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Welcome to Turkey, the hostess and sunny city!

We invite you to experience the best tours in Alanya with Minister tours. Our company has been widely recognized since 1999 in the market of tourism services.
The high level of service is approved by the International Tourism Authority for all types of tourism services issued by the Turkish Ministry of Tourism (No. 5665).

Exclusive tours in Alanya Every tour is based on our tourists' opinion. We regularly investigate and listen to our guests' wishes.

All best Alanya tours are here!

Alanya is not just another resort town in Turkey, but an amazing place with many unique sights. Located on the Mediterranean coast, at the very foot of the Taurus Mountains, it attracts tourists from all over the world with its wonderful orange and lemon orchards, clean beaches and emerald waters.

Affordable prices in hotels and the opportunity to rest here from mid-spring to late fall, as well as a huge selection of sightseeing and entertainment destinations attract tourists from all over the world. A pleasant subtropical climate allows you to fully enjoy the beautiful nature and extraordinary historical sites.

What is famous for Alanya?

If you choose excursions in Alanya, then you must visit the Byzantine fortress Iç-Kale. It is considered to be the main attraction of the resort. Preserved for centuries, it proudly towers over the city from the top of the hill. Here, an open-air museum is open for tourists, a working mosque is located, and other historical sights of the ancient world are presented. The Red Tower (Kızıl Kule) is a symbol of a city with a long history. It is remarkable for its extraordinary strength and reliability, thanks to which it has been able to protect the port from the attacks of its enemies for centuries. Here, tourists can visit the fascinating ethnographic museum.

When ordering a tours in Alanya from the organizer, it is necessary to clarify a visit to the cave Damlatas. Such a trip will be not only interesting, but also useful, especially for tourists with respiratory problems, because the air here has healing properties due to the presence of millennial stalagmites and stalactites. There are a huge number of them in the cave.

Excursions on a boat in Alanya is a great opportunity to enjoy the picturesque views of the coast of the resort, as well as to visit the most interesting caves, including Mud, Phosphorus, Lovers and Pirates. Pleasant sea air combined with an exciting excursion will make your holiday unforgettable.