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Bodrum excursions, tours, things to do – Bodrum travel agency offers a plethora of captivating Bodrum experiences. Begin on our Bodrum tours for an unforgettable journey through ancient ruins, pristine beaches, and bustling markets. Prospect hidden gems and iconic landmarks with our meticulously curated Bodrum excursions, providing insight into the rich history and culture of this enchanting Turkish destination. From leisurely day trips to exhilarating adventures, we ensure every moment is filled with excitement and discovery. Let Minister Tours be your guide to the best things to do in Bodrum, Turkey, as we craft tailor-made itineraries and provide unparalleled tour organization. Whether you seek relaxation or adventure, our Bodrum day trips promise an immersive experience. Find out the essence of Bodrum with Our travel agency and create memories to last a lifetime.

Excursions from Bodrum

Bodrum excursions

Bodrum excursions - Bodrum is a Turkish resort, very reminiscent of Greek settlements in its architecture. It owes its popularity to a huge number of picturesque bays and white beaches, most of which have been awarded the Blue Flag. Not every tourist knows what the city is famous for. And we will gladly tell you. It was in Bodrum that the Halicarnassus Mausoleum was located - one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. The mausoleum was built in the 4th century BC. for King Mavsol. By the way, it was on his behalf that the term mausoleum arose. The structure was 46 meters high and consisted of three tiers. Today, you can get acquainted with its virtual copy and live models during a sightseeing tour in Bodrum. Although there is practically nothing left of the monument of ancient culture, visiting such an eminent place is an obligatory part of the program of any traveler.

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what to do in bodrum

What to do in Bodrum

Bodrum things to do - As part of exploring the sights of the resort, pay special attention to hiking in Bodrum. Halicarnassus, the city had such a name earlier, was a very developed and rich port place, where the trade routes of many merchants crossed. It is the advantageous geographical position that made the usual fishing village the capital of Caria - a state in the southwestern part of Asia Minor. The question of what to do in Bodrum never arises among tourists. The cultural life is very developed here. At the end of May, an international dance marathon begins, then in the middle of summer, a ballet festival is held at St. Peter's Castle, and an international classical music competition is held in the ancient city of Myndos. In September, young people from all over Europe gather here. Zuma Beach hosts the Sunsplash contemporary dance music festival, the so-called analogue of our Kazantip. For lovers of water sports, the colorful Eurasia yacht show is held here every year, where you can see yachts of any class and any era

Things to do in bodrum

trips from bodrum

Daily trips from Bodrum district

After you manage to explore the surroundings of the resort on your own, we are waiting for you on the pages of the Minister Tours website. In addition to cultural life, no one canceled day trips from Bodrum district . A selection of tours for every taste at competitive prices from the Minister Tours company. Trips from Bodrum will help to dilute the leisure of a tourist of any age category and any budget. It is enough to place an online order without leaving the hotel, and your excursion will take place according to the schedule. Take your time and be sure to go to the Greek island of Kos. To visit the island, vacationers will need a Schengen visa, or you can apply for a short-term visa a few days before the excursion. Reviews of all tours from Bodrum can be found on the Internet.

Day Trips from Bodrum

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General Information :  Bodrum is the most romantic city in Turkey, unlike any other. Bodrum is a resort on the peninsula of the same name in southwestern Turkey, washed by the Aegean Sea. On the map you can see that it is located on the shore of the bay, divided by the cape into two bays. The first to appreciate this region were writers, poets and artists. They admired this place and described it in their art to share their knowledge with others.
Famous Beaches :  Bitez, Torba, Yakhshi, Gumbet
Nearby Entertainment Centers :  Mausoleum in Halicarnassus, St. Peter's Castle, the Greek island of Kos, Fethiye, Oludeniz, Pamukkale, Ephesus
Shopping Centers :  Oasis, Avenue and Midtown
population :  35 795 p

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What adventures in Bodrum can you diversify your vacation?

If you are an avid traveler and have rested in Turkey before, then you can skip the standard programs like rafting, diving, Pamukkale and so on. We will tell you about where to go from Bodrum:

  • The island of Kos from Bodrum by catamaran is one of the most popular walks among our tourists. You will find yourself in Greece, on the island where Hippocrates, the father of medicine, lived. It was there that he wrote the oath, which doctors still take today when they join the ranks of medical workers. In the center is the plane tree, under which the first lectures from Hippocrates were held. And about 5 kilometers away are the ruins of the first hospital in the world. These striking structures of antiquity will be interesting to see for all clients.
  • Trip to antique Ephesus - a walk through the ancient city, which contains amazing architectural structures. There is a library of Celsus, a temple of Artemis, an old hamam - a Turkish bath and many other attractions. During the walk, tourists will visit the ancient amphitheater, where they can try their vocal skills. The acoustic effect in the amphitheater is so perfect that modern concert halls can envy it.
  • Tours from Bodrum to Istanbul. Pay special attention to this metropolis, if you have never been there and for some reason are afraid to go alone, then go there with us. We will guide you through the most outstanding sites such as the Blue Mosque, St. Sofia, Topkapi Palace, Suleymaniye Mosque and walk along the Bosphorus. There are so many places of interest that they cannot be bypassed even in a month of vacation! But we have collected in one day the places that go first in the list in terms of importance..

Weather in Bodrum

The climate in Bodrum is moderately Mediterranean. It is better to rest from May to October inclusive. Day trips from Bodrum are available at this time. Since the resort is washed by the waters of the Aegean Sea, and it is cooler than the Mediterranean, the weather here is much milder than on the Antalya coast. The average summer temperature does not rise above 30 degrees, and the sea warms up to a comfortable 24 degrees. In this regard, Bodrum is simply an ideal vacation spot for both the adult generation and for very young tourists.

The resort's air harbor is Milas Airport, located 36 km from the city. The date of the construction of the air harbor is 1997, and quite recently a modern terminal was additionally opened, in connection with which the airport's capacity has doubled.

Hotels and regions

Where is the best place to stay in Bodrum depends on the preferences of the client. Lovers of bars and nightlife will love the Gumbet region. Families with children should opt for Bitez, Ortakent, Turgutreis. For all fans of windsurfing and other water activities, the best place is Göltürkbükü, where there are always big waves on the sea. If you prefer a calm measured pace of life without bars and night discos, then the village of Torba is at your service - olive and pine groves, sandy beaches - the perfect unity with nature.

Hotels rooms in Bodrum is not as diverse as on the Antalya coast. There are mainly premium class hotels, a small selection of "3 stars" hotels and a huge number of apartments and villas. Where is the best place to relax depends on your budget. In Turkey, Bodrum is considered a favorite destination for local stars, athletes, politicians and other VIPs. Due to the comfortable climate, this resort has recently gained popularity among our compatriots. But we would like to draw your attention to the fact that the English-speaking staff are mainly here only in 5-star hotels, the animation is calmer and unobtrusive, the “all-inclusive” system is rather an exception than a constant value.

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