Salda lake from Belek without shopping

Salda lake from Belek

Salda lake from Belek is an amazing day trip to experience the unearthly beauty of the Turkish Maldives, explore the history of the area, and have a good time to relax.

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Salda lake from Belek Explanations

Salda lake and Pamukkale tour from Belek (without shopping) will allow all guests of the country to know what Turkey really is, what it conceals, what miracles there are in this country. In addition to amazing natural resources, you will get acquainted with the history of this region, see the ruins of ancient civilization, learn a lot of real facts and very beautiful legends.

The journey is absolutely tireless as you will hit the road on a wonderful bus with air conditioning and comfortable seats. Also, all participants are provided with three meals a day, which will allow you to enjoy delicious national dishes.

Detailed information about Salda lake from Belek:

The lake salda tour from Belek, which has the second name of the Turkish Maldives, begins with the arrival in Pamukkale (Cotton Castle). This unique area was formed about four hundred thousand years ago. After the strongest earthquake in the earth's crust, there was a large fault. It is in this place and beat today hot springs. Water contains many different compounds and minerals, especially a large amount of calcium. It was this chemical element that provoked what we see - settling on the rock, gradually he built whole walls, which later formed travertine terraces - steps of large sizes.

During your stay here you will be able to visit the ancient city of Hierapolis. Walk along the preserved street, see the square and other monuments of architecture. In the Roman period, it was considered the most famous balneological resort. Several times the city was destroyed by earthquakes but rebuilt.  If you like tours of ancient cities, we recommend visiting Cappadocia as well.

The Villagers and Ottomans have made their mark on the development of culture and architecture at different times. Particularly delightful is the amphitheater, which still has quite a good condition. In ancient times, this building was able to accommodate according to some data up to 15,000 visitors. The acoustics here are amazing. Everything that was said on the stage was heard by the audience, who were sitting on the last, distant rows.

The World-famous Cleopatra Pool is a stunningly beautiful place. According to legend, the queen regularly took baths here to preserve her beauty and rejuvenate. Local residents claim that the unique composition of water in the reservoir has a positive effect on different systems of the body, especially the skin. It can not only bathe, but also use inside (useful for the gastrointestinal organs). You can get a particularly pleasant feeling if you stand for a few minutes under the flow of the waterfall. You will get an effect resembling a hydromassage.

If you can like to know more things about Pamukkale our company will offer you a tour to Pamukkale from Belek one day.

After a lunch break, the tour of Lake Salda from Belek continues - the Turkish Maldives is the next destination (where the terrain is, what distance from Antalya, how to get there independently look at the map). Regularly on the mountain lake Salda (located at an altitude of 1140 meters, therefore, the water temperature is not too high) comes a huge number of tourists who make very beautiful photos and leave reviews, bath and take mud baths. The 44-meter square water is truly stunning. Azure water, suitable for drinking, has a slightly sweet taste, but from this, it does not lose its taste. As for the shore, it is snow-white. In the sun the beach shimmers and sparkles like snow in clear frosty weather.

Hydromagnesite, contained in a reservoir, settles and resembles the structure of sand. Mineral deposits are not only stunningly beautiful but also exude an unforgettable, incomparable fragrance. Not far from this place was built a factory specializing in the production of washing powder, created on the basis of this "white sand" (capable of washing even old stains). Raw materials are always there, as their reserves are quickly replenished in the natural environment.

Another amazing thing in Salda lake and Pamukkale tour from Belek is to see the snake fishes. These snake fishes (a rare delicacy) are especially valuable among the inhabitants of the reservoir. For holidaymakers, it is absolutely safe, besides, it is very difficult to catch. The whole area is considered a national park, so any construction on the territory of 500 meters from it is prohibited.

The benefits of booking Salda lake from Belek with us:

If you are interested in the Salda lake and Pamukkale tour from Belek and you want to enjoy the excursion of lake Salda and Pamukkale from Belek, call us on the phone, write or book online. We organize a tourist trip at a relatively low price. Prepayment is not required - the tour is paid for on the fact of departure on a small day trip. You will find a lot of impressions, bright emotions, and a great mood.

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50 person

Salda lake from Belek Programm

  • Picking up our valued guests from their Hotels for an excursion to Salda Lake from Belek.

  • Departing from Belek.

  • On our way to Lake Salda we will stop for breakfast at a place that enjoys beautiful views of the surrounding landscape.

  • Arrival at Salda Lake which is also famous as 'Turkish Maldives' and there will be free time for a walk. 

  • Enjoying a tasty lunch at a local restaurant (buffet).

  • Visiting the National Park of Pamukkale;

  • A detailed historical tour with an English-speaking guide, a story about the history and traditions of these famous places.

  • Free time for swimming on the white limestone terraces of Pamukkale, Cleopatra's pool, wandering and learning about the history of the ancient city of Hierapolis.

  • Leaving the territory and complete our tour.

  • Have a delicious dinner at a local restaurant on the road (buffet).

  • Concluding our tour and re-transfer our dear clients to their Hotels.

Tour daysEvery day

Tour hours 06:30 — 19:00

Includes Transfer in both directions, insurance, english-speaking guide services, entrance tickets to Pamukkale, breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Excludes Personal expenses, drinks, entrance ticket to Cleopatra pool (optional).

Don't Forgets Swimwear, towels, sunscreen, comfortable clothes and shoes, hat, sunglasses, water.

Salda lake from Belek price for excursion 2022

Adult 50
Children (4-8 ) 25
Infants (0 -3) Free

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