Horse Riding in Alanya

Horse Riding Alanya – Every cut wants friend for him to live alongside. But one of the best friends of people since ancient times throughout history has been horses, even though it is an animal. Transport through, Fights and other such help. Horses are known as the wealth of a country. But now it seems as if there is greater interest and attention paid to the horses in response to what they did to us in their time. They have become an integral part of people with their own loyalty and help.


Families know their horses and show great respect to them. Good opportunities for them now. If you like these animals, Alanya offers you this chance too. Demirtash, which is estimated to be 30-40 minutes from here, has this opportunity. You can come here to meet horses more closely. Those who do not like horses eat and eat them. But those who pursue excitement and madness know nothing. Experienced experts will help you with these issues. Already horses will be appropriately shared with their talents. For example, if you have just begun the saddle, you will be given a more calm horse. And it will not be hard for you. There is no trouble in your presence.


Our tour starts at 9:00 am and you are taken to this land. First, you are given special information and clothes. They are all very important for your safety.


But this tour is not just horse riding. You will get to the heights of the Taurus Mountains and from there you will see Alanya and the Mediterranean. You will then be taken to the city of Syedra, which draws attention with its own antiquity. It is also possible to see the ruins of Syedra Castle which is one of the most important places of the time. You will be rested with a magnificent height in the sea. If the stress and stress of the Spirit of the Spirit of the year have made you sick, here they will all be left behind.


Horse Riding Alanya


Here you will be presented with delicious apple tea and you will hear this resting place more deeply. Here you will both enjoy and listen. Do not miss this opportunity for that.

Then the horse will be taken to the riding ground for the end of the turn, and after the preparations for return, the journey will take place to the places you were taken in the morning.

Everyone will be a little hesitant when you come here, but if you come back from here, you will have very nice minds. We will give you the same moment, rest, entertainment, and information. We wait here for every incision. Thanks in advance.

Program Horse Riding Alanya

  • 09:00 pick up from hotel
  • preliminary training
  • towards the mountains horse riding
  • to the castle Siedra.


Visit to the village in the mountains of toros

  • rest break
  • return from scenic roads


every day 09:00-13:00


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