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Antalya tours

Antalya tours

Antalya tours - The Mediterranean Sea of amazing beauty is rightly considered the city of Antalya — the administrative center of the province of the same name, spread out on the southern coast of Turkey. Vacation in Turkey with Antalya tours the object of lust for the inhabitants of all earthly continents! The reason for this is the high concentration of tourist delights and the mild hospitable climate in the direct and figurative senses. Here you will find fascinating testimonies of ancient times and contrasting urban landscapes of the modern generation. The original nature of the wild sea, rivers and mountains is adjacent to the work of the best landscape designers, creating a cozy atmosphere on the territory of hotels and capital streets. Gentle relaxation on the beaches resists extreme types of free time. Impressive festivities for children and entertainment, the prices of which are very democratic, for every taste for adults just do not count.

Tours in Antalya

Tours in Antalya

Antalya activities

Antalya activities - It is hard to believe, but even in such a mega-popular an inquisitive traveler manages to find enough funny places outside the tourist trails. There you can taste the local flavor, and merge with the flow of citizens and legitimize with ordinary people in a normal environment To understand foreign life “without bills” — an undoubted deficit, and there is something in it! Take at least a trip on the only mode of transport in the region, moving on the railways — a tram. Modern forms of railway express will take a route for only 2 lira s, which is a third cheaper than bus fare. Moving on separate sections of the underground way, you can imagine yourself in the subway, which in the city simply does not exist. I wonder where we can enjoy the sunbathe and picnic? One of these public beaches on the Waterfront Lara Beach is 18 km from the center. Here the sloping descent into the water is especially loved by families vacationing with kids.

Tours in Antalya

Tours in Antalya

Antalya excursions

Antalya excursions - Our company the organizer of trips in Antalya for more than two decades is the owner of invaluable experience in the field of tourism. Safe and comfortable holiday is guaranteed by Minister Tours membership in the Turkish Association of Travel Agencies TURSAB. Millions of European people have entrusted us with their holiday campaign — the best part of their lives, without regretting it for a moment. We are interested in the consistency of our customers and support feedback through communication on social networks Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp messengers, Telegram and others. Your rave reviews are a valuable reward! What do our guests gain by being a local agency? Advantages such as cheap Antalya excursions and trips at first hand, finding direct contact, offering better quality travel content. In addition, the famous Turkish hospitality will always be one of the feelings you will remember with a pleasant smile.

Tours in Antalya


General Information :  The Amazing Mediterranean beauty is rightly considered the city of Antalya — the administrative center of the province of the same name, spread out on the southern coast of Turkey. Vacation trips and Tours - the object of lust for the inhabitants of all earthly continents!
Top Hotels :  Swandor Hotels & Resorts Topkapi Palace 5*, Club Hotel Sera 5*, Asteria Kremlin Palace 5*, Venezia Palace Deluxe Resort 5*, Grand Park Lara 4*, Ozkaymak Falez Hotel 5*, Trendy Lara 5*, Limak Lara De Luxe Hotel & Resort 5*, Concorde De Luxe Resort 5*
Distance to center of Antalya :  0 KM
Distance to center of Alanya :  133 KM
Distance to Antalya Airport :  12 KM
Distance to Gazipasa Airport :  176 KM
Famous Beaches :  Konyaalti, Lara, Topcham, Beach Park, Mermerli, Adalar, Kundu
Nearby Entertainment Centers :  Karaalioglu Park, Ozdilek Park, Balon Park, Museum, Ataturk House Museum, Archaeological Museum,
Shopping Centers :  Mark Antalya, Terra City, Deepo Outlet Center, Mall of Antalya, Migros Shopping Center, Agora Shopping Center
population :  2.3 Million People
Public Bazaar Days :  Every Day

Antalya news and travel portal

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Antalya Zoo

Antalya Zoo is a great choice for families with small children. After all, young travelers are so fond of exploring the world, which is rich in various plants and animals that can be found in the park. ...

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Turkish beaches resorts

Turkey beach resorts - Turkey has gained its popularity thanks to the Mediterranean coast. Its length is as much as 1,500 thousand km, but the most popular resort coast of Turkey is the resorts of the Antalya Gulf. ...

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Antalya museums

Antalya museums - Antalya has many interesting museums worth visiting! If tourists come here for the first time, be sure to visit the Mini-City Museum. ...

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Antalya Turkey

Antalya city

The popular resort of European tourists with warmth called Antalya, although the spelling involves uttering and writing a word with a soft sign.The historical roots of the city stretch back to an incredibly distant 159 BC. The port settlement was founded by the Greek king Attal II and was originally named Attalia. Citizens and guests honor the memory of the founder and worship the exquisite statue erected in his honor at the crossroads of Hesupka and Hindirlyk central square. The legendary outpost was at all times a tidbit of conquerors and therefore repeatedly passed from hand to hand from the Greeks to the Romans and Turks.


Official statistics show that as of 2015, 2 million people lived in the region. 288 thousand their number has increased. Just over a million of them live in the capital. In the summer season, due to the rise of tourist activity, The population is doubling. However, this does not create any collapse: to receive guests here are prepared with special care.

Climate conditions

In this region the weather is a real gift of nature. The subtropical climate of the Mediterranean combines a short, mild winter with heavy rains and a long sultry summer. in winter is very insidious, because cyclones dominate, they are prevented from transiting to the north of the Taurus Mountains. Summer precipitation is a rarity. Atmospheric humidity fluctuates throughout the year in the range of 55-65%. The beach-buying dry season has a conditional boundary from the second half of May to the first of November. There is a clear, cloudy weather that tourists love so much. In the spring, precipitation is insignificant. The average temperature maximum in March is 18.1°C, in May it is 26.1°C, and the minimum has positive values of 7.5°C and 14.6°C, respectively. The water temperature warms up to 18°C in April and up to 20°C in May. The summer duration of the sunny day peaks in June — almost 15 hours of continuous ultraviolet light! The average temperature at this time is 25.3°C, and in July and August it is about 28°C. The warmest water is in the second half of summer. It warms up to 27°C. Autumn coolness in the daytime is held about 20, in the evening closer to 16.From November to April comes the windy season, carrying precipitation with an average normative value of 160 mm and peak, coming in December-January. In this period, the loss of snow masses and negative temperatures — a phenomenon very infrequent and short-term.

Popular Resorts

The old and new parts of the city are surprisingly organically combined. Homage of the Turks to the historical past with its monuments of antiquity and the dynamic development of the provincial capital in a modern way — something to admire. One of the budget-forming sectors of the economy is tourism. The potential of this industry is inexhaustible and opens up more unexplored facets in order to learn all about The Region.


One of the best record-breaking airports in the Mediterranean with a capacity of more than 12 million people per year built 10 kilometers east of the centre; High-class autobahns and motorway interchanges; Developed public transport, mainly taxis, minibuses, comfortable buses and trams; A wide network of catering, cafes, restaurants, bars and entertainment establishments; Clean, comfortable beaches, entertainment rides for children to relax; Zoo, playgrounds, carousel , the height of which is breathtaking, etc. Cozy hotels and luxury hotels at any level of affluence in the capital and suburbs. Our travel agency is contributing to the resort's attractions to make your holiday unforgettable..

Shopping and restaurant in Antalya

Taste the ordinary street vendor (simites) — ruddy bagels with sesame seeds, The Turks prefer to shop in the huge shopping center Mark Antalya, where the prices are not so much as in other places. By the way, tourist paths of a couple of transport stops from the center will lead to a collapse of prices at least twice. Choosing us when answering the question of where to buy Daily Trips in Antalya, you will learn about such “secret” places. You will be surprised that in an ordinary apartment, and not on the ground floor of high-rise buildings are many offices and even medical facilities. An important condition of visiting tourist routes is knowledge of differences in culture and traditions, modest clothing, Restaurant and the presence of Turkish lira s in the purse.

Top 5 sandy shores

The beaches of the coast's are worthy of special attention, first of all, as a healing factor. Some of them will make you feel like a particle of nature, others — to merge with a cheerful company in the cycle of communication. But both, thanks to the pure surface of the marina help vacationers to restore the lost was mental and physical balance: Mermerli Beach in Kaleici is one of the oldest and is located in the historical part. It is only 100 m long, so holidaymakers have to crowd. The shore is rocky and precipitous, but lovers of pristine nature are delighted. Topcam Beach is the most environmentally friendly and sparsely populated. 800 meters of sand and pebble shore are removed 20 km from the central city square and surrounded by protected areas of the Olympus National Park. There is peace and solitude here. Lara impresses with its length of 3500 m. Here are private areas of hotels, among which is highlighted municipal. The sea is clear, with contrasting warm and cool currents. Kundu Beach is a young sandy resort, located behind Lara. It is also zoned into private and urban areas. Places with a gentle descent into the sea fell in love with family vacationers with children. Konyaalti beach Located 9 KM proximity to the city center caused the greatest attendance of this beach of sand with a small pebble length of 8 km and a width of 50 m. Wild territory or equipped, gentle descent to the water or rocky cliff, entertainment or relaxation.

Parks and museums

You can try yourself as a fabulous Gulliver by visiting mini-city miniature park. Against the backdrop of luscious park greenery, stone paths and open-air lawn grass are reduced several times copies of the country's architectural landmarks.Karaalioglu park is a favorite place for citizens and tourists, located high above sea level. It is a paradise with magnificent views, statues, fountains and cozy benches for a relaxing rest and contemplation of colorful flowers and ornamental plants.In the ranking of tourist popularity museums are represented by the three undisputed leaders. Among them: Archaeological - contains about 30,000 exhibits of ancient history and art; Ataturk Museum, the first president of the Republic of Turkey. It will become interesting for fans of modern history; Suna ve İnan Kirac Kaleici Museum.

Breath of antiquity

The old town of Kaleici, spread over 35 hectares, keeps almost in its original form many ancient buildings that survived the recent restoration. Buildings of different civilizations, epochs and styles — mute witnesses of the history of the ancient settlement. A few compact hotels and friendly cafes have turned the district into one of the most popular among tourists. Discovered views of the sea and mountains evoke philosophical reflections on the meaning of existence. The entrance to Kaleici is the Hadrian's Gate, a triple triumphal arch of antiquity. To this day, unfortunately, only the first tier of the building has been preserved. Behind the gate, a 38 m high minaret rushing to the sky opens. The monument of Islamic architecture was erected in the 13th century and can be seen from many points in the surrounding area. Hidirlik tower appeared in the 2nd century. It is a stone 14-meter building, about the purpose of which is still disputed: whether it is a lighthouse for ships, part of the fortress wall, or the tomb of a noble Roman. The relatively young historical landmark of the Clock Tower (Saat Kulesi) is of genuine tourist interest. The uncomplicated stone tower, consisting of two tiers, is decorated with facade clocks presented to the Sultan by the Emperor of Germany in the 19th century. monument is considered a symbol of the city. A one-day tour will lead to the famous ruins of the city of Perge, who knew life as early as the 15th century BC..

Natural attractions

Duden Waterfalls (upper and lower) is formed by the Duden River, which originates high in the mountains, 30 km from the city. The power of the lower waterfall is caused by the fall of water into the abyss from the 45-meter cliff. You can observe the phenomenon not only from the shore, but also from the deck of the ship. Kursunlu Waterfalls, together with centuries-old evergreen cedars and pines, envelops travelers with the coolness of the oasis just 22 km from the metropolis. On Excursions in Antalya to the mountains, reviews and information about which you can read on our website, you will get acquainted with the nature of the wild places. Still thinking about what kind of excursions to visit? The cable car is a comfortable climb in a modern cable car to a height of 618 m above sea level and a wonderful view of the surroundings from the observation deck.

New horizons

Acquaintance with the resort will be incomplete without visiting the New Town and its districts Kepez and Muratpasha. On an excursion from Antalya to the old city, you will get acquainted with the most iconic places of the city. The famous shopping streets of Gulluk and Ishiklar, as well as the legendary food and clothing market of arshamba in Antalya, will finally complete with a touch typical for shopping passions the portrait of a English guest before returning home from the fabulously beautiful and hospitable capital of the Mediterranean.

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