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Ephesus from Izmir is a successful tour, the price of which includes the accompaniment of a English speaking guide, insurance, a hearty lunch, travel on high-class buses, and an entrance ticket to the city.

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Ephesus from Izmir is an interesting journey to the center of the culture of the ancient Romans and Byzantines. An amazing opportunity to touch the rarest historical facts and knowledge and fully understand the structure of life of that time will help our wonderful tour.

Why you should go on Ephesus Tour from Izmir

Ephesus from Izmir Historical tours are an amazing opportunity to visually learn many interesting facts about the life of ancient peoples. Where, if not in an ancient polis, is it best to feel the indescribable atmosphere of unity with the culture of the ancestors of modern European peoples? Adults and children will be delighted with such an eventful trip, and many reviews unanimously declare this, and the price of the tour can be called very democratic and acceptable even for the most budget travel.

The advantage of the tour can be unanimously called the proximity of Izmir to Ephesus itself, because the distance in a profitable tour is a little less than 80 kilometers. This path is overcome very quickly on a comfortable transfer in no more than an hour and a half, during which a professional English speaking guide will entertain tourists with magical stories of the ancient period and a brief excursion into the history of the city.

The road to the open-air museum of Ephesus is more picturesque and pleasant than anywhere else, the stormy Turkish vegetation, the sea and mountains will accompany our customers everywhere, so the road will literally fly by unnoticed, and the cost of the tour will fully pay off with an abundance of impressions, beautiful photos and videos.

Such trips are a huge contribution to one's own education and erudition, because where else, no matter how directly at the place where history was once made, one can best study it? The ancient polis lived a rich and magnificent life, and it managed to reach its dawn around the first century AD. For fans of such tours, it is highly recommended to visit the Private tour in Izmir, where you can get to know the resort town from a completely new perspective.

Attractions of Excursion to Ephesus from Izmir

Ephesus from Izmir The itinerary of the rich tour program includes visiting all the most iconic locations of Ephesus, which fully reveal its historical essence and beauty.

The Celsius Library is a truly legendary building of the ancient era, the huge picturesque facade of which reflects the cultural heritage. Once it was almost completely destroyed, but after a thorough reconstruction, it was able to return to its almost complete original appearance. The statues standing at the entrance seem to carefully guard this attraction.

The Ephesus Amphitheater is another amazing building, where the performances of the most eminent speakers once took place, and in the evenings the strongest gladiators fought for entertainment. The Church of the Virgin Mary is a place that will definitely fall in love with the faithful visitors of the city, because according to numerous legends, the mother of Jesus Christ herself once lived here.

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Ephesus from Izmir programm

  • Ephasus from izmir begins with transfer from the hotel to the meeting point for an hour and a half on comfortable buses.
  • Acquaintance with the guide and the beginning of a sightseeing tour of Ephesus.
  • Stop for sightseeing and listening to history at the Library of Celsus, which today is a true abode of ancient wisdom.
  • Hiking to the ancient Amphitheater, where many centuries ago the most famous scientists and rulers gave speeches and even mighty gladiators fought.
  • Transfer to the temple of the Virgin, visiting the local chapel and pilgrimage to the wall of desires.
  • Visit the legendary Temple of Artemis, which has long been a world wonder of the world.
  • The end of the sightseeing tour and an hour of free time for a walk through the ancient streets and buying souvenirs.
  • Return transfer to the hotel.

Ephesus from Izmir details

Tour daysEvery day
Tour hours 08:00 – 16:00
Includes Transfer from Hotel, insurance, English-speaking guide
Excludes Personal expenses
Don't Forgets Comfortable shoes for long walks, sun hats, sunscreen, sunglasses

Ephesus Tour from Izmir

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