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The European style and quality of rest became famous Marmaris, who became a kind of Ibiza on the border of the Mediterranean and Aegean seas. Renewed after its natural disasters, the town with a thousand-year history has found a second breath, devoting itself to the best that can be in the world — the pleasure of life in all its manifestations! Distance from the traditions of “All inclusive”, fencing of hotel grounds, pretentious stars as a business card of the level of wealth and approaching freedom of communication, gaining new acquaintances and active rest with drive — the hallmarks of the modern advanced resort. In unison with them are excursions in Marmaris 2020 as a great way to saturate the missing impressions of the knowledge of the world and yourself.

Minister Tours has been the permanent organizer of excursions in Marmaris for 20 years. The circle of our regular customers in Europe is expanding every year, and positive reviews about purchased tours warm hearts and stimulate progress in tourism activities. Feedback through social networks Instagram, Facebook, and all available messengers plays an important role in such relationships. Trusting their best part of life — their long-awaited vacation to our travel agency, European vote for a civilized, high-quality, safe and interesting holiday at a democratic price. Minister Tours is a licensed member of the Turkish Association of TURSAB Travel Agencies. Mandatory customer insurance is provided by our agreement with the reputable insurance group from Germany Allianz. This applies to both group and Marmaris Excursions Packages.

Marmaris Weather

Most tourists want to be notified about its weather. Turkey's tourists often choose this area to circulate in winter, engaging in Marmaris Daily Tours are abundant in the region. This city, which is influenced by Mediterranean climate, has a warm and dry summers and winters are mild and rainy. It's better to take light clothes along with yourself, because the here is hot in all seasons of the year, and it may only be less than 15°C in winter days. The same has caused the sea to be suitable for swimming and other water sports, and it is not to be bullied in the city, but the best time to travel is from early spring to mid-summer. This time of the year, the number of tourists is too much.According to weather conditions it can be said that in last of May until June, is the best time to travel is due to the air temperature is still not high and the water temperature is also suitable for swimming. In the following months, the temperature is sometimes available to 45°C. last of September until October is a good time to travel for those who intend to take a sun bath.

Historical Excursions:

The date of the first birth of the city port in southwestern Turkey is still unknown. Having become, due to advantageous geographical location, a desirable object for conquerors, from the 10th century BC periodically came under the control of the Persians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs and Turks. In the 15th century, the devastated settlement was built into a fortress at the behest of the Turkish Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent. In 1522, the city acquired a name that has survived to this day - the name of the city, which translates from the ancient Hellenistic language as "Brilliant" or "Shining."

A powerful earthquake of 1957 with a magnitude of more than 7 points, with the epicenter in neighboring Fethiye destroyed the city, and the Turks had to rebuild it again. The renaissance gave a strong impetus to the development of tourism and the status of the resort.


The year-round population of the city, the center of the eponymous district of Mugla province, according to official statistics in 2013, exceeded just over 34,000 people, according to forecasts for 2020 — about 40. At the peak of the tourist boom, this figure increases tenfold! A record 2 million tourists arrived from all over the world in the 2014 season. By Taking with us Marmaris Excursions Packages in the mountains, Sea or around the city, you will see how lively and dynamic this resort is now.

Unusual places

The sights of Turkey are so diverse that when everyone comes here, everyone can find what they are looking for. It is necessary to move a little away from the universally recognized routes, as the world will suddenly play with new colors, and the traveler-alien will breathe the true atmosphere and enjoy the local flavor in full.

One such place in the middle of the region, which is undeservedly considered a very expensive resort, can be found, walking through the quiet, fabulously attractive alleys of the Old Town, if you turn right where the street Bars begin. There before your eyes will be the medieval Castle, erected on the ruins of an ancient fort,Turtle Beach as well as numerous museums of the city. Climbing the unthinkable number of steps up to the fashionable Castle Bar, in the rays of the sunset will open just chic city paintings, shrouded in the romance of night lights. Under a cup of fragrant and rich coffee, brewed according to a special recipe, it is so nice to meet your dream! It is funny that coffee, considered a traditional drink in the Turks, is not grown in this country. Having been on tours in Marmaris, you will learn the whole history of becoming not only this resort, but the whole of Turkey as a whole.

If you equip comfortable clothes and rent bikes, you can make a wonderful 7-kilometer promenade along the footpath along the coast to the most remote urban area of İçmeler. On the way, find a Mado Cafe to treat yourself to delicious branded ice cream made from whole goat's milk.

If there was a free day, then the ideal scenario would be. Morning to start with the ritual of Turkish breakfast, certainly with olives, white and yellow cheese, jam of paradise fruits, fragrant greens with olive oil, freshly baked bread, scrambled eggs with traditional Turkish sausage sujuk and black tea. Then a Marmaris boat trip will combine swimming in the sea, sunbathing and photo shoot against the backdrop of landscapes, drawing the slopes of mountains, azure water and clear sky. The evening can be given to the coolest youth place Bar Street. Almost 6 dozen nightclubs, disco bars and hookahs lined up along this famous street. At every turn, diners, shops, piercings and tattoo parlors and portable trays of tequila. Dance rhythms are visualized in space, and the body spontaneously begins to move to the beat of the music. The most pass-through nightclubs are Greenhouse, Backstreet and Crazy Daisy.

You don't have to be worry about shopping, but at least with a sightseeing purpose it is worth visiting the Grand Bazaar (Marmaris market days). What here only offer not offer to buy: souvenirs, spices, textiles, clothes and an infinite number of goods. As soon as the trader notices in the eyes of the market visitor interest, get ready to bargain hot! Perhaps you can agree on a discount of 30-50%. Consider that the shopping was a success, and time will fly by quite unnoticed!

Wondering what to buy for a gift, choose goods leathers, jewelry, hookah, ceramic dishes, cheese or oriental sweets: then just do not go wrong!

Tourist base

The 1980s marked the rise of tourism in the region. Favorable climatic conditions and the successful location of the bay, the coast of which represents the resort city, played a decisive role in this issue. The bay is under the protection of a mountain range from the mainland, and from the sea is covered by an island. These factors protect the settlement from storms and high waves.

For the authorities, the development of tourism infrastructure is a priority:

  • Hundreds of comfortable modern hotels to choose from at an affordable price: from small guest houses to hotel complexes for thousands of guests at once;
  • Developed fleet for public movement within the city, region, country. The taxis with a bright colored stripe, meaning the final destination, ply the area with suburbs. The long-distance bus station provides communication with other resort towns;
  • A network of numerous cafes, bars, restaurants, dance clubs, concert venues and other entertainment venues;
  • The well-groomed pebble and sandy beaches of the Aegean coast of Turkey, lively promenades and boulevards, drowning in a riot of greenery and colorful flower beds;
  • Entertainment rides, children's animation, spectacular performances and everything you need to relax with children;
  • A successful combination of depth and purity of the waters, as well as the inhabitants of the underwater world for sailing, diving and snorkeling;
  • Despite the lack of its own air harbor, there are transfer options from any international airport in Istanbul, Antalya or Dalaman. The closest distance is 95 km and an hour and a half drive from the city of Dalaman, where charter flights also arrive from Russia. The distance from Antalya Airport is 360 km (6 hours of travel), and Istanbul — as much as 700 (12 hours of road on the autobahn).
  • Sea port for taxi boat (boat-taxi) with the cities of Datca, Ichmeler, dalyan and Speed Boat hire Marmaris along the Mediterranean and Aegean coasts with photos of scenic views from the sea.

The representative office of our travel agency is ready to make every effort to make one of the most popular resorts of this destination in 2020 more accessible and loved by European, which means that you no longer have to walk the streets in search of where to buy your favorite trips.


General Information : The European style and quality of rest became famous Marmaris, who became a kind of Turkish Ibica on the border of the Mediterranean and Aegean seas. Renewed after its natural disasters, the town with a thousand-year history has found a second breath, devoting itself to the best that can be in the world — the pleasure of life in all its manifestations!
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Distance to center of Antalya : 315 KM Distance to center of Alanya : 447 KM Distance to Antalya Airport : 325 KM Distance to Gazipasa Airport : 488 KM Population : 38 000 People
Famous Beaches : Icmeler, Siteler, Marmarisa Central Beach, Amos, Turunc, Nirvana Beach Nearby Entertainment Centers : Marmaris Milli Park, Netsel Marina Wharf, Marmaris Embankment, Dancing Fountains Square, Ataturk Park, Marmaris Castle Museum, Marmaris Amphitheater Shopping Centers : Blue Port, WC Shopping Mall, Modo Citi, De Facto Shopping Mall Public Bazaar Days : Grand Bazaar - Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday