Fethiye to Kaputas Beach

Fethiye to Kaputas Beach tour is a visit to a beautiful wild beach among wildlife with rich flora and fauna with a stop in two small fishing towns - Kas and Kalkan. Here, guests of Turkey will be able to enjoy the flavor of a measured life and the most delicious Turkish dishes from fresh sea fish on a landscape observation deck.

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Fethiye to Kaputas Beach tour – this is a great opportunity to get to know Turkey and its incredible nature from the other side. For a very inexpensive price, tourists will visit three stunning locations and, of course, will be able to relax on a picturesque wild beach.

Kaputas beach reviews, which unanimously declare that this is the cleanest and most deserted beach in the region, definitely deserves the attention of a tourist group. Entrance to it is completely free, but this does not prevent him from having a great location and the purest water.

Where is Kaputas beach located?

Kaputas beach on the map is located right between Kalkan and Kas, which allows you to get to these two places at a bargain price as part of the Kaputas Beach excursion from Fethiye. For an hour and a half of free time, every tourist will have time to fully enjoy the atmosphere of a paradise far from the bustle of the city. Here you can swim in plenty in the azure waters, sunbathe on the snow-white sand and even admire the huge shoals of colorful fish in shallow water.

How do I get to Kaputas?

Kaputas beach, how to get there? Of course, on a comfortable and fast tourist bus, along with an experienced guide. The distance from Fethiye to Kaputas is 85 kilometers, so in just an hour and a half, guests will find themselves right by the gentle waters. After buying a tour, the crazy beauties of local locations and their pristine nature, untouched by mass tourism, will definitely remain in your memory in beautiful photographs.

After relaxing on the booked excursion to Kaputas Beach from Fethiye, the group will also visit two port towns that are not so famous, but definitely worth a look. Another great option to buy is the tour Ephesus-Pamukkale from Fethiye.

Fethiye to Kas

Kash – this is a small cozy town that grew up right on a big hill. It is famous for its incredible sea views and rather beautiful narrow streets, although a couple of centuries ago it was an ordinary fishing village.

Fethiye to Kas distance

Now you can walk around the ancient districts, try inexpensive tasty and fresh fish according to traditional Turkish recipes in local establishments and just enjoy the peace of the seaside settlement. The Fethiye-Kas distance is 66 kilometers, which means that in an hour on the way from the center it is quite possible to find yourself in a port town.

Fethiye to Klakan

Kalkan was once just a small fishing village that was founded by the Greeks. However, nowadays it has become a favorite holiday destination for tourists from Europe and America. The unique color and calm measured rhythm of life of the locals never ceases to impress tourists from big cities who are looking for solitude and tranquility. That is why prices in Kalkan are quite high compared to other tourist resorts. However, the local observation deck is definitely worth the attention of all the guests of the settlement, because it provides a picturesque landscape view of the bay of the Mediterranean Sea.

Fethiye to Kalkan distance

The Fethiye-Kalkan distance is 82 kilometers, so it will take an hour and a half to get to it along the most picturesque routes of the Kaputas Beach excursion program from Fethiye.

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Fethiye to Kaputas Beach price 2024

Adult 45 £
Kids (4-10 ) 45 £

Fethiye to Kaputas Beach programm

  • Caputas Beach from Fethiye begins with transfer
  • Free time on Kaputas beach for photo session, swimming in clean water and other leisure activities.
  • Drive to Kas and walk along its ancient streets, the opportunity to stop by for a hearty Turkish lunch of fresh fish.
  • Visit the city of Kalkan and its observation deck.
  • Return transfer to hotels.

Fethiye to Kaputas Beach details

Tour daysEvery day
Tour hours 09:00-18:00
Includes Convenient and fast transfer, insurance, guide
Excludes Personal expenses
Don't Forgets Comfortable shoes and clothes, sun protection, hat

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