Rafting in Alanya

Rafting Tour Alanya

     Rafting in Alanya is an unforgettable experience.Such a question arises first of all without any knowledge. What is rafting? I will tell you what is Rafting in province, what is three and how to make it. Rafting is a fun ride with little trunks in the rivers. The rivers in Alanya offer extraordinary opportunities for you. As the city is located on the sea shore and on the rivers, you are enjoying unlimited water fun.


  Rafting tour Alanya –  This time I am talking about Alanya Rafting Tours like I said at the beginning. You can come here with the service tools that are easily set up for you from anywhere close to you. This type of holiday, which is extremely dangerous, does not define age difference for you. Also, there is no extraordinary success for the trip, no physical power. During your trip, you will be guided by highly educated guides. This is one of the most important things for your safety. Such tours are given the greatest privilege of time security.


   Of course, now you will ask yourself why I should come here. I will explain. Bridge Kanyon Rafting, which is an estimated 2 hours from Alanya, begins. The area is 14 kilometers all. After a break of 7 kilometers, you will have lunchtime, and you can save time for rest. The rest of our journey starts at full speed again after this mall. The rest will give you unforgettable moments with great forests and hard rocks. If the trip is right, the trip ends and each stop is left at the time of departure. If you want to perpetuate these moments for a lifetime, you can get video camera recordings. 

     What the guides absolutely ask is that you have your cream and glasses on hand to protect yourself from sunlight for health reasons. Other materials will be presented to you. For example, a helmet, a revenge, and so on. Every incision breaks in the boring summer holidays and we invite you to some crazy tastes. If you are looking for a place to throw your energy, this is your place. If you want to escape from the summer heat, have fun, and make unforgettable memories, you must be here.


   This is one of the most beautiful programs Alanna offers you. It is a guarantee that there will be no problem in traveling time since we try to present our best guests of our country to our guests from all over the world. In our rivers with pure water, extremely comfortable boats are set just for this job. I have a great experiment on the rafting scene as these things have been done for years. Everything is so beautifully part of your holiday time here. You will not regret.
Excursion Rafting from Alanya includes: transfer, lunch, equipment and boat rental, briefing, insurance, English guide


Additional paid: drinks
-Children 0-6 years  free, from 6 to 12 years  50% discount

Take a swimsuit , towel and sneakers


Rafting Tour Alanya


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