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Hamam in Belek

Hamam in Belek is a great opportunity to cleanse the soul and body, get a full relaxation, to experience the miraculous power of the Turkish bath. Recommended at the very beginning of the holiday.

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Hamam in Belek Explanations

Hamam in Belek Beach is one of the excursions prepared by our travel agency and recommended in the first days of stay on the Mediterranean coast. The ancestor of this social oriental place is the ancient Roman bath. They were especially popular during the Ottoman Empire. It is believed, and not without reason, that hamam is useful for the body as well as thermal sources.

Hamam on the beach Belek, This is not just a place that is intended for standard bathing, washing. Rather, it is a ritual that allows to clean not only the body but also the soul, normalize the emotional and mental state, relieve stress. The Turkish bath in Belek is usually generated with the sexual characteristics of visitors, as a result, men and women are indifferent halls or come here at different times, as confirmed by the reviews of tourists

We invite you to visit the best hammam in Belek - Hamam on the Beach Belek(where it is located, you can see on the map of the city, as well as explore in advance photos of the institution and reviews about it).

Detailed information about Hamam in Belek:

Hamam in Belek After you arrive, the price of the tour is absolutely low, you will find two variants of the program with spa procedures. There are no significant differences in them, except for some points. No matter what your choice will be, you will get a lot of fun.

After the locker room, where you can change, you will get into the steam room. This is a room with marble sunbeds and a warm floor. The air temperature here is comfortable for humans, but at the same time your body will warm up and be prepared for the next stage.

  • In the steam room the temperature is higher, because the main condition for getting the maximum effect - it is good to sweat. In any case, you will not feel discomfort.
  • Only then you are waiting for cosmetic procedures. First it will be peeling, during which your skin will be cleaned of keratinized particles with a special mitt. Then you will learn what foam massage is. The feeling from him is really unforgettable. You can order lymphatic drainage massage in Turkey, but for an additional fee (how much it costs in Belek check with the administrator or masseur).
  • After that, a relaxing massage technique will be used, which is a prerequisite for getting a full effect from the visit. In the case of the VIP program, there is also a mask on the face, after which you will feel much better.
  • You can't leave the bath at once. It is extremely important to cool the body first. So you have to plunge in the pools and sit in a cool lounge room with a cup of fragrant tea (the drink is very tasty and well tone).

In addition to the cosmetic result, you will also get a medical. Air temperature, peeling and other procedures have a beneficial effect on all organs and systems of your body (especially cardiovascular, respiratory and endocrine), have a rejuvenating effect, improve the condition of the skin, returning them to them natural elasticity, tenderness, color. To sunbathe in the warm Mediterranean sun right on board the ship, we recommend to visit a yacht in Belek.

Why you should book a Hamam in Belek Beach with us:

Our travel agency has prepared for you a tour of the best Turkish hammam bath in Belek at a low cost. To book a tour, just call us, write to WhatsApp or Viber. You can fill out a special form online. We do not require prepayment. All questions you will be able to answer the manager of the company in the English language. You will find an amazing experience, a wonderful rest, relaxation, after which you will feel much better both emotionally and physically.

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Hamam in Belek Programm

  • Picking up our dear guests from their Hotels by air-Conditioned and comfortable buses to the Turkish Hamam in Belek.

  • Upon arrival at the site, visitors enter the changing rooms and will be provided with slippers and towels by the team responsible for receiving visitors in the Turkish bath.

  • We start by entering the steam sauna room (this room will help remove toxins from the human body).

  • Salt room experiment.

  • Exfoliating massage (this massage helps to exfoliate dead skin).

  • Foam massage (which will give the body softness after the dead skin has been peeled off).

  • Relaxing full body oil massage (20 minutes).

  • Providing free Turkish tea to guests after completing the massages.

  • There is also an outdoor pool for those who want to swim.

  • There is a rest area for children.

  • Guests gather at the exit of the Hamam and getting on the buses.

  • Concluding our tour and re-transfer our valued clients to their Hotels.

Tour daysEvery day

Tour hours 09:00-18:00

Includes Round-trip transfer, insurance, guide services, water, tea, hamam procedures , towel and slippers for individual use.

Excludes Personal expenses and drinks.

Don't Forgets Swimwear, money for personal expenses.

Hamam in Belek price for excursion 2023

Adult 15 £
Children (7-12 ) 10 £

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