Pamukkale from Alanya (1 Day)

Pamukkale Tour from Alanya


   1 day Program


♦ Free Transfer From Hotel
♦ Stop for Breakfast
♦ Antalya City Pnorama
♦ Nomad tents – Nomad Life in Taurus
♦ Lunch
♦ Antik city Hieropolis
♦ Antik City Niegropolis
♦ Hieropolis Amphiteater
♦ Sant Philips church
♦ Pamukkale Panorama
♦ Free time in Pamukkale
♦ Cleopatra Pool
♦ Red water
♦ Winehouse
♦ Onyx factry
♦ Dinner
♦ Transfer To Hotel


Excursion Pamukkale from Alanya for 1 day  includes: Transfer, Dinner, Insurance, English guide
Additional paid: lunch, drinks, entrance tickets

-Children 0-6 years  free (lunch cost extra), from 6 to 12 years — 50% discount (dinner included)

-Take a swimsuit, towel and Breakfast package


◊ Every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday  04:00 – 24:00

◊ You will pay when you join to Trip

◊ Book this tour and learn to pick up time from your hotel


Pamukkale Tour From Alanya


The Republic of Turkey has many qualities; natural resources, nature, history and culture of the world. For centuries, the world’s interests and views have been missing from Turkey.
From this point of view we will talk about Pamukkale, now famous for its beautiful places of rest and historic sites.
When it comes to knowing how much positive the region is, human beings can not fall in love with one city. Hierapolis, the Pamukkale, inherited from the Roman Empire, is a fairy tale.

Pamukkale’s name can not be justified, but its outward appearance can not impress such people. The white stalactite stones, which have come into contact with the hot water flowing during the time, really inspire people to imagine a cotton fabric.
The annual temperature of calcium carbonate, which contains calcium carbonate, flows into Pamukkale is 35, regardless of seasons, which further improves the flow of local and foreign tourists throughout the year.

Pamukkale tour from Alanya


It is rich in minerals, such as gastrointestinal tract, blood pressure, revmotism, it is indispensable in the treatment of venereal and many diseases. It is impossible to describe how valuable the treatment of mud treatment is.
Historical sights of PAMUKKALEN, how ancient Hierapolis theater from the Roman Empire can not attract our visitors? All ancient foundations discovered during archaeological excavations and researches; coins, stone inscriptions, containers, ammunition, jewelry, etc., and attracts tourists in the Pamukkale museum.

  If you want to see this magnificence of nature, the tools set up for you in Alanya will help you come here and go back. These tours are available for 1 or 2 days depending on your wishes. Also, included in the prices are: meals Pamukkale and theater entrance ticket includes, guidance, sightseeing, admission and address dropping services.

   Generally speaking, talking about Pamukkale creates a lot of difficulty for a person. It is unthinkable that a region has such a positive resource.
Pamukkale is a cloud-raising carriage from heaven to the earth, and the place of angels serving the people with pleasure.
Like a bridal bride who puts a mattress on his guests with white bridal in the space.

There is such a saying among the hand: “It is good to see one by one without reading the face.”

Conquer Pamukkalen by not reading, seeing and conquering. And tell those who do not see what you see.
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