Fire of Anatolia

We invite you to visit the Legendary Dance Show in Gloria Aspendos Arena. Anadolu Ateşi (Fire of Anatolia) from Alanya is a dance ensemble of Turkey holding 2 records of the Guinness Book of Records: 1) for the fastest dance performance (241 dancing pa), 2) for the largest audience of 400,000 spectators (in Eregli). The main staff of the troupe is 120 dancers. The founder and head of the team is Mustafa Erdogan. Since 2001, the grandiose representations of the ensemble have been held in more than 85 countries around the world from the US to China and Japan in front of an audience of about 20 million people.

Resting in the Antalya region (including Alanya), you have a unique opportunity to see personally the unique show The Fire of Anatolia. Since April till November, the performance takes place near the ancient city of Aspendos on the Gloria Aspendos Arena. This open amphitheater seats 5000 spectators and has the largest stage in the world (1300 m2). The opening of the Arena was held on July 18, 2008.
Currently, the ensemble presents 2 shows:
On Tuesdays  The Fire of Anatolia in Alanya  Evolution (the culture of ancient Anatolia in the combination of folklore and modern music: Turkish, Azerbaijani and Georgian motifs, dances of the peoples of the Mediterranean, Black and Aegean seas, the Persian Gulf, Arab East and Central Asia);
Troy (dance interpretation of the immortal poem of Homer, written in 1180 BC).



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