Paragliding in Alanya

   ALANYA PARAGLIDING  –  Undoubtedly, the world’s most free creatures are birds. This is because they are always in the air and they do what they want freely. There are also people who love so much altitude. Tell us if you want to see the spectacular views of Alanya from the top of the clouds. The city will be laid beneath your feet with all its beauty. And you will feel yourself as the happiest person in the world.

The problems that arise in your life must be stressed to you so that you are looking for a place where you can relax and relax. Noon should not escape this opportunity.

This product starts with your hotel or from where you live. To tell you the exact time, you will fly to the Taurus Mountains in 30 minutes, which is hard enough. You will feel like you are in a separate world that has been separated from the whole world. Everything is set and prepared for you.
The most important thing for us here is your safety and your safety. This is where you are and important lessons are given first by the trainers. The rules are taught. Furthermore, the flight must be done with an educator

 Parachute in Alanya – With a flight time of 20-25 minutes, you will experience excellent things. You will fly above 700 meters to get a view of the city from above. A flight is waiting for you. You will never forget these memories. One of the most beautiful parts of this flight is when you come to the parasailing sea. Experienced pilots with flight time on your side will give you your safety. This holiday craze for a total of 2-3 sellers is for fans of excitement. If you trust the saddle yourself, if you want to discover new things for yourself, come here. Same tastes the same way of life is enough now new tastes together with life. The smell of that air, the image of the sea is waiting for you. 


   Alanya Paragliding price – The Taurus mountains, which have Alanya in their own bosom, offer guests dozens of tours while the guests are in the city. Among them, the paragliding I am now talking about is among the most pleasurable. Do not worry about the height of the flight. Because they will provide you with transportation means. A proposal that you do not live your life and perhaps you can not live is in front of you.


Even if you do not make a holiday until retirement after you are here, you’ll be doing it.
Once you are done with the tour, they will take you down to Cleopatra beach and you will have a chance to swim. In addition, there are also image records that you desire. So just have a day where you can even tell your grand kids. In the end you will thank us.



Excursion includes: transfer, instruction, equipment rental, insurance, English guide


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