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Tours in Side by Minister Tours Company

Side is One of the most popular resorts in Turkey. Every year a huge number of people from around the world spend their Holiday here. All Tourists are offered with comfortable beach and excursion's to choose from, so they will have an amazing Holiday. Along the coast's there are restaurants specializing in various cuisines, clubs and bars.
On the streets of the city preserved ancient buildings, which are organically combined with modern architecture. Coniferous vegetation is found everywhere, including near beaches. Its aroma fills the air, has a beneficial effect on health and general well-being.

Our Travel agency works with all hotels in Side. Therefore, you can find out interesting information about the organization of the holiday, book your favorite excursion's in Side, The booking can be 24/7. Or Contact the operator easily by phone or messenger Viber, Whats App, Telegram. Payment Will be When You Join (during the tour, You with the guide).
Weather in Side (Turkey):
The city has a Mediterranean climate with dry hot summers and mild short winters.

In spring there is a moderate precipitation. In March, the temperature does not drop below + 18°C, and in May it reaches +25°C. In the evening and at night, the thermometer shows from 17°C to 20°C. At the end of April, the water temperature is 19 °C-20°C, and in May it rises to 21°C-22°C.

In summer, the sun shines for 11 hours. In June, the average air temperature is 28-30 °C, and in July and August it is 34°C. During the season, the temperature of the water ranges from 24°C to 29°C.

Autumn is getting cooler. During the day, the thermometer shows no lower than 21°C, whereas in the evenings only 10-12°C.

Winter is not cold, but it is rainy, although the sun appears often. During the day, the temperature is 15-17°C. The nights are quite cold 6-8°C.
Side (Turkey): features
The main feature of the resort is the variety of tourist infrastructure. Beach goer will love the clean sandy beaches. For those who are not indifferent to history, tours in 2020 are offered to museums and other attractions. Since the Greeks lived in the region for another eight millennia, many buildings and their fragments have survived to this day, So we will allow them to be transported back to those distant times.
•    Especially popular among tourists:
•    city museum, located in ancient Roman baths;
•    gates, walls, towers;
•    The Temple of Apollo;
•    ruins of an ancient amphitheatre.
English guides in Side will tell a lot of interesting things about history, culture, customs, cuisine of this amazing land.
Entertainment, as well as nightlife, will appeal to all those who love active pastime. A huge number of clubs and bars, themed parties with colorful, bright animation, shopping malls and Bazaars.
Active Nature Tours in Side, Turkey:
A cozy small town is located among the amazing seascapes with beaches and picturesque high cliffs. The diversity of nature is complemented by fruit parks and pine forests. It is impossible not to visit the nature reserve, which is only three kilometers from the settlement. Excursions 2020 (prices can be seen on our website or check with our operator in 24/7) in the Altinbesik Cave, to the waterfall on the Manavgat River and in Green Canyon will give an unforgettable impression.
Active Winter Trips in Side Turkey:
Winter is considered a “dead season” and is more suitable for lovers of quiet and quiet rest. Swimming on the high seas will not work. Despite the mild climate, the temperature of the air and water does not have to water procedures and lying on the sand. But hotels offer swimming in the pool, spa treatments and many other pleasant things.

What Will you See — Excursions in Side remain the main entertainment for holidaymakers here in winter. You can visit all the sights, walk quietly among the ruins, visit the amphitheater. Trips to the ancient places of the country, a two-day trip to Cappadocia will be a great entertainment.



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