Rafting on a wild river and a 100m zipline will make your program so fun.

Alanya Zipline Trekking Rafting Tour


26 person


  • Transfer our guests from the hotel
  • Entrance to the base in the region of manavgat
  • Detailed instructions from English language guides
  • Export protective equipment (hats, vests)
  • Distribute team for the activity
  • Start surfing in the river
  • The first part of the boat on the river koprulu Canyon
  • Stop for swimming in the beautiful river mountains
  • Jumping to the water of the bridge, riding a bungee (optional)
  • The second part of the program in the koprulu Canyon
  • Hiking and Climbing on koprulu Canyon
  • Travel to the ancient ruins of the ancient city and the ancient bridge
  • Stop for a lunch in a restaurant with a view of the beautiful koprulu Canyon.
  • Flight with 100 m long zipper line.
  • Return to the base
  • transfer back to the hotels
Tour daysEveryday
Tour hours 08:00 — 19:00
Includes transfer, insurance, English-speaking guides throughout the entire route, detailed instructions, rental of rafts and protective equipment, zip line flight.
Excludes Drinks, professional photos, and videos (optional)
Don't Forgets Bring your comfortable rubber shoes, which do not annoy your feet, we recommend sunglasses, towels, t-shirts, portable clothes, sunscreens. Do not worry about electrical equipment (cameras, telephones), you can take them with them and place them in waterproof containers in the boat.
Adult 26
Children (7 - 12 ) 13
Infants (0 - 6 ) 0

Diffirence of Minister Tour

We only have the most modern drivers and towers with comfortable controls. The rental of ferries is only for tourists from Minster tours. Our boats are three in one. Tours will be longer and more exciting. More detailed instructions than English language professionals before the competition. Our boats start individually, so there will not be a lot of other tourists during the tour. Fast booking without payment

Make reservation, pay in the tour in 30 minutes we confirm your reservation by e-mail


Alanya Zipline Trekking Rafting Tour is an entertaining activity type in which you can gain positive emotions, penetrate the atmosphere of excitement, and unforgettable adventures. It should be noted that the excursion is in the drinking water of the river in the town of Koprulucay. Here you can spend an interesting and long walk for 11 hours. If you are tired of the rest and want to spend time exploring your new abilities, you should join this tour.

Possibilities of The Program:

Sailing three in one is definitely for people who have an active lifestyle. If you are ready for an 11-hour walk-in koprulu Canyon, you should buy this program Today, this holiday option is very popular among tourists, due to its authenticity. Because three exciting and exciting trips are offered on a one-day tour.

The first plan of the Alanya Zipline Trekking Rafting Tour includes sailing, jumping, and sailing from the koprulu Canyon Mountains. Without a doubt, this adventure will appeal to those who are attracted by the beauty of beautiful and entertaining nature.

The second adventure is a Zipper Line, where everyone is invited from a trusted metal rope that is located along the Coprolu canyon. At this stage of the tour, you can charge adrenaline and your energy.

The final stage of the Alanya Zipline Trekking Rafting Tour the sailing tournament that tourists go for river sailing. There are professional guides with travelers that advise you, as well as take care of the safety of each of you. Before going on the tour, it's guaranteed that watching videos and photos is worth the excursion details.

It should be noted that boating in Turkey is possible with children only if the child reaches the age of four. The only thing to be taken into consideration is that kids who are not adopting the rest of their activities and who have not physically developed are certainly not better. It's equally important that the tourist has a good situation. People suffering from heart disease are not allowed to have fun.

Like the comments about this tour, the one who came is pleased. This journey brought many positive impressions, including those who had come up with their children.

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Alanya Zipline Trekking Rafting Tour - Its price is perfectly suitable and only provided by our company. You can now know about the excursion and its facilities by contacting managers.

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