast, and not just inland.

Unusual Excursions in Alanya

Rafting three in one

When planning to visit unusual excursions in Alanya, one should not ignore the unique option of active recreation - rafting. During this tour, tourists are invited to overcome 10 kilometers of a water route along the picturesque valley of the Kepru-chay River. The walk begins on the turbulent river water in the Köprülü canyon, where the most beautiful landscapes of the national park are located, and lasts up to 11 hours. The first adventure is walking, jumping and swimming over rocky mountains, an exciting and interesting journey. The second will allow you to recharge with energy and adrenaline, because this is a zipline - a rope descent along a reliable metal rope along the canyon. It gives a feeling of freedom and flight. And the last stage of the tour will be rafting - rafting down the river with professional guides. Such a pastime is sure to leave an unforgettable experience!

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