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You must see the charm of Alanya with our expertly prepared tours and excursions. Join the best excursions and activities in Alanya, from exciting adventures to fascinating tourist attractions. From ancient landmarks to bustling markets, we have endless things to do and see at affordable prices. Prepare yourself to see Turkey's coastal treasures with our Alanya day trips and have unforgettable experiences near Alanya.

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Alanya daily tours with Minister Tours warranty and quality. The experience and impressions of many years are that people who come on vacation see this short period of time as a reward for themselves and want everything to be perfect. They're not wrong. Working at a busy schedule of 11 months or more deserves a good holiday of 2-3 weeks. Minister Tours is aware of this and allows every guest to feel special and say, "Yes, my holiday is going well" in all the Alanya tours it organizes. Quality service requires experience, experienced personnel, new and safe vehicles, rich travel content. Minister Tours, Alanya tour organization company has more than these.

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For Alanya daily excursions, we pick you up directly from the hotel you have chosen, with comfortable vehicles and no additional charge. As it is known, Alanya consists of many neighborhoods, villages and towns. Guests arriving in our district are not informed in detail when booking hotels from their country or city, so they are less upset when they stay in a remote location and can easily see places to visit. They worry about not being able to see. When they want to participate in activities, the answer they receive is that they do not have this tour from their hotel or that they must pay an additional fee for transportation. We organizes every Alanya excursions without exception without any additional payment from all hotels.

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Alanya trips with Minister Tours prepaid, book your tour and pay on the meeting time. Internet fraud is what makes many tourists nervous. Taking this into account, our company does not receive advance payment to make guests feel safe, It doesn't matter when the company is Established. To participate in the tour, simply write on the booking form on our website. By booking the form you can join the Tours in Alanya without prepayment and pay the money to our agency representative during the trip. This method applied by our company is highly appreciated by our customers and makes us the leading travel agency. Trust us and you can entrust your holiday in Alanya to us.

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Day tours from Alanya

Are you ready for Day tours from Alanya with adventure and discovery with daily tours from Alanya? Alanya, a picturesque coastal town in Turkey, offers an array of exciting day tours that will captivate your senses and leave you with unforgettable memories. Whether you're a history enthusiast, a nature lover, or simply seeking relaxation on pristine beaches, Alanya has something to offer everyone. In this guide, we'll take you on a journey through the best day trips from Alanya, showcasing the diverse experiences you can enjoy in this enchanting destination. Get ready to embark on an exploration that will unveil the beauty and charm of Alanya like never before.

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Water sports in Alanya

Alanya Beaches

Alanya beaches are diverse and beautiful. If you read our article carefully, you can know all the details.

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General Information :  Alanya is one of the most popular holiday resorts in Antalya. Millions of tourists visit the famous Cleopatra Beach and Damlataş Beach every year. Alanya has many historical and cultural buildings as well. Day trips are organized where you can visit. There are many natural wonder canyons, caves and beautiful bays in Alanya. There is Alanya Castle on the peninsula that has become the symbol of Alanya.
Top Hotels :  Diamond Hill Resort Hotel: 5 * is one of the most preferred hotels in the region, 35 km from Gazipaşa airport and 135 km from Antalya airport. Grand Kaptan Hotel: 5 * Grand Kaptan Hotel, which is one of the most preferred hotels in our region, is also located at the seafront and is 35 km from Gazipaşa airport and 135 km from Antalya airport. Asia beach hotel: 5 * Asia Beach, one of the most luxurious and preferred hotels newly built in our region, is also at the seafront and 37 km from Gazipaşa airport and 133 km from Antalya airport.
Distance to center of Antalya :  136 km
Distance to center of Alanya :  0 km
Distance to Antalya Airport :  124 km
Distance to Gazipasa Airport :  40 km
Famous Beaches :  Cleopatra Beach, Damlataş Beach and Ulaş Pergola Beach
Nearby Entertainment Centers :  Alanya bars street, Alanya Marina, dance shows with DJ and boat trips with foam parties, pub cafes, Türkü bars
Shopping Centers :  There are leading names in shopping such as Alanyum Shopping Mall, Metro Gross Market, Tahtakale and 5M Migros.
population :  Alanya, which has 312.000 inhabitants, exceeds 1 million with tourists flocking in the summer months.
Public Bazaar Days :  Public bazaars are set up nearby, which you can visit on Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and every day.

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Alanya Beaches

Alanya beaches are diverse and beautiful. If you read our article carefully, you can know all the details. ...

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Damlatas beach

Damlatas beach or Cleopatra Beach is located in the western part of Alanya Peninsula near the Damlatas Cave. ...

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