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Didim tours and excursions offer a plethora of experiences for travelers seeking memorable adventures in Turkey. Our travel agency, Minister Tours, specializes in organizing Didim day trips and tours that showcase the best of this charming destination. From prospecting historical sites like the Temple of Apollo to indulging in water sports along the pristine beaches, there are plenty of things to do in Didim. Visit Didim from Torba for a unique perspective, and immerse yourself in the rich culture and natural beauty of Didim. Plan your Didim excursions with us and create unforgettable memories.

excursions in Didim Turkey

Excursions in Didim Turkey

Excursions in Didim are one of the new and progressive directions of cognitive recreation in Turkey, which is only gaining momentum. One of the least known, but still worthy of attention, resorts in the west of the country is Didim. A small town with a population of only forty thousand people is located on the coast of the gentle Aegean Sea. In addition, right next to the settlement is the famous Gulluk Bay, where magnificent white yachts constantly gather. In recent years, this place has taken a purposeful direction towards the active development of the tourism sector and attracting new guests. So far, it is not as popular as Alanya or Kemer, but in the next five years, the situation of the Tours in Didim may radically change. Therefore, it is highly recommended to have time to visit this piece of paradise before its popularization, especially among European visitors. This location is famous not only for its picturesque landscapes and well-developed tourism but also for its rich historical past. It was here that many centuries ago the majestic Temple of Apollo was located, serving as the center of the cultural life of the ancient Greeks.

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General Information about Didim Turkey

The nearest airport for the excursion from Didim is Milas-Bodrum, which stretches about 100 kilometers or an hour and a half in Bodrum. You can also fly here using the Adnan Menderes Airport, which is located in Izmir or 150 kilometers away. For a comfortable beach holiday, there are both public and private beaches owned by guesthouses or apartments. When asked whether there are 5-star hotels in Didim, you can answer the names of the four best places, which, by the way, are beach hotels. These are the luxurious Anadolu Hotels Didim Resort, the beautiful Palm Wings Beach Spa with massive palm trees, the comfortable Aquasis De Luxe Resor Spa with a personal relaxation complex, and Didim Beach. For a more affordable stay, you can choose the inexpensive Meryem Ana Hotel. Also on the territory, there are many restaurants and cafes serving the most delicious dishes of national cuisine. for more information you can contact our manager by WhatsApp or Viber, they are ready to answer all your questions, 24 hours our service made our guests happy.

Didim Turkey Attractions

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Just 20 kilometers away there is an impressive example of antique art; the ancient Miletus, which was erected in the 4th century BC and was a well-known house of science, because it was here that the first philosophical and medical schools began to be built, which became the center of pilgrimage for the brightest minds. You can order a rich sightseeing tour, our clients will see the antique amphitheater, perfectly preserved to this day, and many more ancient buildings. Another attraction very close is Lake Bafa. Only 30 kilometers away there is a forest reservoir, the highlight of which is the abundance of flora and fauna. When booking a tour, you can take a motorboat ride or even go fishing in a relaxed and secluded atmosphere. Experienced instructors will provide the necessary equipment for your leisure time and teach you all the intricacies of fishing. Especially popular among adult travelers  is profitable extreme diving, which is even available in some hotels. Our guests can experience the fascinating experience of deep diving, and the clear waters will allow you to see many species of fish and marine life.

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General Information :  One of the least known, but still worthy of attention, resorts in the west of the country is Didim. A small town with a population of only 60.000 people is located on the coast of the gentle Aegean Sea. In addition, right next to the settlement is the famous Gulluk Bay, where magnificent white yachts constantly gather.
Top Hotels :  Letoon Plus Otel, Tuntas Beach Hotel Altinkum, Didim Beach Resort & Spa, Temple Miletos Hotel, Delta Hotel, Grand Didyma Hotel, Maril Resort Hotel
Distance to center of Antalya :  444 KM
Distance to center of Alanya :  574 KM
Distance to Antalya Airport :  454 KM
Distance to Gazipasa Airport :  618 KM
Famous Beaches :  Altinkum Beach, Didim Manastır Koyu, Akbuk Plaj, Cennet Koyu, Didim Beach Club
Nearby Entertainment Centers :  Temple of Apollo in Didim, Sacred road, Head of Medusa in Didyma, Miletus, Priene
Shopping Centers :  Senti Avm Didim, CTN Outlet Didim, Yenihisar Magaza
population :  60 000 People
Public Bazaar Days :  Didim New Bazaar Market on Saturdays

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Excursions in Didim: Attractions

It is very easy to find it on the map: it is located a little south of Kusadasi, only 70 kilometers, and much west of Antalya, about 400 kilometers, right on the eastern coast of the Aegean Sea.

Numerous positive reviews call this settlement "a completely different Turkey" because the most surprising fact of all for the new arrivals is that the locals and workers do not know Europe at all, and it is very difficult to meet compatriots here. Moreover, this is a favorite vacation spot for the indigenous population, which already speaks of the high quality of service. Many people also adore it for its clear seawater and soft sandy beach.

Real estate in Turkish Didim is in demand both among residents and among vacationers from neighboring countries who want to buy a modest apartment on a cozy beach. You can buy an apartment, the cost starts at € 30,000, which is generally slightly lower on the market, as for rent, you can rent a small apartment even for € 20 per day.

Photos of the Excursions in Didim amaze with their sultry flavor. Everywhere you can see fruiting orange, lemon, and fig trees, lush green vegetation on the sidewalks, and the cleanest streets with houses in white and beige tones. The town is extremely authentic and quiet, where you can find real peace and relaxation in body and soul.

When asked what to see in Tours in Didim, there is quite a small, but very iconic set of attractions. The most outstanding location is the oldest temple of Apollo, built in the 8th century BC. It was here, according to legends, that the legendary Oracle sat that communicated with the Gods and knew how to predict the future. It is quite well preserved, the majestic monumental columns still evoke mystical awe, and the ancient Greek writings can surprise even the most experienced tourists. Among believers, the mosque, the big bazaar, and the main square are especially popular. Companies of cheerful people gather here every day.

Services of a private guide for Excursions in Didim in this region are not very developed and very inexpensive in cost, however, if you wish, you can always find an experienced English-speaking guide in the neighboring settlements.

Didim Tours: weather and climate

On the map of Turkey, it is located in the Aydin region in the western seashore.

It is here that there are resorts, which are whole complexes of hotels, where there is everything you need for a rich and comfortable stay. Some of them even have their own private beach, the entrance to which is only allowed to guests. The most outstanding hotels are named Didim Beach Resort & Spa with a huge private pool, Letoon Plus Otel, which is famous for wonderful evening shows, and the Maril Hotel, which has a spa area and excellent views.

The weather in the city is very mild, the summers are hot, but without high humidity, the winters are warm. The season begins in May when the thermometer rises on average to +24 and ends in October when the temperature begins to drop below +23 degrees.

Didim Tours: beaches.

The most important beach is called Altınkum, it is sandy and very convenient for families with children, but it is often very crowded with tourists. Altınkum 2 and Altınkum 3 stretch very nearby, which do not differ from the main one, but are freer. The next beach, called Gümüşkum, is distinguished by the fact that the sand on its shore is mixed with pebbles. There are far fewer children here and in general, there is much more freedom.

The climate in Didim in Turkey is mild and gentle, on the coast and even in the center, there is always a breath of light breeze, while the air is not heavy at all due to low humidity. This weather is ideal for long walks.

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