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Tours in Alanya Turkey 2020

The experience and impressions of many years are that people who come on vacation see this short period of time as a reward for themselves and want everything to be perfect. They're not wrong. Working at a busy schedule of 11 months or more deserves a good holiday of 2-3 weeks. Minister Tours is aware of this and allows every guest to feel special and say, "Yes, my holiday is going well" in all the tours in Alanya it organizes. Quality service requires experience, experienced personnel, new and safe vehicles, rich travel content. Minister Tours, company in Alanya, has more than these.

No extra fees for Alanya excursions from boroughs

As it is known, Alanya consists of many neighborhoods, villages and towns. Guests arriving in our district are not informed in detail when booking hotels in Alanya in their country or city, so they are less upset when they stay in a remote location and can easily see places to visit in Alanya. they worry about not being able to see. When they want to participate in activities, the answer they receive is that they do not have this tour from their hotel or that they must pay an additional fee for transportation. We organizes every activity without exception for all Alanya excursions without any additional payment from all hotels.

Book your Excursions in Alanya and pay on the trip

Internet fraud is what makes many tourists nervous. Taking this into account, our company does not receive advance payment to make guests feel safe, no matter how long-established the company is. To participate in the tour, simply write the booking form next to each excursion program on our website. By booking the form you can join the Excursions in Alanya without prepayment and pay the money to our agency representative during the trip. This method applied by our company is highly appreciated by our customers and makes us the leading travel agency

Tours in Alanya with best programs and Cheap price!

Alanya is a coastal and historic town that is located 135 kilometers from Antalya. It is therefore part of Antalya region. This city, with an area about 1598 km2 with a population of more than 280,000, is a coastal, yet historic, city of particular interest to tourists. It is located between Mediterranean Sea and Taurus Mountains. The nearest airport is 30 km far from center that is called (gazipasa airport). Here was capital of Seljuks at time. It was also home of Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman times. Therefore, this beautiful city, besides being the beach & sun, is also historically important.

The city climate
It has hot humid summers and cold dry winters it has a very good temperate in spring & autumn; snow is not found here except in northern parts of city. Weather is sunny for 10 months. However, the best month to travel and swim is from june until october.

The Attractions
One of tourist attractions is Red Tower, that is one of historic towers in city and built by one of most prominent architects of its time. Another attraction is Seljuk Castle, which has remained from Seljuk era. One of most beautiful beaches is Cleopatra Beach, which is very clear blue. Dim Cave is the second largest cave in Turkey, that is located in heart of peninsula, At expense of Alanya, it is one of cheapest and most populous cities in Turkey. In summer There is also direct flight to city from europe or you can buy a plane ticket to Antalya and then travel to Alanya by our transfer.


Tourists after traveling to our beautiful city whether single or with family they will look for their favorite Alanya excursions. Here we offer you trips like Turkish bath (hamam), Boat tour, Jeep safari, Water Park, Paragliding. Such programs are suitable for all ages and characteristics. We have more than 40 activities. So You can even contact our experts for getting a detailed plan of what thing's to do in Alanya during Your vacation.

Here we will explain a series of Alanya excursions for both young and family members:

Young People: Here is a city of many kinds of entertainment, we advise young people to take advantage programs that we have, this glamorous city has several famous night clubs in its central port. That you can enjoy with modern musics & the best dancers, then you will get a memorable night for yourself and your friends. You can even ride a jet ski on Mediterranean blue waters or even book a quad bike safari and discover all attractions in famous Taurus Mountains. Comments, apps are so much in alanya so for getting more details contact with us, so we will make best plan for you.

Family: the best leisure options is in our hands, tourist's after traveling with their family to wants to have a rich program, in this beautiful city you can discover all attractions with its history with our Alanya city tour then finally Visit the sunset from top of Peninsula. You can even go to Cleopatra beach and swim in Mediterranean Sea, take a sun bath and enjoy a relaxing warm day with your family. Another option is shopping, one of the most famous shopping malls in city is Alanyum. This three-storey shopping mall has all famous brands, on third floor there is a large food court with all kinds of tasty foods with a playground for children.

There are various activities for families. So get in touch with our executives for quality advice on how to take a happy and memorable holiday, so they will prepare the best Trips in alanya for you. Because for over 20 years, our goal was always been customer satisfaction

As we write this article, we assume that this is the first time you have been visited to our county. By providing you with more practical information, we aim to make it useful to you. We also think that people who have come before and live in Alanya will get interesting information in this article.


  • Alanya Castle - If you want to fall in love with this city immediately, go to Alanya Castle during sunset hours. Rise above the walls overlooking the Cleopatra beach and watch the sun sink into the waters in the sea. Then, from the observation point next to the flagpole overlooking the port of Alanya, remember the local people's "Life begins in the evening" as you watch the city's new awakening from sleep in the evening. Don't forget to visit the old couple's pancake house in the castle. The potato pancakes are delicious.
  • Red Tower- the symbol of Alanya. Years later, where i took the photo, a place where you won't have the problem. You'll remember it with a smile. Entry to tawer is charged. What you're going to see in it is the Ethnography Museum. From top of the tower You can watch Alanya shipyard, castle walls and port
  • Damlatas cave - Entry is charged. We don't think you'd be surprised if you've been to the cave where there were saggs before. Because it's not big inside. Caveis good for asthma. This feature may lead to your interest in the cave.
  • Alanya Cable Car- Entry is charged. The cabin of glass panels offers a bird's eye view of Cleopatra beach, castle walls and the city. The destination is not far from the entrance to the Castle. With the same ticket, you can travel through the castle for 2 hours and come back. The time spent on the cable car is 4-5 minutes.
  • Alanya panorama terrace - one of the best places to see Alanya from the Taurus Mountains. Right next to it there are stone barbecues made by the municipality and tables to sit with your family.
  • Alanya Dim çay - every definite place that comes to our town. The restaurants on the river are perfect for grilled trout, eating, cooling and swimming. There are many restaurants on the river. We'll leave the choice to you. You can sit in the restaurant that you like to travel around
  • Sapadere Canyon - 40-50 minutes by car. Signs guide you on the road to Gazipasa. Entry is paid. Be careful not to go this weekend. Since the path is not too wide, it will be difficult to feel comfortable in the crowd. The canyon's water is cold enough to be close to freezing. Be prepared if you want to swim
  • Dim cave- It's on the way to the Dim river. Following the signs is very easy to reach. Entry is charged. We think it's one of the places to visit in Alanya. The entrance may push you a little bit. But once you land, there is the necessary possibility and lighting to travel inside. At the end of the cave, which is 500 meters long, there is a small lake. You can get there and take pictures.

ILLUSION EVENT HALL: This club is established new, but it has gotten into the hearts of people. It is located in Dinek, The Model of program is designed in a way that attracts all people in Alanya for coming to this place. The Best artists and dancers from all around the world, Professional DJ's with high quality music's is what this club needs.

Summer Garden: This Disco is established in 1991 and it is located in Konaklı. From first day until now they are serving their customers. It is one of the most popular nightclubs in the Mediterranean, They make you feel like a superstar, If your hotel was in Konaklı don't miss this place.

Havana Club: It is located in center of the city this disco has opened from 2005 Musics are designed for young people and such people choose here this club is so popular among the people. If you want to have a fun time, then visit here.

Robin Hood: This Disco has three floors, with its location at the center it has been able to keep up its popularity for a long time. If you want to see and live in spotlight and keep on dancing until sunrise, this is the best place to be.

As many of us know, the Mediterranean is one of the cleanest seas in the world. Its blue and turquoise waters can attract millions of tourists in every season. The reason why the sea water is so clean is that the coastal cities are meticulous in this regard, but the Mediterranean coast of Turkey is located on the extensions of the Taurus mountains. Since the Taurus Mountains are made up of rocks, there is almost no sand and soil at the bottom of the sea. This factor is the main reason why the waters are clear. With the advantages of this, there are disadvantages. One of the most frequent questions posed to us by the guests who come to Alanya is where I can enter the sea comfortably, where there are sand and rocky ones. They are curious about the depth of the beaches for swimming. In this article we will try to help you in this regard


  • Gazipaşa beach - Places where you can swim in this town with airport: Gazipaşa teacher's house(Gazipaşa öğretmen evi) facilities beach, Grand Akça hotel beach, Opposite The Babylon Beach restaurant (sea depth is 2-3 meters on the coast)
  • Kargıcak beach - Club hotel Titan beach- the beach is sandy. There is a campsite for caravan cars and guests who want to set up camp. Opposite The Doris Aytur hotel - the rocky area has been cleared and the beach has been made suitable for entering the sea
  • Mahmutlar beach - For guests coming from Gazipaşa direction, the beach opposite the Galaxy Beach hotel is suitable for entering the sea. Classy Dom hotel- the rocky area opposite it is cleaned and consists of a sandy beach that is not too deep. Mahmutlar municipality public beach( Mahmutlar halk plajı)- the beach is covered with sand, there is a rocky strip that extends along the coast at the entrance to the sea not exceeding 1-2 meters. Suitable for post-ribbon swimming
  • Kestel beach - Sun Star hotel beach is the main reason why the beach is crowded during the summer season. The beach, which is made of sand, is very comfortable. Kestel wedding hall is opposite( Kestel düğün salonu)- the coast is larger than other beaches in terms of width. We think you'll like it even if it's rocky on the ground
  • Tosmur beach- Alantur region, where the delta. Dim river is mixed into the sea, consists of only a sandy area. While it is comfortable to enter the sea, you can also feel the cool waters of Dim çay brought from Taurus. Grand Captain hotel- the beach consists of sand and sometimes rocky area. Having a pier on the beach will help you enter the sea comfortably
  • Obagöl beach- Antique Roman Palace hotel- the beach opposite is one of the popular beaches of the region because it is sandy and high. Taksim International hotel Obaköy-beach is sandy and scaffolding is located. At the entrance to the sea there are thin rocky areas in places. There is rock underwater where you can stand 50 meters offshore
  • Alanya Center beach. Banana Beach hotel- beach highway facilities and Parador hotel beach are sandy for those coming from Mersin direction. There are rocky strips in place. This strip is seen a little more frequently in front of highway facilities. Another popular beach in this area is the eftalia Aytur hotel beach- Keykubat beach. It is large, sandy and very comfortable to enter the sea. There is a park and lawn area next to which you can rest. You can see hear som times surfers. Panorama hotel- the beach is sandy and cool with the help of a small stream and flowing water. Alanya public beach - Alanya municipality is next to the public beach- the town hall and the pier. It is one of the best Alanya beaches. The sandy and non-deep beach is usually ideal for swimming thanks to the breakwaters to the harbor. Cleopatra beach - For those coming from Antalya direction, it is located right at the entrance of Alanya. The golden red sands and the fact that there are no rocky areas have made this beach a world-famous place. The water is comfortable and unskin to swim. We recommend stopping by here at once in every pouch. The beach starts near Damlatas cave and beach ends in front of Alaaddin Keykubat park. You can watch paragliding and Alanya castle while sunbathing on the beach. One of Alanya's most famous beaches is Ulaş beach. The beach is located at the exit of the city on the way from Alanya to Antalya. Those who drive can reach the beach by making a U-turn after crossing the tunnels. At the top of the beach there are barbecues and fairy tales made by the municipality. You can barbecue with family and friends here. There are toilets, prayer rooms and cabins to change your dress
  • Konaklı beach – White City beach and Doganay hotel are sandy and comfortable due to the cleaning of ground-to-ground cliffs, although there is a thin rocky strip at the entrance opposite the hotel. It is located on the beach piers. Kemal bay hotel- the beach is covered with sand because it used to be organized. It is one of the beaches we can recommend in Konaklı region. Sometimes security at the entrance may not allow it. Konak beach restaurant- known for its picnic area on the top side of the beach. Konaklı municipality public beach (Konaklı halk plajı) is the largest beach in the area. It's covered in sand. There's just a car parking problem.
  • Payallar beach - Opposite the oil sation ( Petrol ofisi) - The beach is very suitable for parking cars. There's a small wooded area. The beach is covered with natural sand and little cliffs. We can recommend it for families
  • Türkler beach - Since hotels are located on the coast in this region, it may be difficult to swim here except for hotel customers. The public beach of Türkler is spacious and not comfortable, but can be swimmed. The choice is yours.
  • Avsallar beach- Opposite the Antik hotel- The coast consists of a narrow lane. But since the water is not too deep, it may be among the options
  • Incekum beach (Thin sand)- As the name suggests, the best beach in Alanya is the public beach of Incekum public beach (İncekum halk plajı). Grain-grained beach sands and very shallow waters with the possibility of walking in the sea for at least 500 metres. The perfect beach for those who can't swim. There are parking spaces where you can park the car.
  • Okurcalar beach- The coastal part of this town is usually narrow and thin. The cosy place to swim is the Club Aqua Plaza hotel and the beach between Justiniano Club Park Conti. Although the sand color is a bit grey, the entrance to the sea is comfortable and lacks rocky space.