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Kusadasi tours offers an array of captivating experiences for travelers seeking adventure and discovery in this enchanting Turkish destination. From Kusadasi excursions to day trips exploring the region's rich history and natural beauty, our tours cater to every preference. Enjoy on a journey through time with our expertly crafted Kusadasi day trips, unveiling the secrets of ancient civilizations and iconic landmarks. You must see the wonders of Kuşadası with our meticulously planned excursions, checking yourself in the interesting culture and picturesque landscapes. Ascertain the top attractions and secret corners with our comprehensive list of things to do in Kusadasi, ensuring an unforgettable travel experience. Travel agency Minister Tours promises unparalleled service and memorable adventures, offering tours from Kusadasi that showcase the best of this captivating destination. Whether soaring above the cityscape on top Kusadasi air tours or delving into its rich heritage, Kusadasi tours is your gateway to an extraordinary journey in Turkey.

Kusadasi tours

Kusadasi tours

Kusadasi daily tours - Kusadasi is a relatively new name for our tourist. This region is still poorly explored by travelers from the Europe countries, so we will help fill the knowledge gap in this area. To understand geographically where Kusadasi is located on the map, it is enough to plunge into the school history course and recall the ancient world and the famous Ephesus. What was so interesting in Ephesus, you ask. The answer is very simple. This is the Temple of Artemis of Ephesus - one of the seven wonders of the world. It is this attraction that annually brings here hundreds of thousands of travelers from all over the world. Kusadasi tours are not limited to Ephesus alone.

Excursions from Kusadasi

What excursions to visit in Kusadasi

Kusadasi excursions

Kusadasi excursions - Our company offers vacationers eleven absolutely diverse routes. Every year we try to expand the list of available Kusadasi excursions, develop new author's programs and make your vacation even more interesting and comfortable. Start your holiday with a Turkish bath for a smooth and even tan, then stroll along the streets of ancient Ephesus, excavated to this day, and end your vacation with a yacht trip. This is the minimum excursion program in Kusadasi that must be followed.

excursions in Kusadasi

excursions from Kusadasi

Kusadasi trips

Kusadasi trips - The Minister Tours has been operating in the tourism area of Turkey since the late 90s and during this time has established itself as a responsible and executive organizer of trips of any complexity and focus. We can book both group programs and private trips from Kusadasi. For luxury lovers, book premium yachts. Having problems with the airport transfer, our service is online 24 hours a day. We will pick you up from the airport in Izmir and transfer you to your hotel, apartment or any other location. Leave the organization of your holiday to us and enjoy your holiday.

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General Information :  Kusadasi is a small resort region on the western coast of Turkey. The nearest airport is in Samos, which is 42 km from the city. It is washed by the bay of the same name. The population is just over 70,000 people, but during the holiday season it can reach up to half a million. The region is well known for the nearby ancient city of Ephesus. At 90 km from the resort, there is the third largest city in Turkey - Izmir.
Top Hotels :  Kustur Club Holiday Village, Korumar hotel deluxe, Palm wings ephesus hotel, Aqua fantasy Aquapark hotel & spa, Grand Belish Beach resort.
Famous Beaches :  Long, Kustur, Ladies and Pamujak beach.
Nearby Entertainment Centers :  Ephesus, Ionian city Priene, Pamukkale, Oludeniz, Fethiye
Shopping Centers :  Scala Nuova Village, Setur AVM Kusadasi Marina, AVM.
population :  73543 p.

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How are we different from other companies?

Recently, the tourism sector is one of the most developing in the world, so a lot of companies have appeared on the service market, providing excursions in Kusadasi. With the development of the Internet, it has become much easier to sell tours and many do not even bother obtaining licenses and all the necessary permits for carrying out tourist activities. In this regard, many scammers have appeared who take advantage of the gullibility of customers. To book tours for them, they take an advance payment and then disappear in an unknown direction.

Where to buy excursions in Kusadasi? Our company has been working in the field of leisure activities in Turkey since 1999. We have a license, insurance and all the necessary documentation. The originals of the documents can be found in our offices or requested electronically from the managers. We do not take prepayments, the service is paid at the time of the tour. A system of discounts has been developed for regular customers. You can buy the best tours in Kusadasi inexpensively on our website.

Daily Excursions in Kusadasi

What daily excursions in Kusadasi should you pay attention to?

When your vacation is limited by time, the question is always how best to plan your vacation. Here's the minimum you need to visit

  • We put the trip to Ephesus in the first place, because only 10 km of the way separates the resort from the ancient territory, where the ruins of the Temple of Artemis of Ephesus are located. Unfortunately, the temple did not survive to our times, but the very idea of seeing one of the seven wonders of the ancient world deserves the attention of millions of tourists. In addition, the library of Celsus, Agora, the Temple of Hadrian, Kuretov Street, the House of the Virgin Mary and much more are preserved here. Excavations are ongoing and every day archaeologists find something new
  • If you want a perfect tan, then be sure to visit the hammam at the beginning of your vacation. It has long been believed that in Turkish baths there is a cleansing not only physical, but also spiritual. No wonder the wives of the sultans spent whole days here. The complex of procedures in the hamam differs from the standard baths and Finnish saunas, so the guests will be doubly interesting.
  • We also recommend including Pamukkale in the program of visits. Just 2.5 hours drive and you will see with your own eyes the visiting card of Turkey. The cotton castle with its snow-white terraces, Cleopatra's pool and Hierapolis will leave an indelible impression on your memory. The tour cost is minimal, but the emotions you get are maximal.
  • And at the end of any vacation, choose sea excursions in Kusadasi. The tan has already been obtained and you can lie on the upper deck indefinitely without fear of getting burned. Sea voyage with stops and swimming in the open sea, fishing, snorkeling and much more.

Brief information about the city:

Kusadasi is located on the Aegean coast. The weather is pleasing here all year round. The minimum air temperature is observed in January at about 16 degrees Celsius, the maximum in August - 35 degrees. The climate is mild, the most favorable time for rest is from May to October. The sea warms up to 26 degrees during the hottest months of summer.

The Aegean Sea is very transparent, which is why the region is famous for its turquoise beaches. But there is a small drawback. The Aegean Sea is cooler than the Mediterranean. The beaches have a sandy structure. Sometimes they come across with small pebbles. There are high waves on the coast, which is not very convenient for families with small children.

For diving enthusiasts, a new art object was created in 2016. In the waters of the Aegean Sea, near Kusadasi, the airliner Airbus A 300 was sunk. Recently, the Turkish authorities have been paying great attention to the development of diving in the country and underwater museums, new reefs, sunken ships, aircraft, etc. are being created throughout the territory.

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Things to do in Kusadasi Turkey

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