Alanya Turkish Bath (Hamam)

Alanya Hamam


Alanya Hamam Program

♦ Transfer From Hotel
♦ Sauna
♦ Steam Room
♦ Salt Room
♦ Jacuzzi
♦ Peeling Massage
♦ Foam Massage
♦ Therapy Massage (30 min)
♦ Face Mask ( masks are different, Optionally)
♦ Free Turkish Tea
♦ Free Transfer Back to Hotel


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Alanya Hamam


Hamam culture in Alanya is based on the Roman Basilica in 3000 years ago. When you visit Castle, you will be the obvious witness
Duration of treatment: 2 hours. Throw your fatigue, Clean your skin, Witness an old tradition.

Just take a swimsuit


◊ Day: Every Day 09:00….18:00 (Every hour)

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Alanya Turkish Bath


 Alanya Hamam – Alanya, one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the Turkish Republic, attracts the attention of guests who come to our city not only by the cleanliness of the hotel, but also with their baths.
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The massage involved in this activity takes 20-25 minutes in total, but it helps to get rid of all the pain and fatigue in your body for a long time. A simple massage made to guests is a total of quarters. However, there is also a honey and chocolate massage to suit your needs. The mentioned massages are of better quality and this makes it more beautiful. In fact, these kinds of massages compared to the world famous Chinese massage create great interest in foreigners. .


Turkish Baths


You will find yourself away from all the world, away from all the problems and troubles that you are experiencing and enjoying. This is the main difference in other tours that you will come to rest here and you will have fun. This option is mostly applied at the end of the tours. The tiredness of all the rest of the vacation takes one by one at the time of exhaustion in general entertainment centers.

The reason is that all the masseurs are highly skilled and experienced. Just for you, they are sending them every year to the Far East, the main home of massage. In such baths, people relax, relieve stress and tension, enjoy pleasure, relax. They enjoy the pleasure and pleasure of tourists.Spa, sauna, massage, fitness and other services are also available here. At the same time, world-famous Turkish coffee and tea, and other soft drinks and cocktails are also available.


It is no coincidence that Turkish baths are in the forefront of the world for their peculiarities and do not miss the rating in the competition market.We would like to recommend all the goodwill guests of our city to the services of Turkish baths and saunas, and wish them good rest and comfort. Turkish baths have many other treatments apart from enjoyment. Our human services have a significant positive role in regulating blood pressure, normalizing muscle and blood vessels, leading to lower spinal cord lower and upper extremities pains. Service is indispensable.
Along with entertaining rest, treatment is certainly in the interest of everyone.

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