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Izmir excursions, day trips, and tours await you with Minister Tours, your premier Izmir tour organization. Find out the hidden gems and iconic landmarks of this enchanting Turkish city with our expertly crafted Izmir tours. From exploring ancient ruins to savoring local delicacies, there are endless things to do in Izmir. Our diverse range of Izmir excursions includes visits to Ephesus, Pamukkale, and more, ensuring an unforgettable experience. Let our company guide you through the rich history and vibrant culture of Izmir, making your journey one to remember.

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Izmir excursions

Izmir excursions Turkey are a unique chance to get acquainted with another colorful Turkish city, which will leave an indelible mark on everyone's heart. Izmir; one of the most important and densely populated cities in Turkey. It is a permanent center of cultural and commercial life, the incomparable highlight of which is the huge port, which is the second most important in the country after the Istanbul port. This densely populated place has an ancient history of formation and development, in the past the city proudly bore the name of Myrna, and its local inhabitants were mostly Christians, especially Greeks.

After the tragic events during the Greek-Turkish war of the 20th century, the original Turkish population from neighboring cities began to massively move. This is what people made the city as we know it today, namely the unofficial capital of 'liberal Turkey'. and a thriving main artery of the state. All these facts and a vibrant social life make many tourists visit this policy every year in search of entertainment, recreation and, of course, new historical knowledge.

Popular question is that What to do in Izmir? '' the answer immediately arises from the multitude of ideas directly or indirectly related to the sea. You can do Scuba diving, take an exciting boat trip with fishing, or fly over the water with a parachute (parasaling). Profitable shopping is especially popular in the city, because numerous clothing factories in Izmir allow you to buy cheap things not only in bulk, but also at retail.

For those wishing to make an outbound tour to other Turkish locations, there is a wonderful Adnan Menderes Airport. The list of 5-star hotels in Izmir includes Swissôtel Grand Efes Izmir, Kaya Izmir Thermal & Convention и Mövenpick Hotel Izmir in general, many hotels have their own beach.

Tours in Izmir

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Izmir tours: Main attractions

Izmir tours - Judging by the reviews, countless travelers about Izmir (Turkey) come to this city not for massive fast entertainment, but in order to deeply immerse themselves in the culture of the once majestic ancient cities and settlements, as well as to better study the centuries-old history of the Ottomans and Greeks.

Izmir in Turkey; a place of constant pilgrimage for both Christians and Muslims, since among the attractions, where you should definitely book entrance tickets, there are both famous temples and numerous mosques.

Izmir - the old city; represented by several narrow and very authentic streets that originate from the Basmane station. There is a summer, very relaxing atmosphere here, and two-storey small buildings, which are definitely many centuries old, give the street the charm of bygone centuries and seem to be telling their own story on their own. The outskirts of Izmir offer visitors an abundance of cozy local cafes and small street shops and beckons tourists to buy fresh juicy fruits and look for a cup of aromatic coffee with baklava.

For fans of the theme of ancient cities, it is highly recommended to book excursions from Izmir to Ephesus, because in the ruins of this ancient city, the excellent infrastructure has been almost completely preserved to this day. For example, the majestic amphitheater, from the stage of which the best orators once performed, or the ancient church of St. Nicholas, which to this day is a place of pilgrimage for many Christians. You can also visit the ancient Hierapolis, which is now called Pamukkale and is famous not only for its ancient history, but also for its unique recreational resources. The snow-white lake, meeting the blue of the sky, will forever remain in memory as an example of the picturesque nature of the region. for more information you can contact our managers 24/7.

Izmir Attractions

Things to do in Izmir

Things to do in Izmir

When asked about Things to do in Izmir any guide will say with confidence that the ancient Agora must become the first location on the way to discovering all the beauty of the city. Once the main square of Smyrna, built in the fourth century BC. It has been subjected to almost complete destruction many times due to numerous earthquakes, now it is a whole complex of columns and arches, allowing you to see with your own eyes how wonderful the old city looked in architectural terms.

Colorful photos from Izmir are full of colorful fabrics, gold and sweets, and all this can be found in the huge Kemeralti market. Even, the culture of bargaining is widespread here, so customers will be able to order the necessary things at a very pleasant price.

Next, you should immediately go to the Hisar Mosque, because it is located very close. (Turkey) on the map from three sides `` hugs '' water bay, which is why the locals are so anxious about the sea and love to stroll along the main promenade of Cordon.

The Catholic Church of St. Polycarp will become a magnificent place, a must-see for any visitor, because it is rightfully the oldest in the entire city. Her stunning frescoes and skillful paintings simply amaze the mind and remain in the memory for a long time. A private guide in Izmir will help you quickly, efficiently and inexpensively get used to the centuries-old traditions of the city and personally guide clients through the most interesting and hidden streets as part of the excursion program in Izmir.

Favorable, mild climate beckons people to move here and stay for a long time, but it should be noted that real estate in Izmir (Turkey) is extremely expensive in value. Even the smallest apartment Costs minimum100,000.

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General Information :  Izmir is one of the most important and densely populated cities in Turkey. It is an unchanging center of cultural and commercial life, the incomparable highlight of which is the huge port, which is the second most important in the country after the Istanbul port.
Top Hotels :  Kaya Izmir Thermal & Convention, Swissôtel Grand Efes Izmir, Mövenpick Hotel Izmir, Renaissance Izmir Hotel, Ramada Plaza By Wyndham Izmir
Famous Beaches :  Cesme, Ilıca Halk Beach, Boyalık Halk Beach, Ayia Yorgi Bay
Nearby Entertainment Centers :  Izmir Museum of History and Art, Cordon Embankment, Agora Museum, Kemeralti Market, St. Polycarp Church, Kizlaragasi Hani Market
Shopping Centers :  Kemer Plaza Shopping center, İzmir Optimum, MaviBahce Shopping Center
population :  3 Million
Public Bazaar Days :  Every day

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Activities in Izmir: weather and climate

Activities in Izmir - Izmir on the map of Turkey occupies a fairly large part of the land on the west coast, and the gentle Aegean Sea makes it an attractive resort Izmir for millions of happy tourists.

There is a huge number of decent options for staying on vacation, because hotels in Izmir (Turkey) are full of offers at different prices and opportunities. So, the majestic Wyndham Grand İzmir Özdilek with a private pool and a beautiful view of the bay will cost no less than 100 euros per day, and the affordable Olimpiyat Hotel Izmir right in the city center for just 20 euros per day will be a pleasant alternative for a budget holiday.

Monthly weather in Izmir confidently shows that the best idea for coming to the resort is a time period from May to September, when the air temperature rises above +25. The water temperature in Izmir will be comfortable for one month more, since even in October it does not fall below +22.

So, the weather in Izmir today is simply excellent, the warm summer Mediterranean breeze never ceases to delight travelers with an even and noble tan. As for the colder season, the weather in Izmir is quite warm in winter and never drops below +12, however, during the winter season, the city does not stop raining, so rest at this time will not be as comfortable as in spring or autumn, so we advise you to book tours precisely for this period of time. Izmir - the weather for a week promises to be as sultry and sunny as on almost any summer day, so go on exciting excursions in Izmir soon!

Famous beaches of Izmir

The warm shores of the city are washed by the Aegean Sea, so it is very important to describe the best beaches in Izmir. The best idea for a beach holiday would be a visit to the huge Cesme Beach, which is 30 kilometers long. It is great for families, as it has very clean and fine sand, suitable for children's play and comfortable pastime. Speaking about a beach holiday in Izmir, it is worth noting the Boyalmk Koyu bay with the purest azure water and the whitest sand.There are many places for lunch and relaxation on the territory.

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