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Kas excursions: Romantic city of Turkey

Kas excursions - Perhaps it is difficult to find such a cozy town with a leisurely and measured rhythm of life in such a popular country among tourists, but excursions to Kas can surprise even a traveler who is tempted by the bustle of a big city. A magical place with a population of 6 thousand people comfortably stretches right on the shore of the gentle Mediterranean Sea. This is one of the southern points of the country, which has a stunning mild climate, as well as rich flora and fauna. An interesting highlight of this location is the port, numerous yachts and boats with snow-white sails create a spectacular view against the backdrop of picturesque mountains that surround it on three sides as if protecting it from northern winds and clouds. On the gentle slopes, groves of orange and pomegranate trees can be seen, and below, at the foot of the mountain peaks, a huge number of fishing yachts fit, where residents daily catch fresh catch for newly arrived guests, who, by the way, are much smaller here than in other regions. Tours in Kas do not depend on the season and are always popular with guests and locals. you can order your favorite Excursions in Kas online in our webiste.

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Tours and attractions of Kas - The island has a lot to offer besides ideal summer weather and enchanting mountain scenery. First of all, it is worth noting that it is conditionally divided into the Chukurbag district and the historical center itself, where all social life is concentrated and there are many nice restaurants and cafes. Driving outside the city center, you should understand that it will be extremely difficult to find a shop for lunch outside of hotels, so you should take care of a stock of food in advance. In the heart, there is an authentic street called Doğruuol Caddesi, which fully and completely reflects the flavor. There are many souvenir shops and establishments with delicious lunches and cool drinks. Nearby, within the center, is the famous Kopolevskaya tomb, which was built in the fourth century BC. A little further away there is an incredibly beautiful ancient Amphitheater with perfectly preserved walls, which also serves as an observation platform with a breathtaking landscape of the waves and the peninsula as a whole. On the embankment there is the Ataturk Square here, immediately with the sunset, the nightlife with discos and clubs begins to rage every day.

Kas Attractions

Kas day trips

Kas day trips

Kas day trips - For lovers of dynamic driving through the most beautiful regions of a new country, it is recommended to book an amazing jeep safari from Tlos, which can be reached by a comfortable bus in just an hour. Our guests will see the age-old Tlos, which reflects the culture of the ancient Romans, Greeks, and Ottomans. There is the majestic Acropolis, as well as fully preserved ancient theaters and baths with Lycian tombs right in the rocks. The route will be laid through the Saklikent canyon, and the final chord of the pilgrimage on an inexpensive tour will be a visit to Patar beach. You can also book Excursions to Istanbul from Kas. The universal program of this tour includes all the iconic sights known throughout the world, which allows you to deeply immerse yourself in the diverse culture and grand history of the Ottomans. As part of the program, the group will visit the Bosphorus Strait, the Blue Mosque, and Hagia Sophia, as well as a variety of fortresses and mosques. It is also possible to book a diving or even paragliding. if you need more information you can also contact our manager And get the best advice, They are ready to answer your questions with an open heart

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General Information :  The colorful city of Kas is a magical place with a population of 6 thousand people, which is comfortably stretched right on the shores of the gentle Mediterranean Sea. This is one of the southern points of the country, which has a stunning mild climate, as well as rich flora and fauna.
Top Hotels :  LUNA KAŞ, Hotel Kayahan, Ekici Hotel, Kekova Hotel
Famous Beaches :  Kaputas Beach, Akçagerme Beach, Limanagzi Bay, Hidayet Bay Beach, Kas Municipality Public Beach, Patara Beach, Big Pebble Beach, İnceboğaz Çınar Beach.
Nearby Entertainment Centers :  Köşk Restaurant, Cumhuriyet Meyhanesi, Oburus Momus, Keyf-i dem Kaş
Shopping Centers :  Kashgar Live Stock Marke, North Jiefang Road Market.
population :  6000 Persons

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Kas activities: The best things to do.

Kas activities - It is not surprising that sea activities are in great demand here. Right at the pier, you can order a lot of entertainment excursions - fishing, sailing, diving. For fearless travelers, there is an opportunity to fly with a parachute. Therefore, the question - where to go to Kas will not be difficult for the majority of holidaymakers here. New nightclubs and discos are constantly opening in the city, as the resort is constantly expanding and is likely to become the center of active youth life.

Kas (Turkey): monthly weather:

The weather in this piece of paradise is ideal for warm-loving tourists because summer is hot and dry here, high humidity is rare, which eliminates many inconveniences during leisurely walks along narrow streets. The winter is mild and not at all cold, so the resort is not empty even at such a seemingly not popular time for rest. Excursions to Kas this season will be in great demand.

The most comfortable time for arriving on this peninsula and resting can rightfully be called four months of the year, namely May with an average daytime temperature of 24 °C, June with 28 °C, September with 29 °C, and October with 24.5 °C. Traveling in July and August can be uncomfortable for people who do not tolerate heat well, as the average daytime temperature can reach 35 °C. As for the off-season, from November to April it can fluctuate between 12-18 °C, it will not be possible to swim, but it will be possible to hike to mountain groves or to the remains of ancient tombs. We will help you choose the most exciting excursions from Kas, depending on the season.

Kas, Turkey weather

You can swim in the Mediterranean Sea starting from mid-May when the water temperature reaches 21 °C until November when the thermometer shows 22 °C. In August, currents can reach a record 30 °C, in which case many customers prefer to stay in the pools. The climate in Kas (Turkey) is mild and comfortable, so the location is suitable for families with small children.

As for precipitation, the maximum amount of rain falls in December and January, and in the summer months, the complete absence of rain for a whole month will not surprise anyone here. Almost the entire season is dominated by the absolute majority of sunny days. Therefore, in order to choose excursions in Kas, it is not at all necessary to watch the weather forecast, but it is enough to be guided only by your own preferences. The sea temperature in Kas also varies depending on the season.

Kas, Turkey Map

A clear reference point for finding on the map will be the island of Meis, which to this day belongs to the Greeks. It is located just 5 kilometers from your destination.

You can get here both by regular buses that leave from major cities of the country, and by your own rented car, and the way will run through incredibly beautiful places of the sea coast and mountain ranges.

Kas (Turkey): Nearest airport

The nearest airport is kastellorizo airport, only 40 kilometers away, but it was built on the territory of another country, Greece, so it is usually not taken into account. Often, visitors who purposefully travel here on vacation arrive at Dalaman Airport, which is only 115 kilometers from their destination. Transfer from here will take no more than two hours.

If you go from larger resorts, for example from Antalya, you can get there by dolmus (local shuttle buses) in just three to four hours, because the distance between them is not very large, about 180 kilometers. The fare is very low and will average 10 € from almost any resort town in the country. The distance from Antalya to Kas is about 120 km.

Most popular hotels in Kas

It is really impossible to find huge hotel complexes in the resorts of Kas because the feature of the service is endless comfort and privacy. But there is a huge selection of small hotel houses or remote villas at a very competitive price.

The apartment-type rooms in Villa Dundar boast excellent reviews, where there is everything you need for a pleasant stay. Two luxury hotels are especially common among vacationers without children - Lukka Exclusive Hotel and Suna Sun Boutique Hotel. The cuisine of national Turkish dishes, as well as the magnificent view from the windows simply cannot leave indifferent any of the clients.

For a more affordable stay, you can choose a hotel boarding house, for example, the Ekici Hotel, its territory is quite small, but filled with greenery and exotic flowers. Our company picks up on excursions in Kas from any hotel within this resort region.

What are the Kas beaches?

The shores here are not sandy, but rather rocky and sloping, however, along the entire coastline, special platforms are placed that will help to comfortably descend to the water. Good access to the sea is the Küçük Çakıl beach. Kaputaş is also very famous, which is about 15 km away. You can get to Kaputas beach on dolmus literally in 10 minutes directly from the bus station in the north of the village, the distance between Kas and Kaputas is 18 km, Kaputash and Kalkan beach is 9 km, between Kalkan and Patara beach is 17 km. Excursions to Kas will help you visit this place as part of a boat trip with English-speaking guides. There is also Patara Beach, a popular bathing spot for residents.

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