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Perge-Aspendos-Kursunlu from Belek is a unique opportunity to visit two ancient cities of Turkey for one day, get acquainted with the way of life and architecture of that time. A tour through the national park with a beautiful huge waterfall and the opportunity to take colorful photos for memory. Accompanying a local guide with specialized education.

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Perge-Aspendos-Kursunlu from Belek is an interesting excursion, the price of which is relatively low. During the trip, you will learn a lot of interesting information, you will be able to see the previously busy, but today destroyed ancient city streets, get acquainted with the architecture and features of ancient civilizations. The story of the guide-historian will allow you to travel back thousands of years, to imagine what the settlements looked like and what kind of life their inhabitants led.

Kursunlu Waterfall from Belek

A tour from Belek through the national park with the Kursunlu waterfall will be no less exciting. If you want to know how far, how to get to the sights from Belek, look at the guide or map.

Perge old city

The first thing you will see during the tour is the ancient city of Perge. It was founded, according to legend before our era, in the 13-12th century. At that time it was a rich city, as evidenced by the surviving structures of buildings and their ruins: a stadium, an amphitheater, a Roman bath. The colonnade on the central city street deserves special attention. All this allows us to understand the conditions in which people lived.

The surviving theater belongs to the buildings of the first century AD. Its capacity was fifteen thousand people. In the niches of the structure there were sculptures of emperors and gods. Today they have been transferred to the Archaeological Museum, which is located in Antalya. Near the amphitheater (opposite) is the stadium, the largest in Asia Minor. It can accommodate up to 12 thousand people. There were vaults and columns along the perimeter, and the arches were a passage.

Trade was conducted in the rest of the arched openings. If you look closely, you can read the names of shops, the names of their owners and the name of the goods sold. There are other attractions, for example, Roman baths. Public baths were a cultural center, where they both washed and dealt with the solution of priority issues. The complex included steam rooms, swimming pools, locker rooms, massage rooms and other facilities. The design of the baths resembled what we see in a modern hammam. Therefore, one can only guess about the wealth of these establishments.

Ancient city of Aspendos

Further, the tour of Perge-Aspendos-Kursunlu from Belek will continue in Aspendos, which has been actively functioning since the 10th century. BC e. The ruins show all the grandeur and wealth of this once inhabited, but today destroyed, point. Some buildings and structures are well preserved. You will be able to see the amphitheater, touch its walls, mentally travel back to those times when life was seething here. You will see the arched bridge and the huge ruins of the aqueduct that supplied the inhabitants with water, the acropolis and the basilica. You can also look at the ruins from a height if you climb the mountain. We also offer connoisseurs of historical tours to visit one of the most popular excursions - Cappadocia from Belek.

Finally, the tourists will go to the park of amazing beauty, where they will see the Kursunlu waterfall, take a photo and walk around the surroundings. The eighteen-meter waterfall connects seven separate reservoirs and is a huge multi-stage system. Centuries-old cedars and pines grow around it, other vegetation from which a refreshing shadow falls.

Belek waterfalls tour

Excursion Perge-Aspendos-Kursunlu waterfalls from Belek is an inexpensive offer for everyone who wants to get to know the historical and cultural heritage of the country. A comfortable journey, amazing sights and beautiful nature await you. You can book a trip online or over the phone. No prepayment required.

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Perge Aspendos Kursunlu waterfall Belek share


55£ person
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The Nature of the Region

Perge Aspendos Kursunlu waterfall Belek price 2024

Adult 55£
Kids (4-8 ) 25£
Infants (0 -3) Free

Perge Aspendos Kursunlu waterfall Belek programm

  • Transferring our special clients from their hotels for an excursion to Perge/ Aspendos/ Side/ Kursunlu waterfalls from Belek.
  • Going to Perge, which is 20 km east of Antalya.
  • The tour of the ancient city accompanied by guide.
  • Moving to the Side old city.
  • Arrival to Side, there is a free time for 1 hour.
  • Departure from Side and heading up to Manavgat waterfall.
  • Lunch break will be in a popular restaurant that serves the best types of Turkish cuisine, which is located near the Belkis river.
  • The visit to the Aspendos antique theater and the Roman Aqueduct will be in the afternoon.
  • Concluding our tour and re-transfer our guests to their hotels.

Perge Aspendos Kursunlu waterfall Belek details

Tour daysEvery day
Tour hours 08:00 — 18:00
Includes transfer, lunch, insurance, entrance fees, guide services.
Excludes Drinks and personal expenses.
Don't Forgets Comfortable clothes and shoes, hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, water.

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