Sea Fishing in Alanya

Sea Fishing in Alanya


Sea fishing in Alanya – The city, which stretches along the coast of Mediterranean and creates a wonderful beauty, offers you incredible opportunities through this sea. Different purpose, different types of entertainment have found themselves in the middle of the sea this time in the middle of the beautiful scenery in the places where fishing enjoyment is presented.
 As you know, fishing allows human psychology to keep the spirit calm and distant. Everything is clear from all walks in the transparent waters and you just love your relatives and you know how to enjoy this holiday with your family. This fishing trip will be something different and memorable in your life. You do not say we do not know how to catch fish. Our experienced and professional fishermen will help you with this. You will learn about them by looking at the picturesque scenery of the Mediterranean with you fishing.

 It will not be hard for you to find fishes like Poppy, Fish-rod in this water and to hunt them. Because it is the very active captain of the ship, it has the knowledge and technique of this field. In addition, our ship guides who are not looking for the location of their fish are aware of the day and time of their fish. In addition, our ship guides who are not looking for the location of their fish are aware of the day and time of their fish.
  During your trip you will have the opportunity to swim, sunbathe and participate in other fun activities. This means that the holiday will never be boring for you. These tours are carried out every day, from the place where you live, and they leave at the same place when the tour is over. This maritime difference is determined by the guests themselves.

The most beautiful thing that is offered to you is the freshly picked bales by the captain and it is presented to you under beautiful scenery. However, they are offered in alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages as required. 

The boat is specially tuned for fishing and is extremely comfortable. The equipment and the things you need are presented to you a few minutes before the trip starts. Everything is set so that you can make a good holiday. The only thing that is requested from you is that if you want to join these trips you have to contact the day before. Beautiful scenery You will never forget the calm smell of the sea when you savor delicious fish and fish. You will be given the opportunity to make a photo or video recording there as the sightseeing time passes through places with different views. Every incision is waiting here.

Sea Fishing in Alanya


Excursion includes: transfer, equipment rental, breakfast (morning fishing) or dinner (evening fishing), drinks.
ATTENTION! When leaving a large group, discounts are possible.


Children 0-6 years — free from 6 to 12 years — 50% discount



♦  Every Day 05:00-11:30——17:00-23:30
♦  You will pay when you join to Trip
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