Alanya Dolphin Park

Alanya Dolphin Park


Alanya Dolphin Park – In order to make your vacation in Alanya even more colorful, you must join the Alanya dolphin show, which is held in the biggest marine animals demonstration complex of the Turkey. Be sure that the dolphins, one of nature’s most innocent and loving creatures, will love you too. The dolphins are helpful angels living in the ocean. Dolphin is a popular mammal among the people. The dolphins have a natural underwater radar system.


Many dolphins were encountered, leading to astonished vessels with their compasses, taking the people who were drowning back to the beaches. A dolphin whose eyes are closed finds the fish at the bottom surprisingly as if he had put his hand on it. The reason for this was researched, and it was understood that the dolphins had been transmitting some kind of signal. The rather brittle dolphins sometimes compete with the ships and when lose the race commit suicide the.For this reason, the captains of the ships reduce the speed of the ship so that they gain the race of the dolphins.


It is very sad that these beautiful animals are still hunting. Nevertheless, hunting of the dolphins in many foreign countries has been banned because of their extinction. Thanks to the signs, he is exploring the location of fish in the sea bottom. When fish meet dolphins, they froze where they are. If you want to be friends with dolphins, you should definitely join this spectacular show.

As a tour agency, we want to cherish these beautiful moments to you. Our tourism agency offers you the opportunity to meet with dolphins twice a day, morning and after lunch. Our comfortable transfers and cheerful team is working to please you. We take you in front of your hotel and bring you back when the show finished. The 50-minute dolphin show will give you memorable moments. You will experience the real excitement of the holiday with us at Sea Alanya Dolphin Park.


The show is not limited to the dolphins. At the same time the seals will entertain you. Cheerful and shy seals for 15 minutes will show you all the skills. This experience you will come to the peaks of pleasure You will get pleasure from acquaintance with cute sea creatures. These wonderful creatures will teach your children to love nature and to be nested with nature. Our tour guides will provide you with the necessary information and will assist you in every way. The real address of Dolphin Show is


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Show of dolphins and fur seals, the program is divided approximately 2

Excursion includes: transfer, entrance tickets, insurance, bus with air conditioning, English guide
Children under 4 years old are free of charge. Children from 4 years to 9 years old — 25 euros


Alanya Dolphin Park


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