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Kas excursions, tours, and things to do offer a myriad of captivating experiences in Turkey's stunning coastal region. From captivating Kas tours and day trips to meticulously organized excursions, travel agency Minister Tours ensures an unforgettable journey. Find out valuable moments in Kas, from ancient ruins to vibrant markets. Delight in Kas' natural beauty through activities like snorkeling, diving, or relaxing boat trips. Prospect Kas from Antalya and uncover its unique charm. Whether you seek historical sites or thrilling adventures, Kas has it all. Plan your dream vacation with our company and indulge in the best of Kas' attractions and activities.

Excursions in Kas

Kas excursions: Romantic city of Turkey

Kas excursions - Perhaps it is difficult to find such a cozy town with a leisurely and measured rhythm of life in such a popular country among tourists, but excursions to Kas can surprise even a traveler who is tempted by the bustle of a big city. A magical place with a population of 6 thousand people comfortably stretches right on the shore of the gentle Mediterranean Sea. This is one of the southern points of the country, which has a stunning mild climate, as well as rich flora and fauna. An interesting highlight of this location is the port, numerous yachts and boats with snow-white sails create a spectacular view against the backdrop of picturesque mountains that surround it on three sides as if protecting it from northern winds and clouds. On the gentle slopes, groves of orange and pomegranate trees can be seen, and below, at the foot of the mountain peaks, a huge number of fishing yachts fit, where residents daily catch fresh catch for newly arrived guests, who, by the way, are much smaller here than in other regions. Tours in Kas do not depend on the season and are always popular with guests and locals. you can order your favorite Excursions in Kas online in our webiste.

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Tours and attractions of Kas Turkey

Tours and attractions of Kas - The island has a lot to offer besides ideal summer weather and enchanting mountain scenery. First of all, it is worth noting that it is conditionally divided into the Chukurbag district and the historical center itself, where all social life is concentrated and there are many nice restaurants and cafes. Driving outside the city center, you should understand that it will be extremely difficult to find a shop for lunch outside of hotels, so you should take care of a stock of food in advance. In the heart, there is an authentic street called Doğruuol Caddesi, which fully and completely reflects the flavor. There are many souvenir shops and establishments with delicious lunches and cool drinks. Nearby, within the center, is the famous Kopolevskaya tomb, which was built in the fourth century BC. A little further away there is an incredibly beautiful ancient Amphitheater with perfectly preserved walls, which also serves as an observation platform with a breathtaking landscape of the waves and the peninsula as a whole. On the embankment there is the Ataturk Square here, immediately with the sunset, the nightlife with discos and clubs begins to rage every day.

Kas Attractions

Kas day trips

Kas day trips

Kas day trips - For lovers of dynamic driving through the most beautiful regions of a new country, it is recommended to book an amazing jeep safari from Tlos, which can be reached by a comfortable bus in just an hour. Our guests will see the age-old Tlos, which reflects the culture of the ancient Romans, Greeks, and Ottomans. There is the majestic Acropolis, as well as fully preserved ancient theaters and baths with Lycian tombs right in the rocks. The route will be laid through the Saklikent canyon, and the final chord of the pilgrimage on an inexpensive tour will be a visit to Patar beach. You can also book Excursions to Istanbul from Kas. The universal program of this tour includes all the iconic sights known throughout the world, which allows you to deeply immerse yourself in the diverse culture and grand history of the Ottomans. As part of the program, the group will visit the Bosphorus Strait, the Blue Mosque, and Hagia Sophia, as well as a variety of fortresses and mosques. It is also possible to book a diving or even paragliding. if you need more information you can also contact our manager And get the best advice, They are ready to answer your questions with an open heart

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General Information :  The colorful city of Kas is a magical place with a population of 6 thousand people, which is comfortably stretched right on the shores of the gentle Mediterranean Sea. This is one of the southern points of the country, which has a stunning mild climate, as well as rich flora and fauna.
Top Hotels :  LUNA KAŞ, Hotel Kayahan, Ekici Hotel, Kekova Hotel
Famous Beaches :  Kaputas Beach, Akçagerme Beach, Limanagzi Bay, Hidayet Bay Beach, Kas Municipality Public Beach, Patara Beach, Big Pebble Beach, İnceboğaz Çınar Beach.
Nearby Entertainment Centers :  Köşk Restaurant, Cumhuriyet Meyhanesi, Oburus Momus, Keyf-i dem Kaş
Shopping Centers :  Kashgar Live Stock Marke, North Jiefang Road Market.
population :  6000 Persons

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