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What makes our work different from similar companies? First of all, we are completely focused on satisfying any requests of our customers.  We always provide you with a friendly approach and a tour program in accordance with your wishes. In addition, we offer additional services included in the price - child car seats, car seat belts, helmets and other equipment to ensure additional safety for your children in accordance with the content of the tour.

Minister-Tours is not only excursions throughout Turkey, including the most famous regions: Side, Belek, Kemer, Antalya, Marmaris and others. You can also use our transfer services from or to the airport.

We provide transfer services to airports from anywhere in Turkey at the best prices in the region by minibuses or private cars. Our experienced drivers will always be at your service, and all cars are modern new models with low mileage.  We have cars of different sizes, so you can be sure that the journey will be safe and within the rules of the road.

If you want to rent a car on your holiday, we offer you insurance at the most affordable prices without asking for a deposit. Even if you want to rent a sports car or rent a luxury jeep. We also offer services for finding and selling airline tickets and bus tickets throughout the country at reasonable prices. 


Minister-Tours offers the most suitable excursions and not only with a rich program, without intrusive shopping. If you want to spend your holidays in the clear blue waters of the Mediterranean with yacht trips, caves and other sightseeing, if you want to go to different cities and travel back in history (Pamukkale, Cappadocia, etc.), Minister-Tours is always there for you. services! For more than 20 years, our priority has been the joy and positive emotions of our customers.

Air and bus tickets

Do you need urgent help finding tickets anywhere in Turkey? We offer round the clock air tickets and bus tickets at the most affordable price. If you want to travel around the world or between cities in Turkey, we also offer our services for Minister-Tours guests.

Car rental

If you want to rent a car, we offer you the most affordable prices, insurance, protective equipment without a deposit. Whether you want a sports car or a luxury jeep, or standard equipped cars or motorcycles, we are happy to help you. You can rent a bike.

Airport transfer

We provide airport transfers at the best prices by minibus or private car. Our experienced drivers will always be at your service with our very modern vehicles. You can be sure that your trip with us will be as safe as possible and in accordance with the rules of the road. Also, if you want not only a transfer to the airport, we carry out throughout Turkey.

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