Kekova-Myra-Demre from Alanya

Kekova Myra Demre from Alanya


   DEMRE (Mira) is one of the most visited cities in Turkey. Tour to Demre from Alanya 250 km. This is one of the centers of the spread of Christianity, the place where Nikolai lived and preached from Petra, in the orthodox tradition is known as Nicholas the Wonder worker. The ruins of the ancient Mira are 2 km to the north of the center of Demre and are one of the most easily accessible archaeological sites in Turkey.

   Myra from Alanya 260 km. From the city, the ruins of the magnificent Greco-Roman theater and the tombs carved into the rocks have been preserved. Kekova is a small island in the Mediterranean Sea near the town of Kas. Tour to Kekova from Alanya  270 km. On the north side of the island there are the ruins of the ancient city of Dolihiste, destroyed in the 2nd century. N. E. Earthquake and partially gone under the water. The ruins of many structures are visible above the water, some houses lie below the water level.

   At the south-western tip of the island, the apse of a ruined church was preserved. During a sea walk on a yacht in Kekova you can see the sunken city of the Lycian era, an ancient fortress on the peninsula of Simena. This excursion gives a chance to touch the history of the origin and formation of the orthodox religion, and also reveals the secrets of the culture and life of the ancient Turkish peoples.

Kekova Myra Demre from Alanya


Excursion includes: insurance, transfer, yacht excursion, lunch,English guide.
Additional payment: drinks, entrance ticket


Children 0-6 years — free (lunch cost extra), from 6 to 12 years — 50% discount (lunch included)

-Take a swimsuit and towel


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